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She takes a break from a boring day to play

Shaking her head, she realized it was going to be a long day. Although nothing had gone wrong so far, it was shaping up to be a really long, boring day of reports and reviews. Lori was in Picton for the day, and Linda was gone to meetings in Trenton , so the department was quiet for a change. She had left the outer door closed, and few people realized she was in at all, leaving her to the relative peace and quiet of her own office. She could see movement outside occasionally through the blinds that somewhat covered the windows along to the top of her office wall, and wondered what it would be like to sit naked at your desk, doing all of your daily routine tasks like typing your reports, filing your weekly memos, even answering the phone with no one having the slightest idea that you were totally naked while you spoke to them.

She shook her head, the idea laughable, she could never do something like that, but she did admit it did excite her as she sat there. She hadn't even realized that as she daydreamed her hand had slid down onto her thigh, sliding under her skirt and was slowly, gently caressing her inner thigh. She stopped, startled and looked around. She realized that no one could see her, and slowly stood up, hands sliding down along her thighs, her fingers sliding under her skirt, fingers sliding back up along the smooth skin of her thighs, fingertips reaching upwards to the waistband of her panties, hooking her fingers over the waistband, and slowly sliding the silky panties over her round ass, and over her hips.

The thin elastic, flattening her thick bush as she slid the thin material downward, revealing her hair covered slit momentarily as the panties slid down her thighs, before her skirt fell down, covering her nakedness again. She slid them off over her shoes, and slipped them into her purse, which sat on the floor beside her chair. Feeling somewhat daring, she quickly undid the buttons on her suit jacket, quickly slipping it off over her shoulders and hanging it over the back of her chair, revealing the fullness of her breasts covered only by the tight, white bra she had put on that morning. She quickly reached behind her, the paused for a moment to consider what she was doing, then deciding that she had promised that she should be impulsive and explore her sexuality when the mood hit. She undid the hooks and slid the straps down over her shoulders, the formed cups sliding down off of her breasts, the edge catching for a moment on he hardening nipples, causing her to laugh at the sight.

She slid them down over her arms, and put her bra into her purse as well, then pulled her jacket back on over her now blood filled nipples, her breath catching as her jacket brushed against them as she pulled it closed, and redid the buttons up again. Now clothed again, she relaxed somewhat, but felt the rush of excitement as she sat, sensing the wetness now evident between her legs, the idea of what she was doing, making her excitement begin to build. Her fingers shook slightly from the excitement then relaxed and she again began to type the report she had been working on. As she realized that occasionally she could see shoulders, and the odd hat of people walking by on the sidewalk outside, she realized that while it was possible someone could see in, it was really unlikely. She reached up again for the top button of her jacket , and undid the buttons, sliding the jacket back off of her shoulders and then, removing it, hung it gently over the back of her chair. She figured there was no sense leaving the skirt on at this point, so she slowly slid it down over her long legs, and folded it neatly and placed it on the edge of her desk. The excitement was electric as she looked down, her breasts now bare, her dark aureole contrasting sharply against her slight tan on her freckled breasts, her nipples sticking out proudly from them.

Her quickening breath causing her breasts to sway slightly as they heaved with the growing excitement. She reached up, caressing her breasts, pulling gently at first at her hard nipples, then more insistently, twisting them and pulling them, before releasing them, again staring at their size and how erect they were. She could again feel the warm, wetness of her own lubrication as she squeezed her thighs together, then released them, closing her eyes as the sensations shot through her body, her now erect clitoris pulsing as the engorged lips of her vagina pressed against it. She slowly slid her thighs open, allowing them to slide over each side of the chair, her now hot, damp gash open and vulnerable as she tried to type at her report. Her one hand slipped off of the keyboard, her fingers tracing their way through the dark bush, to brush against her hard clitoris, rubbing small circles around its erect nub, before sliding down the length of her slit, her fingertip slipping just inside of the hot wetness. Her other hand slid off the keyboard as well, tracing along her inner thigh, down along the side of her bush, brushing against her tight anus...she paused as she realized she need to get something.

She stood quickly, breasts heaving from the excitement, as she opened her office door and looking out, dashed naked down the short and into the bathroom looking for it....she scanned the shelves and then recognized its familiar shape and logo. the white tube, and blue lettering ..KY Jelly...thank god she worked in a hospital..she grabbed the tube, then rushed back into her office closing the door. She sat on the edge of her desk, back to the window as she lay down upon the cool surface of the desk, her legs drawn up against her buttocks, thighs open as she opened the tube, spreading the cool lube on the four fingers of her right hand, then adding some to her left fingertips.

Her slippery right hand reached down between her legs, her fingers playing at the opening of her vagina, one, then two fingers slipping deep inside of her, in and out...she traced a third finger along the edge and slipped it inside along the other two. Her other hand again slid down along the edge of her thigh, her fingers again touching the tight circle of her other hole, her finger playing around its tight muscles, pushing against it more insistently, gasping as she felt it slip past the ring of muscles to slide deeper inside, her fingers feeling the other fingers as she drove them in her vagina, faster and faster..

She could see movement and shadows outside of her windows but at this point she didn’t care if someone walked into her office, much less by the outside of it. She drove her fingers in and out of her gaping hole, her index finger of her other hand buried in her asshole, the stimulation causing the scream to start to build inside of her as the orgasm started to wash over her body, waves of raw nerve endings all lighting up at once, she continued this ballet of movement until she felt her breathing slow and become steady again…..as she sat up on the desk, she noticed the wet, slick sheen on her desk, evidence of the past few moments..she smiled as she dressed, realizing her memos would really have that “something extra” this week...

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