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Husband is oblivious to wife & best friend's betrayal

1/1/02: Living with my best friend Andrew had its ups and downs, and like any roommate situation, there were problems. Overall, however, there was nothing I could really complain about. Sure Andrew was a bit of a slob, and he would disappear on weeknights for hours at a time, ignoring his share of the chores around the apartment, but I didn't mind picking up after him. After all, he was my friend, and even though I personally felt he was someone way beneath me, I was able to put up with his shit.

A lot of my friends questioned my living with Andrew considering I was married. Well, the reason was simple. Andrew and I were on assignment at a training camp for a few months, and the location was a bit out of the city. Rather than drive home every day, Andrew and I figured it would save us a lot of time living close to the camp. Plus, we had weekends to ourselves, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I went home to my wife on weekends, and she respected my temporary schedule. My new living arrangements were actually her suggestion, and she liked the idea of having our place to herself during the week.

1/2/02: Andrew and I had entry-level positions in the same company, despite my superiority over him in the social department. Everyone thought he was a geek, a loser, someone you barely wanted to know. People usually ignored him at parties, and my wife used to complain about our friendship for hours. Things settled down over the last few months. My wife and Andrew became better friends, even having diner without me on some nights when I had to work late. My friend's became Andrew's as a result of his friendship with my wife. Soon they began to see that he wasn't such a bad guy, that he was actually pretty cool. Still, in the back of my head, Andrew would always be the neighborhood loser in my eyes, and I felt personally responsible for turning Andrew from a "nobody" into a "somebody".

As shallow as that sounds, our friendship consisted of a lot of competition. I have never actually beaten Andrew at anything since I knew him, which probably has something to do with my complex feelings toward our friendship. At any rate, Andrew was welcome in our circle now, a move that may have been a mistake on my part. A very bad mistake.

Andrew and I were also on a wrestling team, and despite the fact that I never have beaten him one on one, he was my partner as well. Our wrestling matches always consisted of him beating me, but it was the competition to me that mattered, the physical aspect, and the mental challenge. For Andrew, it was about making me squeal, something he took great pride in whenever Laryssa was watching us.

1/6/02: I kind of prided myself having Laryssa as a trophy wife. She was the hottest girl in our neighborhood, and every guy I knew wanted a piece of her. Andrew, as I mentioned, was known as the neighborhood loser, and no one really liked him. He had a really bad attitude, and could only carry on conversations with someone by putting them down, always insulting them non-intentionally. The only person he didn't do that to was Laryssa. With her, he was on his best behavior, mostly because he had a crush on her. I had always suspected that he masturbated thinking of her, and once I had even caught him watching my wife and I have sex. I had no worries though, since Laryssa was one of many people that hated Andrew. She used to tell me she hated the way he smelled. We used to laugh about that. Andrew's scent.

1/10/02: I was watching television with Andrew, when the doorbell rang. Andrew went to the door to see who it was. It was Laryssa, who kissed Andrew on the lips and let herself in. The kiss kind of startled me, because I thought their friendship didn't exceed a few forced conversations. I dismissed it. I never did anything to discourage Andrew's little crush on Laryssa, since she told me she hated him many times over. The last few weeks were kind of weird though. She had always complained about the way that he smelled since the day she met him. The last few weeks her complaints had reached an all time high—she couldn't stop talking about the way he smelled when he were alone together. I even told her she was starting to get obsessed by his odour, which we both laughed off. Even though she didn't think I'd notice, the last 2 weeks I had noticed her taking every opportunity to smell the air whenever he was around…and complaining less. My wife and I watched some TV before I fell asleep. She woke me up in the middle of the night, crawling in to bed quietly so as to not wake me up. I assumed she had to go to the bathroom, but couldn't understand why she was sweaty…and smelled kind of like Andrew.

1/12/02: The three of us had a lot to drink at the local pub, and most of my friends were hanging out with Andrew, which was a change. I sat there alone in the booth, sipping my Heineken, watching Andrew's arm around Laryssa as they chatted it up with my friends. What had changed, I wondered to myself. It was only a few weeks ago that my friends couldn't stand that loser, and now he was the center of attention—and he had his arm around my wife?? What was that all about? Dismissing it, I walked over to the group, who suddenly became quiet when I arrived. A few of my friends nodded to me before looking down, like they knew something I didn't. Andrew just gave me a wink and that smirk, the smirk that told me he had something on me, and would probably hold it over me like he usually did. Andrew was an asshole like that, but I just got used to it over the years. I saw Laryssa whisper something in his ear before she went back to the booth, which made Andrew smile and wink at me. I had no idea what was in the air, but I didn't like it. It was starting to make me uncomfortable.

1/15/02: After a few hours of hanging out and drinking, Andrew and I were wrestling, just acting like rascals, while my wife was watching the whole thing. She was watching Andrew like a hawk as he maneuvered around me. The tip of her Heineken bottle traced her lips as Andrew laid one move after another on me. He was butchering me, making me look completely helpless and useless, until he gave me a few smacks on the head with is right hand and told me I had enough for one day. He exhaled and took of his t-shirt, sweat dripping from his smelly body, and sat right next to Laryssa, who made room for him on the couch. I laughed off my defeat and told Andrew I wanted a rematch, but he didn't hear me. He was too busy talking to my wife, who gave him her undivided attention. I screamed out "Hey!" at him and he gave me a smirk and said "can't you see I'm busy?" I muttered "cocksucker" under my breath. "What was that?" he said, Laryssa looking at me with raised eyebrows. "I called you a cocksucker, dickhead. Now come back here and face me like a man!" I smiled, trying to lure him into the rematch I asked for. Andrew smiled at me and said, "I'm no cocksucker. I might have a big cock but I'm no cocksucker".

That comment seemed to make my wife smile. At this point, I had just about enough of their obvious flirtations around one another. I mean, I knew Andrew was a dickhead by nature, and would always hit on her no matter what, but what happened to my annoyed wife who hated the thought of being in the same room with him? Why was she suddenly happy being the object of his affection? Didn't she realize this was making me feel humiliated? "Don't do this," my wife said to me. "He'll kill you again, like he always does. You can't beat him, so don't embarrass yourself any further." Laryssa and Andrew smiled at one another before both of their smiles turned to snickers directed my way. "Well, why don't you show me then?" I said in frustration. However, Andrew responded with something I didn't expect.

"Alright, you wanna call me a cocksucker, let's have a cocksucker stipulation. The loser gets a blowjob by Laryssa. What do you say, babe?" he said to my wife, who smiled and licked her lips in anticipation. "Go for it!" she said out loud, not making any eye contact with me.

I couldn't believe she said that, I mean, she didn't even like giving me head, why would she take up Andrew's offer? Before I even had a chance to respond, Andrew tackled me at the legs, threw me around like a rag doll, and even locked me in one of his patented submission moves, making me squeal and cry in front on Laryssa. She had her eyes opened wide, probably in fear in what she would have to do to the winner. I was taken by surprise, but I knew this would have to be the one match I would have to win. I mean, everything was on the line here. Their flirtations reached an all time high, and the possibility of my wife going down on my best friend was too much to handle. I would never live that down. Andrew would never let me.

I lay on the ground, looking up at Andrew, who broke the ankle-lock hold he had on me. He started to back off and walk toward the couch, but I jumped to my feet and tackled him to the ground, both of us landing right by Laryssa's feet. Andrew reversed my move on him and had me on my back, his knees pinning my shoulders to the ground. He took his big right hand and smacked me on the face a few times, making Laryssa giggle. "Give up, cocksucker." Andrew said to me. "You can't beat me. You never could and you never will." I shook my head, determined to get my first ever victory over my buddy, but before I knew it, Andrew told Laryssa to make the three count, seeing as though I my shoulders were pinned to the ground. There was no way a stronger Andrew was going to let me up. Laryssa got on her hands and knees beside Andrew and made the three count, which made me scream "NO!", Andrew scream "Yeah!", and Laryssa moan and smile.

Andrew got up and put his thumb on Laryssa's lips, which made her grin at me. Andrew thumbed her pouty lips and she sucked on it, moaning as she did. She took his big sweaty hand that he had just smacked me around with and licked each finger, telling him how gross and disgusting he tasted. "Yeah, but you love it, don't ya babe?" he responded to her. She just gave him a wink and walked over to the couch.

Andrew started to follow her, but I jumped him from behind again, trying to stop the inevitable. Andrew sensed me coming and flipped me over, putting me in a headlock. I screamed at him to let me go, but he wouldn't break the hold, instead only tightened it. I tried to grab a part of his body for support, first his hips, then his stomach, then, accidentally, his crotch. It was hard, fat and bulging. I looked up at him and realized his eyes were on Laryssa. I looked at her and she was returning the look. There was no point preventing the inevitable. I knew I was a defeated man. Worse, I knew I couldn't stop the two of them from doing what they both wanted. Realizing my defeat, I tapped his thigh a few times, the sign for giving up in a wrestling match. Andrew broke the hold and I fell to the floor. I rolled over and looked up at him. He was smirking at me again, shaking his head as he did.

I watched his fingers unbuckle his belt slowly as he walked over to Laryssa, his foot accidentally hitting my face as he approached her. I closed my eyes in humiliation, but when I opened them, I couldn't close them again for the life of me. Andrew had his arm around Laryssa's waist, and was kissing her passionately, her arms wrapped around his neck. She was rubbing her fingers against his short hair, sucking his bottom lip every time their lips parted. She buried her nose against his neck and inhaled, smelling his body up close and personal. This was humiliating. My wife was about to worship my best friend right in front of me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Andrew broke the kiss and smiled at Laryssa, who returned the smile, and then suddenly both their heads turned to me on the ground. They laughed uncontrollably at me as I rose up and pleaded to the both of them. "You guys can't really do this." I started to protest. "Laryssa, you're my fucking wife for Pete's sake! Andrew—dude, I can't let you do this to me—to her! You can't do this!"

"Oh?" he said to me. "I can't kiss your wife? Well guess what wimp, I just did." "Fine," I said. "You kissed her, you win. Game over. No more of this bullshit. Laryssa, it's time for you go home."

"I don't think so honey," she said to me. "This is something a long time coming. I want to suck off your best friend. And you know what? I've wanted to for a long time now."

"You can't be serious!" I said in shock. "You told me you hated him! You were the one who complained about him the most! Now you're gonna let his smelly cock invade your sweet mouth?"

"She sure is dude," Andrew laughed. "She's gonna take it all the way in her mouth and she's going to beg me for more."

"You can't do that to her." I told him.

"I can and I will. Watch and learn, dude, watch and learn."

I was fuming. I was about to pounce on Andrew I was so mad, so embarrassed, so humiliated, when Laryssa got off the couch and stood before me. She put her hand on my chest to calm me down. She ran her fingers through my hair and gave me a kiss on the lips. "There, there, sweetie." She said to me. "Everything's gonna be okay."

"It is honey?" I asked with lost puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, don't worry."

"So you won't go down on him?" I whimpered.

"Oh hell yeah I will!" she said with lit eyes, her attitude suddenly eager and excited. "Honey, I have to have some of that cock! Come on, don't tell me the way he smells doesn't drive you crazy! I mean, I can smell the sweat off his cock from here. I love that smell, and I think I always have. But I'll tell you what. Just so you don't feel uncomfortable, we'll do it right in front of you. How does that sound?"

"Ugh…I….you can't….I…" I mumbled and stuttered, falling to my knees as she walked away from me. She stood in front of Andrew and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Don't embarrass yourself by attacking Andrew. He'll hurt you, just like he always does. Honey, I'm really sorry about this, but the fact is, you just don't' compare to Andrew."

"NO!" I screamed. "He doesn't compare to me! Can't you see that? Look who were taking about—the neighborhood fuckin' loser! You can't tell me I don't compare to him!"

"You really don't." She said. "Look at you, you get your ass kicked by him every day! And your cock…well, you know there is only so much I can do with that."

This really got me pissed. "What the fuck are you talking about, you slutty little bitch?!" I shouted at her. "I'm not small! I'm 7 freakin' inches!" This made Andrew chuckle as he rubbed my wife's tits with his big sweaty hands. "Yeah, I know." Laryssa said mockingly at me. "But he's not." Laryssa got on her knees and looked up at my best friend, then undid his button-fly pants one button at a time. She stuck her nose in his crotch and inhaled before pulling down his pants to his ankles. Out sprang the fattest cock I had ever seen. My eyes bugged out at the monster before my wife's face, and the room was filled with the scent of cock. That scent that was so familiar to me—his cock sweat. It's funny, but in the entire time I've known Andrew, I never realized that the smell that followed him around was the sent of his package. And now that same scent was going to linger on my wife's breath.

"Tell wimpy how big you think my cock is, baby." Andrew said to Laryssa as he bounced his cock up and down on my wife's pouty lips. "Damn!" Laryssa yelled, "Honey, he has to be at least 11 inches...and as fat as a beer can!" He had me beat in the size department, no questions asked. Laryssa didn't seem to care about the size of his cock as much as she did sniffing it. She seemed to sniff with each lick she gave his balls. She seemed to be almost obsessed by the scent of my best friend's cock. That was it. That's what Andrew's hold on my wife was. The way he smelled was like an aphrodisiac for her. All the times she complained about the way he smelled she really must have been in denial. She was denying herself the pleasure of my best friend's cock.

"How could you?" I cried. "How could you do this to me. How could both of you humiliate me like this?"

"Because you're a wimp, asshole" Andrew responded as he gripped my wife's hair, her mouth bobbing up and down on his rock hard monster. Her gulps and slurps were getting louder with every thrust he pumped into her sweat innocent mouth. "I put up with your little sissy attitude for this long, but I gotta tell you buddy, you are really one sad mother fucker. Everyone hates you, you know. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks you're the neighborhood loser."

"No, that's you, you dipstick." I yelled, crying like a baby. "You're the loser. You're the one everyone hates. Ask any of my friends."

"You mean my friends." Andrew said as he looked at me in disgust, his eyebrow raised. "You don't actually think those guys are your friends do you? I mean, I let you hang out with us and all, but they can't stand you anymore dude! All they do is make fun of you. Hell, I'm the only one who sticks up for you!"

"You're lying!" I said.

"Um, no I'm not." He said, almost in sympathy for me. My wife took her lips of his cock and looked at me. "He's right," she said. "Everyone really does hate you, baby. The only people who are nice to you are the ones who feel sorry for you. I used to think Andrew was a geek, but he's so much more of a man than you could ever be. We're not going to pretend you're something your not. You are the one people can't stand. Not Andrew."

My heart collapsed and shattered in a million pieces by those words.

Andrew put his arm around my wife as they walked toward my bedroom. The door closed, and I curled up in the fetal position. I cried and I cried, partially because of the revelation of the affair, but mostly because of the truth Andrew spoke, the denial I had cast myself in. After about 10 minutes, a buck naked Andrew came out sweaty as hell and dragged me into the bedroom by the hair and shoved me down on his bed, my naked wife laying on her back with her legs opened wide. She gave me a wink and Andrew gave me the "thumbs up" sign as he stroked his cock toward her mouth. I tried to hide my hard-on watching my wife licking the head of his huge cock. When I tried to touch her, Andrew slapped my face, leaving a mark. Andrew told me that my cock wasn't big enough to please her, and Laryssa shrugged her shoulders at me in agreement, her throat gagging on Andrew's huge tool. She was stroking his massive cock as her tongue French kissed the giant head of his dick as she looked at me, taking breaks to brag about the size of Andrew's massive package. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to cum right then.

Instead, I took my hands off my crotch and put them against my ears when she told Andrew to "fuck her hard…please!"

Andrew smiled and forced all 11 inches deep in her wet pussy very slowly, which made her scream in pleasure. My wife was calling my best friend's name as I watched, and she kept looking at me with every stroke he pumped into her. I took out my cock in humiliation, and they both laughed hard at me. Andrew picked up my wife and shoved her on top of me, then got top of her, making me gasp for air. Andrew began pumping her hard, making her scream, and his face was inches away from mine. He smiled at me and spit in my face, telling me how much of a wimp I was for letting this happen. "Wait'll I tell the guys this!" I heard him whisper in Laryssa's ear, making her giggle. "No…no, don't…you can't!" I whimpered, but they ignored me. "Ugh yeah, Andrew" Laryssa shouted. "Show the wimp what a real man's all about. Show him who's boss around here! Show him why you're the one that's fucking me and not him! Show him! Prove to him that you are the fucking man!!!!"

His thrusts made her cum so fast she screamed his name. "Andrew, I'm cumming," she yelled. Gallons of cum flooded the bed. Andrew pulled out his impressive package and stocked it all over my wife's face, which was inches away from mine. Within seconds, our faces were both drenched in my best friend's cum, Andrew taking turns dousing our faces with his hot white sticky fluid. The thing is, he never stopped cumming, he just kept on going and going. I realized what my wife was taking about—Andrew sure did show me. Ropes of cum hung from our mouths, and Laryssa even snowballed some of it into my mouth, forcing me to swallow. There was too much, and I was getting the impression, the strongest of impressions, that this was not the first sexual encounter between the two of them.

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