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Married couple meets up with two teenage guys

We parked the car and headed into the woods. It was a beautiful sunny, hot day and we were headed for what we have come to think of as ‘Our Place’. An idyllic clearing beside the river about a forty-minute walk away. Barry, my husband carried a cool box and a rug, I…my name’s Pam - carried a picnic hamper, it was Sunday and we planned to spend the whole day lazing around and having fun…sexy fun!

The previous couple of times we had been there we spent most of the time stripped off, we swam, we sunbathed and we fucked…boy, did we fuck. It just seemed like such a great place, it felt so good to be able to walk around naked in the fresh air; somehow it made me feel horny as hell. As we walked I could feel my pussy getting wetter, my nipples were hard brushing against the thin sundress I was wearing, underneath I was totally nude, I had been looking forward to this day all week, for some reason Barry and I had great sex there…it was different, exciting, it made me feel and act young again. Barry and I have been married for 18 years, our two kids at 16 and 17 are now old enough to ‘do their own thing’.

Me…I’m 38, I like to think of myself as still being in good shape, I work out, jog, swim and even after two kids I still measure up and weigh the same now as I did twenty years ago. We have a great sex life, I love Barry so much and will do anything I can to please him. When alone with him I try to dress to ‘please and tease’, even on occasions in public – at his suggestion - I dress up in revealing and provocative outfits and ‘accidentally’ flash a glimpse of tit or stocking top. We both love watching porno videos and reading sexy stories and often try to enact some of the different positions and situations we see and read about. If anything I guess that out of the two of us I am the most adventurous and the one with the biggest sexual appetite and Barry, well…as I said, I really do love him but being 10 years older than me he sometimes needs a bit of encouragement to get going.

You can imagine my horror and disappointment when upon nearing ‘our’ clearing I heard voices, and then I saw a tent and on the river bank two guys fishing. I stopped and turned to Barry “Let’s not stop, why not walk a bit further along the river” I said to him, “We’ll probably find another spot nearby, I want us to be alone.”

“Ok love but let’s just have a rest first, I feel done in” he replied dropping the blanket on the grass. The two guys turned and noticed us as we entered the clearing and gave us a friendly wave, politely we returned the greeting. Barry took a beer from the cool box and sat down on the blanket, I sat next to him wishing the two guys were not there. It was hot and I would have loved to have stripped off and swam in the cool water.

After 5 minutes I said, “C’mon Barry, you’ve rested enough…let’s find somewhere more secluded, just you and me, my pussy’s wet and I want you to fuck me!”

Barry leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, “Ok Pam, another 10 minutes and we’ll make a move…you just wait here, I’m just going to see how the fishing is, maybe next time we come I’ll bring my rod” he grinned. He picked up two more beers and headed for the riverbank.

“You’ve got 10 minutes” I called out as he walked away. I saw him sit on the bank and offer the guys a beer, I lay back on the blanket, closed my eyes and dozed thinking sexy thoughts. I must have fell asleep, I heard Barry calling my name and sat up, standing there with him were the two guys, I say ‘guys’ but up close I could see they were probably late teens, maybe two or three years older than my own son, Mark. “Pam…I offered Paul and his brother David a sandwich, I said we had plenty packed up, you don’t mind honey…do you?”

“No…of course I don’t mind” I replied trying to smile and look sincere, “I thought we were going to walk along the river bank and find another spot…you know, just the two of us”

They sat on the grass as Barry opened the hamper, “I’ve been talking to Paul and David Pam, their folks own this land, they live three miles up river and…well, they recon there’s not much else around here suitable for swimming, isn’t that right boys?” Paul nodded in agreement, “Yes ma’am, this is the best spot for miles.” Barry sat back and smiled, “The thing is honey…well, Paul and David have left some gear home and wondered if we would keep an eye on their things while they were gone, how long do you reckon it will take you to go home and return Paul?”

“Oh, about three hours maybe” Paul replied. Wow, my prayers were answered, “Of course we’ll look after your gear, the thing is…well, we kinda thought and hoped that we would be alone here today, the previous times we’ve been here it was just me and my husband and it’s such a beautiful spot to spend time together, it’s so peaceful here…so relaxing – no…you go, don’t worry about your gear and please, don’t rush back guys” I laughed.

I leaned forward to offer Paul another sandwich and noticed his eyes drop down to my chest, I glanced down and realised that from where he was sitting he must have had a good view of my tits as my unbuttoned neckline gaped open. As I said he could only be about 18 or 19 and I don’t know why but for some reason it turned me on knowing that someone his age was looking at me, Barry was chatting to David about fishing and sitting back I casually and teasingly opened my legs a little, whether Paul could see anything or not – who knows!

Paul told me the he and his brother spent a lot of time here during the summer, he added “We saw you here two weeks ago, we weren’t spying on you or anything like that but…well, we didn’t hang around long, we didn’t want to disturb you” I was a bit shocked knowing that they had seen us here before, I had thought this place was secluded enough to walk around naked, to fuck with Barry, I wondered just what and how much they had seen but again I found myself getting turned on just imagining them spying on me naked and watching as Barry fucked me, and if they had watched I wondered if they enjoyed what they saw.

I passed off what Paul had told me and a few minutes later they headed home for their things. “Did you hear Paul tell me they saw us here two weeks ago?” I asked Barry, “So… what if they did, it doesn’t bother me – does it bother you?” he grinned. I told him it didn’t and as if to prove a point I stood and slipped out of my dress, it felt good to have the sun on my naked body, “C’mon, it’s just the two of us now…lets swim”

I said running down to the river. Barry stripped off his clothes and joined me, we played around, swimming and splashing each other in the cold water for some time then hand in hand we returned to lie side by side on the blanket. I leaned over and kissed Barry, my hand slipped down and I started to play with his dick as he tweaked my hard nipples between his fingers. “I can’t stop thinking about what Paul said…you know, about them seeing us here, watching us…it makes you think doesn’t it, I mean…who knows who’s out there now, watching!”

“Are you bothered by that?” Barry replied, “No…not at all, if anything I think it’s exciting, do you think I’m weird…I mean, it really turns me on…the thought of someone watching us having sex, it’s like in that video we watched a few weeks ago, remember…where that couple fucked in that adult cinema with all those guys watching them!”

Barry smiled as he raised his head too suck one of my nipples into his mouth. “Yes, but in that film the woman ended up fucking three of the guys who started off just watching, would that ‘turn you on’ as well?” I playfully squeezed Barry’s dick, he in return sucked hard on my nipple, “Yeah…sure, in a fantasy world I suppose it would but in reality…!”

“You didn’t answer my question Pam” Barry continued, “Just say there was a guy out there now, he starts off watching us and then after a while he makes himself known, he walks over to us as I’m fucking you, he has his prick out, it’s long, hard and fat and he’s playing with it as he gets closer, what would you want to happen Pam?…would you want this stranger to fuck you, would you suck on his prick while I fucked you, would he lick your pussy, finger your cunt just as I’m doing to you now…would you want that to happen Pam?”

As he talked he poked his fingers deep into my wet cunt, Oh Christ it felt good, I lay back with my legs open and my eyes closed. “Answer me Pam, what’s it to be…does he fuck you?” Barry was fingering me deeper and harder, I could feel myself start to cum. “YES!…Yes!, he’d fuck me! He’d fuck me hard and deep; he’d fuck me as I sucked your dick…Oh…Christ! Don’t stop, please…keep fingering me, I’m Cumming, Oh…Ooooh!” My body shook and convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure hit me, I lay back as the tremors subsided.

Barry looked down at me, smiling. “So…the thought of getting fucked by another guy really does turn you on then, why haven’t you told me this before?” he asked. I told him it was a common fantasy to have, “You’re not going to tell me that if a gorgeous, sexy young girl was here now, totally naked and very willing to have you fuck her you would say no – are you?”

“Well…I suppose not, the thing is…how would you react? Would the sight of me having sex with another woman…well, could you cope with that?”

“I think I could” I smiled, “And you Barry…does the thought of another guy fucking my brains out…does that worry you?” I reached out and took hold of his dick, it was very hard, “Only if I was not with you at the time” he replied with a big grin on his face. He pushed me back and positioned himself between my legs which I spread wide; he rubbed his dick over my pussy lips.

“Don’t tease me Barry, Fuck me!” I felt his dick enter my wet cunt; I gripped my legs around his back as he lunged deep into me taking my breath away, he roughly mauled at my tits as he pumped his dick in and out of my cunt, not with passion…just pure animal lust! – Just the way I liked it! He fucked me hard until he shot his load of spunk deep into my cunt, he collapsed on top of me with his dick twitching and throbbing until it softened and slid out. We lay side by side for a few minutes, the hot sun felt good, I rubbed my fingers over my pussy lips feeling his cum dribbling out. I stood and pulled him up, “C’mon…let’s swim, get cleaned up”

We ran hand in hand down to the river, then returning to our blanket Barry fished out another beer and sat next to me, “Did you mean what you said just now Pam…about fucking with another guy?” He asked. I told him it was something I had often fantasised about, “The thing is love…fantasy’s are ok but in real life…but, well…Yes, I suppose I did mean it! If you could handle it that is…the thought of another man and you both fucking me at the same time is something I wouldn’t mind experiencing…it could be fun for both of us,” I told him.

He leaned over and kissed me, we spent a long time talking about things and both agreed that we would attempt to try and find another couple or even a single guy with similar ideas to ours, maybe place an ad…see what happens but both agreed it would only be for fun and promised each other we would never do anything behind each others backs, whatever we did would be with the full knowledge of both of us. I went down on Barry and sucked his dick into my mouth, “Just lie back lover” I told him, “Lie back and enjoy!” I licked, kissed and sucked his dick as I played with his balls, I rubbed the tip of his dick over my hard nipples as the hung down, just then in the woods I was sure I saw movement, I continued to suck on Barry’s dick but now paid more attention to what I thought I had seen.

Sure enough, I saw Paul’s head peeking from behind a bush. As I sucked on Barry I made sure I was in a position to give him a great view then after a few minutes I kissed Barry and I quietly told him about Paul and probably David spying on us. Barry went to sit up but I pushed him back, “No…don’t do anything, this could turn out to be fun, you said you wanted to see another guy fuck me…well, there could be two!”

“Christ Pam…you’re not serious, I mean…they are a bit young…Fuck! they are only just older than Mark!” I smiled at him as I gripped his hard shaft, “They’ve got dicks haven’t they? Let’s just see what happens and take it from there, Ok?” I turned in their direction and slowly lowered myself down onto Barry’s hard dick, as I bounced up and down I cupped my tits, I stared directly at the spot in the bushes where I had seen Paul, sure enough again his head emerged, for a split second he looked directly at me before again he disappeared from sight. I called out –‘Paul, David…I know you are there and can hear me, come on out…I’m not angry, honestly!’

Twenty seconds later they both emerged from the bushes and – I guess, nervously they just stood there…watching, probably not knowing what to do next. I got up off Barry’s dick and brazenly pushing my tits out I walked over to them. “Well, you two made good time…you’ve only been gone just over an hour I grinned as I approached them, Paul nervously explained that they decided not to bother fetching the gear the needed and returned. “Yes…so I see, and just how long have you guys been watching us?” I smiled. “Oh…not long, we only just got back”

“Oh, So it wasn’t you two that I saw here over ten minutes ago” I grinned, I noticed a very big bulge in Paul’s tight shorts, they both reddened and sheepishly looked down at the floor avoiding eye contact with me. “Hey…it’s cool, really…I don’t give a shit if you two guys would want to get yourselves off watching us, come on…come with me” I took hold of their hands and walked them back to join Barry who was by now sat up, probably wondering what was going on.

I sat next to Barry, casually resting my hand on his thigh very close to his dick “We don’t have any hang ups over nudity…come to that we don’t have any hang ups over sex! How about you guys? Do you think it’s wrong for people to be nude?” I asked. “Well…no, I guess not” Paul quietly answered with David nodding his head in agreement, “Ok…prove it!” I grinned. The look on their faces was priceless, “What…Here…Now! In front of you two?” Paul answered. “Well, we both are naked and we don’t give a shit…I mean, if you are too embarrassed, well…I guess we’ll just get dressed and make a move, leave you guys to your fishing” I smiled. Paul looked at David then back at me, he stood up and within seconds he’d stripped off his top and shorts, his dick was semi hard and I guess about the same size as Barry’s.

David shed his clothes even quicker and quickly sat back down, his dick looked to be a bit smaller than his brothers. “There…that wasn’t too hard was it” I grinned. They took the beers Barry offered, as Barry sat back down I snuggled into him, his arm went over my shoulder and I took his hand and placed it so that it cupped my tit, I casually ran my hand up over his thigh till it rested on his dick. “So…have you guys got girlfriends?” I asked, they said they didn’t, not many people lived nearby, especially young people they said. They told us they attended a boarding school and only came home for the holidays.

As we talked I stroked Barry’s dick which quickly hardened, he played and tweaked at my nipple, both Paul and David intently watched what was going on and it didn’t take long for their dicks to ‘come to life’ I just came out with it – “So, have you guys ever had sex?” Again the both blushed as they answered – No! though Paul confessed to ‘feeling a girl up’ once when he took here to the cinema.

“What do you mean…feeling her up” I toyingly asked, “Well…you know, I felt her tits and kissed her” he shyly explained. “Hey…I didn’t think, we’re not embarrassing you are we…I mean, playing around with each other like this in front of you…look - if you guys want to jerk off, feel free, it looks like your dicks are going to explode by themselves any minute anyway” I laughed. Paul’s face grinned as he began to stroke his dick which now was at least, maybe even a bit bigger than Barry’s, it seemed as if David was more a novice at jerking himself off but still soon had himself a decent sized specimen. Barry and I kissed passionately, now his other hand was brushing over my pussy as he continued to play with my tit, I wanked on his dick harder now and spread my legs open wide giving his probing fingers access to my wet cunt. I looked across and watched the boys both playing with their dicks, their eyes taking in everything that was going on. I nuzzled Barry’s ear and quietly whispered, “Just go along with whatever happens love…Ok.”

I shuffled over and sat between the boys, “Now look…I wouldn’t make this offer to anyone but…if you promise me that this will stay ‘our secret’ well…” with that I reached out and gently wrapped a hand around both their dicks, seconds later David’s dick twitched and a massive stream of hot cum shot out, I continued to jerk him off as he moaned, his dick throbbed in my hand as his spunk continued to dribble out, my hand was covered with his creamy, sticky white cum “Wow…looks like you’ve been saving that up” I grinned.

I took my hand to my mouth and looking at Paul as I wanked on his dick I sucked my spunk-covered fingers into my mouth. That was all it needed, his dick twitched and with a big groan his cum spurted from his dick, loads of it…four or five big streams shot out, Fuck! I don’t think I had ever seen so much spunk! He lay back, his dick was twitching and throbbing, cum dribbled out of his still hard dick, I couldn’t resist it, I quickly lowered my head and took his dick into my mouth, I gently sucked the last drops of cum out of his dick.

I was amazed that his dick was still hard; it just did not soften at all. I sucked and licked his dick clean as he lay there. All this had taken maybe three or four minutes, as I slid my mouth from his dick and sat back up I licked a big blob of cum from his stomach. Barry was playing with his dick, watching, “So…I hope you both enjoyed that” I grinned. “Please Pam…what you did to Paul, would you do that to me as well” David asked. “Well…maybe, but first…”

I cupped my tits in my hands and pulled at my nipples, I lay back on the grass. “You like my tits boys?” I grinned, “You know something…my nipples are really sensitive, they get big and very hard when they are played with” As if to make the point I rolled my nipples between my fingers, tweaking them, they stood out like bullets. “Ok…David…this ones yours, Paul, you take this one” I told them. They both quickly grabbed at my tits, “Wow…not so rough, take it easy!”

My nipples grew big and hard as their inexperienced hands squeezed and played with them, “Suck on my nipples, lick them, make them wet and kiss them” I instructed my novice pupils, yeah…sure – not novices for long though. I felt a hand explore my pussy and automatically opened my legs, I opened my eyes and saw it was Paul, I screamed out loudly as his fingers plunged roughly into my wet cunt, he pulled them out probably thinking he had done wrong.

“No!…Don’t stop” I moaned, taking hold of his hand I guided it back to my pussy, “Just be gentle!” I told him. I reached out and grabbed David’s dick, he was still sucking on my nipples and playing with my tits. “I want to suck on your dick!” I told him, he moved up, I turned my head to the side and as he knelt I sucked the whole length of his hard dick into my mouth. Paul’s fingers continued to explore my cunt, I stopped sucking David’s dick long enough to tell him, “Lick my pussy Paul, use your tongue as well as your fingers…you saw what Barry did to me…lick me out!”

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