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Breaking in the Nanny - A threesome with the 19-year-old nanny

John walked in to find his wife, Jane, sitting on the couch with her legs spread, and gently stroking her pussy. She was wearing a purple lace negligee and black thigh high boots. She looked up with a sly smile on her face that told him exactly what she wanted. He walked over and pushed her down onto the couch while kissing her passionately. She began running her hands down his back and pulling him closer. Jane then placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him up so that she could rip the shirt off his chest. After his shirt was off, John could take no more. He stood and dropped his pants to the floor. She turned and took his throbbing, half-hard, cock into her mouth. He could feel his cock hitting the back of her mouth and sliding down her throat as she took every inch of him. She was sucking hard and she moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

He moved his hands to the back of her head and grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and began thrusting his cock even further down her throat. As he felt himself about to explode he pulled his cock from her mouth. She began stroking him furiously until he emptied his hot load all over her face. Then he watched as she wiped off every drop with her finger and swallowed it greedily. Then he again grabbed her hair as he thrust his cock back into her mouth so that she could suck the remaining drops from him. He thrust his cock in and out of her mouth until his cock was again hard and throbbing. The he pushed her down onto the couch and began slowly kissing her neck and he slid his hand down her stomach and began rubbing her hot wet pussy through her lacey panties. He tore the lingerie from her body so that he could get his mouth around her hard nipples. He listened to her moaning as he took her right nipple between his teeth and began to apply pressure, at the same time he was sliding a finger inside her hot pussy. He slid his finger in and out of her as he continued to nibble at her nipples until he felt her body heave in orgasm.

John could take no more, he pulled her up and bent her over the couch and thrust his rock hard tool deep between her waiting pussy lips. He grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her back so the could get every inch of his dick inside her. He began furiously thrusting his cock in and out of her as he listened to her begging him not to stop. He fucked her until he could feel her pussy tightening around him as she began to explode in orgasm. The sensation of her throbbing pussy was more than he could take and he exploded inside her. When he withdrew his cock she turned and greedily took him inside her mouth and sucked his cock until she was sure that she had taken every drop.

John then looked up to see their 19-year-old nanny watching them through the door. She seemed startled and quickly removed her hand from her skirt where she had been stroking herself. John motioned for her to come closer and she shyly entered the room. He then pulled her closer and took her hand and placed it on his still throbbing cock. She shyly began to rub his tool. Jane then stood and pushed down on Deanna's shoulders until she was on her knees. Jane then knelt behind her and slid her hands around Deanna’s body and began caressing her firm breasts, while John slid his cock between her lips. Deanna began to moan as she slid John's cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. John held her head as she sucked greedily at his cock. Jane then slid her hands down and into Deanna's loose skirt to find that she was not wearing anything underneath. As Deanna continued sucking, Jane began sliding her finger in and out her young wet pussy.

Deanna began thrusting John's cock deeper and deeper down her throat, all traces of shyness now gone. John then pulled his cock from her mouth and lay on the couch. Jane straddled his face and he began to lick her pussy. As Jane began moaning in ecstasy she pulled on Deanna close to indicate that she should ride his cock. Deanna took his hard cock inside her and began riding him. Deanna began to scream as she took every inch of her cock in and out of her pussy. As John continued to furiously lick Jane's pussy, she leaned forward and began biting Deanna's nipples. John could feel Deanna's already tight pussy getting tighter as she began to have a shattering orgasm. Deanna screamed as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. She could feel John's cock nearing explosion. She slid off his cock and greedily took it in her mouth until she had sucked him dry. Seeing this cause Jane to explode on John's face.

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