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Take it all Off by Lisa Chavez
Mention shaving the down-there and feminists will start chanting anti-Barbie epithets while men will be grabbing protectively for their nuts. They'll probably all be asking, why shave?

Well, for one thing, those who do shave, both men and women, say it feels great. Naked skin is sensitive skin. Those happy nerve endings are getting tickled by the air, by your skin, by your partner's skin, by your clothing. It can be highly erotic. Even in the most densely clothed, straight-laced environment, there you'll be, feeling the rub. You'd be able to experience untold thrills even in a high-tension board room, simply by crossing and uncrossing your legs.

Men who use condoms say that losing the pubes does away with that obnoxious pinch when the short and curlies get caught up in reeling rubber -- ouch.

Then there are the obvious advantages for the partner. If you're a guy who likes tea bagging -- that is, dunking your balls in your partner's open mouth -- a smooth shave can spare your partner the unpleasantness of strays between her teeth. Same goes for a clean-shaven lady who loves cunnilingus. By shaving her pussy, she offers her man pure meat, without the husk, and spares him a mouth full of itinerant curlies into the bargain.

And notice, the operant word is shave. There are lots of ways for your crotch skin to get naked. But most anything other than shaving comes with serious inconveniences. Waxing; painful. Electrolysis; expensive (though permanent); chemical depilatories; smelly, possibly irritating.

But oh, the shaved pussy, the clean-shaven ballsac, the bare penis base, are lovely to behold; lovely to feel. So soft against your other parts, and soft to your lover's touch. It may be true that the bare pussy looks little-girlish, innocent and delicate -- but also your pussy's inner pink lining peeks out from a clean shave; your nude mound looks fuller and rounder; everything's more tempting. Same goes for the naked cock -- looks bigger without all the shrubbery that usually surrounds and hides part of its length. Everything looks a little plumper, a little more edible when it's bald. And if you like your partner to go down on you, then you'll enjoy looking good enough to eat.

Want to take the plunge? OK, so here's how to do it.

Well, if you're someone with sensitive skin issues (these issues will turn up when you shave other areas as well) you might want to start a couple of days ahead of the actual shave.

Two things you can do are: 1) try out the shaving cream or gel you plan to use. Put it on your skin, through your bush. Leave it there for a few minutes, and check for itching, rash, burning and that sort of thing. If the test comes up negative, you can move on to the next measure. 2) If you're new to the smooth mound, you'll probably want to get used to it. So cut your pubic hair short, about a quarter inch from the skin, which is a pre-cut length that everyone has to do. Wear it for a couple of days and it will help orient you to the the idea of your new nude bush.

A good shave can come in all shapes and sizes. So first, decide what and where you want to cut. The Sphinx is the totally bald do, and it gets less radical from there. But if you're the creative type, or you don't quite want to look have that little boy or little girl look, try fancy shapes. The runway for women is a sort of entrance locator, a strip of tuft with a center line running down the middle: the opening of her pussy lips. You can do hearts, diamonds, shamrocks… whatever shape comes to mind, only limited by your skill with the razor.

And now you're ready to take it all away.

--Well, first, the razor must be sharp and new. You knew this.
--Take a warm shower or bath to open skin pores and to soften the pubic hairs.
--Do a pre-cut. Get the hair down to about ¼." Many people swear by the beard trimmer for the occasion.
--Give the mound a good dose of shaving cream.
--And start to shave. Take very small areas at a time. To avoid irritation, only make two strokes in the same area before moving on.
--On stroking: it's different strokes for different folks. The recommended two strokes are one with the grain of hair growth and one against the grain. But you'll have to experiment. For some the one against the grain becomes an irritant.
-- Leave the area, come back to it if you need to clean it up.

After the shave, there are three Follow-up procedures.
1) Wash very carefully. Rinse away the body oils, the shaving cream, the stray hairs, whatever.
2) And complete the shaving process by exfoliating. This is to prevent irritations, infections and other nuisances. Exfoliation takes off the dead skin where bacteria can hide.
3) Finally, apply a powder for silky smoothness. Just be sure there's no talc in the powder. Anything from baby powder to corn starch will do just fine.

Most people, following this simple program, will enjoy their new nudity with few complications. Others may have to do some experimenting and refine the process for themselves to get it down smooth. There are all kinds of minor problems you can run into, but most of them can be avoided on your second try if you use the tips below to make adjustments to your technique.

So here are the biggest nuisances.

-- Irritation. OK, if you're allergic to shaving creams, if you swipe too many times with the razor, if after you're all done you forget to wash, if it's a very hot day and you're wearing tight pants or a material that does not breathe, yes, in all these cases, you may experience irritation. Whether you do or not, and how severely, is between you and your skin -- everyone's different.

-- Itch. Itching is the mode du jour when pubic hair starts to grow back in. Before the hair returns to its long and springy self, it will be at its short and barb-like worst. And you'll get hair-stuck by the sawed-off nettles that are growing up through the surface for days. The obvious solution for this: Once you take the plunge, keep it shaved. Bald mounders shave on average about every two days.

--Ingrown hairs. Bothersome. Some of the same things that cause irritation can also cause ingrown hairs, like wearing underwear and pants that are too tight (maybe this is why baggie pants are in), using irritating creams, cutting too close or fast or not close enough -- just about anything. Try to take notes on this one and correct for them in shaving round two.

-- Red bumps. This, too, will depend on your skin's sensitivity. Shaving carefully, slowly, with lots of cream can help; also shaving in the right direction for you -- again, experiment.

Give the shave a couple of tries before you give up on it. Douse yourself with non-talc powder and squirm in your underwear, or feel the breeze tickling your oh, so private skin, and you'll probably develop a hairless habit in no time.

So off you go.

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