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Tricks with Toys by Lisa Chavez
Let's start with the good old-fashioned blow job. Add a pocket rocket and call it a vibe-'n-blow job. The Pocket Rocket is called "pocket" because it's portable -- unrecognizable at first sight and small enough (four inches long or so) to be slipped into a pocket. This means that on road trips, you or your partner can easily sneak it into the unisex bathrooms at truck-stops and diners. No one will be the wiser as you rendez-vous for a raunchy quickie. Pocket Rockets are also known to come with different heads (there's a sexual innuendo in there somewhere) and they can have a pretty hardy vibration.

So blowers, you're ready to go down on him: you've taken over the public, single-stall bathroom, bolted the questionable door-lock behind you, and you've got him de-panted, sitting bare assed and legs-sprawled over the tacky pink sink... Never mind. Let's start in the bedroom. You've slushed up plenty of saliva, taken in a big mouthful of his hard-on and you're working your tight lips up and down his rod. Now for the toy: set the rocket vibrating and put it against your cheek as you suck him like a popsicle. Progress slowly up and down his cock. As those vibes get jamming, take advantage of the opportunity to use a lot of tongue and suction; let the vibes do the rest.

If you can get your lips to the base of his penis, great. Go there, suck tight, and let him feel the vibes.

Part two of this lovely blow job, apply the vibrator directly to his other delectables as you are smoothly pistoning his penis. Make sure the vibrator is on a lolling, lumbering speed at first. Start at the base of his penis. Apply that rumbling rocket to the root of his rod and circulate. Ask how it feels and make adjustments to taste.

If he's liking that, sneak on down to his perineum -- the sweet spot, the taint. Tickle that taint! If you can, keep up the sucking sensations on his shaft or cock head, maintaining smooth action with plenty of saliva.

And if he's moaning, rocking, or writhing, chances are he's having a good time. You can try upping the ante if you like by rolling the marbles. Take your vibrator to his balls. Start by stretching the sac, stroking the sac between his balls with the vibe. This will give him an idea just how much vibration he's willing to take directly on his balls. It will also get him accustomed to the buzz and prepare him for direct pressure more gradually. Keep open the lines of communication and play gently, and find out just what fun you can have with your rocket.

The idea of this blow job is to maintain all the usual fun feelings, and then double the fun with vibration.

If he hasn't come off by this point, then it's time to get him from behind. For many guys, anal stimulation during fellation is so fine you could even make an addict out of him (in which case, you might always want to keep one electric-powered vibrator on hand for battery crises). Two nice little toys can help you deliver some thrilling anal stimulation. The bullet or egg, which is a very small vibrator with light impact. It usually has a string attached and you want to use it around, not necessarily in, his anus. Another nice option is the finger vibrator, like the fukouku. Finger vibrators actually attach to your finger like guitar picks. They run on watch batteries, and you can wear more than one at a time. If your lover has a hungry butt hole or is familiar with sensations around his ass, the finger vibrator is the way to go because you can slip the finger inside and have the benefit of buzz at the same time.

Also with finger vibrators, you can follow the path of the pocket rocket. Roll his balls gently on the tips of your vibrating fingers, pull at and vibe on his nipples. Press on his perineum -- ooh, yeah. You can even add vibrating fingers to your hand job. Say you're working over the head of his cock with a fluid tongue, sucking the nupple hard between your lips... Well, you could also be gripping the base of his penis with a hand full of vibrating fingers (each vibrating finger costs somewhere around $25, similar in price to the eggs/bullets mentioned above).

If you're the one with the penis, you can use most of these toy tricks on your own while giving yourself a hand job, or you can show them to your partner. The best toy tricks basically take something you already know how to do and add a little electricity.

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