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Shower Power by Lisa Chavez
Sometimes your love life just needs a jolt. Maybe you've been in a rut; the love is there, but the passion's wilting fast. In fact, the passion could use a shot of erotic Vita-grow. Maybe it's time to dip into the new, the strange, and the taboo.

Taboo? How about one of the naughtier but safer taboos, the golden shower? Some couples may already pee in front of each other and think nothing of it. Others may be shy. And others may have fantasies they've never explored. Pee fantasies are common, though many would rather keep them in fantasyland. Some people just never get the chance to experiment with their urolagnia (the lust for urine or urinating). These fantasies can be a turn-off to partners because of feelings stirred up from early potty training, not to mention all kinds of cultural conditioning.

But it's that very same naughty element that, for some, charges the idea of pee play with high voltage erotic energy. Some couples like to watch, nothing more. For example, a husband and a wife are camping. She goes off into the bushes to pee, pulls down her panties, squats, and he sneaks up behind her. He watches her golden stream patter onto the ground and run under the pine needles. Or, a girlfriend sneaks into the bathroom where her lover is peeing, lightly takes hold of his cock. Aiming for him, she continues to hold his cock for him while he pees.

These are mild bits of intimate play, but sometimes a little naughtiness goes a long way.
This couple may never care to take pee play any further. On the other hand, when this couple starts looking for new tang and spice in their relationship, the golden shower might be a fun option for them to try.

If you already know you are someone with a pee fascination or at least pee curiosity, but you're not sure about your partner, one of the two scenarios above might help you introduce your partner to pee play. First, however, make sure your partner is open-minded and is interested in a little adventure. For a woman, convincing her man of a scene like the one mentioned above is going to be pretty simple. Most men love to have their dicks held -- peeing or no. The fact that they're peeing while you're holding their dick is likely to add a little excitement. Men who trying to interest their wives in the subject may not have it so easy. If you have an idea that you'd like to sneak up on your lady lover and admire her while she pees, be sure she's not pee shy. (Does she let you in the bathroom to get a towel while she's peeing? Will she come in and pee while you're shaving? These are signs that she is not pee shy.) Follow any sneak voyeurism by asking what she thinks about it. And regardless of her answer, follow up by telling her how sexy she looked or how horny it made you (even better, SHOW her how horny it made you).

If you're less sure of your partner's feelings on the matter, you can always wait until they have to pee and try a simple: "Mind if I watch?" (using your most sexy and devilish voice).

If they don't go for it, you must decide if pee play is just something you want to try for a lark or if you're really into it. If it was just "something to try," then move on to something more agreeable to both you and your partner. No great loss. On the other hand, if you're sure this is for you, at least you've opened up the door for conversation. In fact, let starting a conversation be your the secondary goal or fall back position. That way you can't be disappointed if your partner's reactions are negative.

Even though your partner may seem put off by the idea, you don't want miss the opportunity to get things in the open where they can be discussed. The first time you bring it up, the idea may simply sound foreign to your partner. Try to find out your partner's boundaries and objections. Discuss his or her reasons for those boundaries. While you're discussing pee play, congratulate yourself for following through. Then set your new goal at finishing the discussion on a positive note. At the very least, you've now opened up possible future discussions. You may not get your golden dream shower right away, but a couple of open, no-pressure conversations, in which you've made the experiment of your desires sound like fun, will go a long way to making the idea seem far less foreign and even intriguing over time. Plus the intimacy of the discussion may lead to other things. And you might find those things quite the enjoyable substitutes for pee play, temporarily.

Now that you're discussing pee play, set your new goal at finishing the discussion on a positive note. At the very least, this opens up possibilities for future discussions. Some people take a lot of verbal warming up and only go a short distance. Others can be enticed slowly to go all the way. Just set your sights on moving forward, little bits at a time, and some day you may find your love play is golden.

Now if your partner has said, "Sure," when you ask if you can watch, you're in luck. You're on your way to following the yellow stream road. So here's the good stuff.

[To be Continued...]

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