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Top of the Year News by Maris Lemieux
Since NBAK (the Neck Brace Art Appreciation Club) has updated their pics, it may be time to talk about medical fetishes and neck and back brace art. Or maybe not. Perhaps it's a topic best appreciated with the visuals, which you'll find at http://www.nbak.tierranet.com/main.htm. This site has a lot of free viewing, and the member section offers videos which include medical type scenes of people getting naked and being put into various braces and positions. Though that particular fetish is rather specific, there are plenty of people who love to "play doctor." For many, a simple bit of imagination and a few household articles are enough doctor play, a prelude to more hard core sex. But for those who want to draw out their time with doctor and make their office visit seem more real, obtaining safe, steely, authentic medical equipment is a must. Though raiding a medical supply store has, until recently, been the most common route to nifty medical play, that route has been circumvented by web sites now specializing in the medical fetishist -- key word, play. Straightjackets for bondage to specula for peering at the insides of orifices, these specialized fetish sites help make the selection of equipment sex-play friendly. All those stainless steel wonders, like sounds and anal intruders. Vacuum pumps for stretching, swelling and giving hickies to nipples, cocks, ball sacs. So if you think you might like some medical play, surf around. Start with medicaltoys (http://www.medicaltoys.com). It has great pics -- live humans (well, faux-wounded humans) in their contraptions (as opposed to close-ups of naked devices) -- the prices are fairly reasonable, the selection is geared toward players, and the text player friendly, that is, informative in terms of how you use an implement or why you may want particular features. Medicaltoys provides a good base line for comparison shopping.

Also to follow up our holiday sex toys articles, we learned, this week, about a Japanese escort company that delivers its sex workers to your door. OK, maybe the delivery isn't a new thing, but the sex workers are. They're real dolls -- the expensive, hard to maintain real dolls (not the blowup kind) just mentioned in our Christmas toy article. You don't have to purchase, store, or maintain your real-feeling fuck-buddy; you can simply rent her for a couple of hours and send her on her way, no strings attached. That's if you live near Tokyo Japan. That and the ability to read Japanese, will let you order up your hour or two with the real doll of your choice -- Alice, Mayu, Tina, or Ai -- starting at about 13,000 yen. You'll find the appointment book at http://www.dollnomori.com/hotel/index.html. There you'll find, in Japanese, the price of delivery for "human figure toy with artificial vagina" and learn that the company delivers all over Tokyo and adjacent Kanagawa-ken.

According to the proprietor of this escort business, these employees don't give him any trouble. Not to mention that there are no dogs in his stable, only dolls. The four escorts of the Doll no Mori service are booked seven days a week, but there are plenty of slots available. If you go on the site, you can check out the faces (they all have the same body) of these call girls -- girls is the operant word. All four of the lovelies could pass for minors of doll-bearing years themselves.

And speaking of our toys articles, we mentioned that for the first time, the Hitachi Wand had competition and was getting outsold by the Eroscillator [see last week's Sexpert column in our archives] ¡¦ but oddly, in England, they're just now discovering the Wand. Suzi Goodson, of the UK's Times Online received one in December and reviewed it, with great enthusiasm. In her article Goodson also acknowledged that Merry Olde England had slipped behind the times when it comes to vibrators. Apparently the presence of sex toy shops that boldly call themselves as such aren't as commonplace in the UK as in America. "I was also interested to learn," says Goodson, "that although the Hitachi Magic Wand is new to the UK, it has been a bestseller in the US for ages. It is government-patented and described as the Cadillac of vibrators by Good Vibrations, America¡¯s most influential sex toy retailers." Here, here.

Also in mid-December a newspaper ad salesman in Nashville, TN was arrested for aiding in prostitution. You know those "call Mistress Paingalore for a fun time" ads that appear at the back of your alternative weeklies? Well, 29 year-old Nels Noseworthy was the in house salesman at the newspaper selling those ads. According to Daze Reader: "As part of the investigation, officers placed several ads for prostitution-related services with provocative language and prices for hourly rates." Don't you love what law officers have to do in the course of enforcing the law. Makes you want to get a job in Vice. The evidence against Mr. Noseworthy, according to an article in Editor and Publisher, includes the text of the ads Noseworthy allowed to appear in the paper on the grounds that they were "suggestive" and therefore made Noseworthy a knowing accomplice: "The escort-service ads included suggestive phrases such as 'XXX,' 'Sex In The City Escorts,' and '$200/hr.' If suggesting prostitution is a crime, there are a lot of people telling office jokes right now who could find themselves in court. But not to worry. The Nashville Scene has been known to print uncomplimentary pieces about the local police force. In fact, there's one in this week's Scene -- "Case Closed: Longtime Metro homicide detective resigns amid investigation." Something smells rotten in the city of Nashville. Still, it's one to watch. Part of the popularity of seeking adult entertainment online comes from a tacit awareness that a person's sexuality can often be used against them by opponents (from politics to divorce court) and become an Achilles heel. Noseworthy is scheduled to appear in court the end of this month -- and as yet has no attorney. We'll keep you posted.

Doing it hot doggy style. If Noseworthy's not newsworthy, what about the two Long Island women arrested for prostitution on New Year's eve? The police had been tailing their hot dog truck for a week watching as the women sold hot dogs and sodas, after receiving a tip which suggested the dog peddlers were selling other services off the back of their truck (hot buns with special sauce?). Maybe the women wanted weiners. Whatever the case, when the women made their special offer to the wrong dog patron (once again undercover cops have all the fun), they found themselves out of the hot dog truck and into the paddy wagon.

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