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The Day We Hired a Pro by Melanie Renuto
Adult FriendFinder member 369foru2, recently asked the Advice Line whether hiring a professional lady for his and his wife's first threesome would somehow cheapen their first natural encounter.

When my husband and I first got the idea to hire a hooker and have a threesome, it was simply to have fewer of the emotional "ifs" that come with meeting a lover that's not for-hire: Will the person like us? Will we satisfy them? Will they want to keep seeing us? Hiring a pro keeps most of that crazy stuff we (especially we women) worry about at bay. As insertname76 pointed out on the Advice Line -- there will be fewer jealousy issues with a pro. At least it's a less threatening way to find out if there are jealousy issues.

But the price for not worrying about emotional issues is something member eddiesatx considered in his response to the "pro or no" question: "it probably won't be very intimate." My husband and I found this to be true in our encounter with a pro: No emotional connection; little spontaneity. It's certainly something to keep in mind; when you throw out all worries about what someone else needs, you're probably going to throw out any emotional bond with them. Like everything, there's a good and bad side to this. Many people enjoy sexual experiences without the emotional connection. And though my husband and I prefer emotional connection in our threesomes, at the time we couldn't wait to get started.

My hubby and I were threesome virgins, and we wanted to lose that cherry really bad. We'd signed up for a couple of swinger parties, and those were coming up -- but we weren't about to wait. Actually, for some reason we wanted to have experience -- any experience -- going into the parties. We wanted to know how we'd react to the reality of having someone else in our bedroom with us. Were we just intrigued by the fantasy or would we really get into the real thing? We thought it best to know BEFORE we got someone else involved in our experimentation, someone who also had expectations and who could potentially be let down if we decided to call it off right in the middle of things. So we went straight to prostitute without passing go.

Looking back, I think part of our need to go to a pro was the fact that we realized just how clueless we were. And somehow we assumed a pro would show us the magic tricks for doing a threesome with grace and ease. Well, the not so surprising news is, she didn't. But here's what did happen:

We contacted a lady through a newspaper ad and she asked to meet us before planning an actual session. At her request, we met in the parking lot of a restaurant on a busy highway, a kind of truck stop area of a large suburban town. She had come with a guy and they remained sitting in their pick-up truck and instructed us to get into their truck -- one of us in the front seat and one in the back. It all felt a little mafia-esque.

It's clear from the Advice Line responses that many of our members have had experiences with pros, and what they shared was similar to what me and my husband experienced. As Gryphonscry said in his response, "Every escort I have been [with] was there for the business. Some of them were better 'businesswomen' than others, but all were businesswomen in the end. No kissing, VERY little foreplay, caressing or stroking."
As we sat there in the truck with our future ménage mate, she basically read us the riot act that Gryphonscry was referring to. Condoms, hand jobs, and nakedness were in. Penetration, kissing, holding were out. I would mostly watch -- I wanted it to be his experience, one-on-one, as if he were "getting some on the side." I guess in our excitement, we didn't stop to figure out how distant she was planning to be. We agreed rather quickly to her terms including the $200. So for the most part, it happened just as Just42Knight said it would in his Advice Line response: "She will probably have a 'handler' with her and you will have to pay up front and it won't be cheap." Except in our case, we didn't have to pay up front.

On the agreed upon evening, we brought our wine and cheese, rented the room she'd told us to in the motel she'd given us directions to and waited. It didn't occur to us to start in on the wine and cheese without her. We thought she was going to be part of our party. When she showed up, it was as Gryphonscry said, she was all business and politely refused the wine. "Where do you want to do this?" she asked. My husband lay back on the bed. Our pro did a nice strip tease for us -- that was fun -- and then she crawled like a cat onto the bed and started undressing him. He was already hard when she started working his pants off. That part was the most fun. It was also fun when she crawled around him on all fours, showing off her pussy, spreading it open for us and teasing my husband no end. His cock was bobbing like a yo-yo.

But then it was the condom and the rubber gloves, the lady working her way around him gingerly, as he lay back, not daring to make any moves lest he break one of her rules inadvertently. She acted like a nurse in a quarantine zone. (What did I expect from a lady who spends her time naked with hundreds of strangers? I'll get to that in a minute.) She asked me if I'd like to join in and I told her I'd wait. She hung over him on all fours, reached behind her and started to stroke his dick; she invited him to grab her breasts I had a great view of her dark half-hidden foliage, her smooth, nicely lotioned legs, her shapely, if not tight, ass. That was also fun. After a while like that, she went down on him, on his condom, working him a little with her mouth and hands together -- it seemed she thought that would finish him, but when it didn't, she reared up on her knees and started stroking a little more vigorously with her hand.

Needless to say, he did not come. She made a comment, about usually this gets them going; my husband made excuses. I considered telling her she should have been better at her job. "You want to take over?" she asked me. In my imagination, before the session, she and my husband would be having so much wet, nasty fun right now, I wouldn't be able to resist jumping in, but the sterility of this situation -- for me at least -- I couldn't get over. So I told her, "No, you go ahead." In my mind, getting us really turned on was her job -- that was the whole point of this, at least the way me and hubby planned it. I knew how to get my husband off, and she hadn't done it. Instead she expected him to come awfully quickly when it was obvious that, while turned on, he was also trying to get comfortable with the situation -- as opposed to being sprung-tight horny. In retrospect, I guess I should have jumped in. Just because you're paying someone gobs of money to do soemthing doesn't mean you can't jump in to help make it happen.

Anyway. That, of course, is when I realized she had a clock ticking. I know: duh. But I somehow thought it was going to be like a real threesome; like she was going to be all into it the way porn stars seem to be into their co-stars -- even when you know it's fake. Instead, it was like half of her brain was on what she was doing and the other half was reading a recipe: 15 minutes of stripping, 5 minutes of posing, 10 minutes of cock rubbing, 20 minutes making chit-chat. And she was more interested in the recipe than the food. Mind you this was just a small part of the night, this revelatory moment.

My husband, as it happens, quite enjoyed himself. The way he saw it, he was just lying there getting pampered and handled like a king, and this naked stranger lady was all over him, making him the center of her attention. That's what he told me after she left, anyway, as we were sipping the wine and eating the cheese without her.

Shew! We'd really worked up an appetite. We felt kind of relieved and proud of ourselves at the same time. And because my husband had a great time, I thought less about what she didn't do and more about what we did get out of it: a great time, a lark, and something to remember.

After reading our Advice Line, I thought back fondly on this experience, but I also thought, wouldn't it have been perfect if I'd had the advice of Gryphonscry or Just42Knight before going into the whole thing. I thought how great it must have been for 369foru2 to get such useful, candid advice from folks on the site.

Here's what Just42Knight wrote in the Advice Line, "The two times that I tried escorts were disappointing. The girls didn't match their descriptions but at least they carried out their end of bargain. They were both very concerned about safe-sex and wouldn't kiss or allow me to go down on them. They were both rather mechanical."

But though we did run into a similar "down side" as Just42Knight called it, I like to remember how exciting that evening was. Because, since prostitution was, of course, illegal, there was this sense of intrigue. We felt sneaky, adventurous as we made our excuses to the motel clerk, explaining how he should direct this friend of ours to our room, and thinking: wonder if he knows? (In that hotel, I suspect, he probably saw the likes of it at least five times a night.)

And it also did break the cherry for us. Our threesome with the pro was probably nothing like any real threesome we had thereafter, but when we did start our swinging, we at the very least knew that we weren't going to get cold feet and run when the clothes started coming off. We came away from the experience feeling, OK, yeah, we can do this. It also started to give us an inkling of how we'd like to play things -- like, who wants to be in on what. We talked about it afterwards: "I loved it when she --" "Oh, really?" Anything that gets the communication going can't be all bad.

The other thing was that at our first swinger party, many people asked us if we'd ever done it with someone else in the room and we could at least say honestly that we had. For some reason, that just made us feel a lot less like floundering flowers. And finally, keeping that appointment with the prostitute was simply our way of making a statement to ourselves, a kick-off, or like smashing a bottle over the prow of a new boat. After our night with the prostitute, there was no turning back.

So to put all this in terms of 369foru2's question, I'd say that hiring a pro isn't having a three-way but it can be a fun, interesting way to spend an evening while on the road to better threesomes. The advice I'd have wanted someone to give me back then would be simply: keep an open mind, don't expect too much, and just have fun with it.

And thanks all for keeping the Advice Line so cool.

"Mel," Advice Line Monitor

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