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Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
They were virgins to the swinging world. In their profile and over the phone they had advertised "some experience," but we could tell they'd never really gotten it on, hot and heavy, with another couple. Normally, we'd have taken that blasé attitude you take with green couples, since half the time you just never hear from them again.

Jonny and I have been swinging for quite a while. We have our group of swinger friends; we've gone swap camping; we've picked up couples, strays, even everyone's dream the "lesbian couple" at play parties -- and even when other people don't have any luck. We've indulged in an all-night orgy or two at those monster conventions in Vegas that can be fun if you don't do them too often.

But sometimes, you know, well, bells go off, fireworks and violins, and even old pros like us can lose their cool. That's what this one young couple did to us. Why? I don't know. Even as I sat there loving this tall, curly red haired woman with the doll-smooth body, eying the way her model-fine husband rested his fingers lovingly on her knees -- I mean I was literally starting to cream just looking at them -- I glanced at Jonny and saw, to my amazement, this flush of lust streaking across his neck. He wanted them too! We were like two dogs in point. And we're savvy enough to know how little looks count for when it comes to good sex partners. But there we were.

So, you know, this "ga-ga" thing was something new for two people who thought they'd seen it all. It wasn't just the couple's looks, or that they were very nice people. It was the way they were with each other. Like two big-eyed characters out of an anime film, all idealistic and fantasy. He would protect her, accommodate her gently, like a soft snow flake, and she would be folded into his touch and tucked away under a white fluffy batten like a jewel in a gift box.

Now I like real, down-to-earth people; fun-loving people, a little goofy, a little saucy. People who will get right in there and just let the cunt juice flow. So does Jonny. So this couple was not our usual menu. But when they sat there in front of us, trilling in their confidential voices as though they were connected by dream stuff, I felt like -- I'm sure Jonny felt it too -- like someone was turning back the clock, stripping me innocent again and I could believe in baku and white witches; earth gnomes and water spirits. That was the feeling. Have you ever gotten that feeling? And from a couple you just thought you wanted to fuck and have drinks with?

Jonny was stumbling at his words as he got to the good stuff.

"So what kinds of things have you done with other couples?" he asked.

We were used to parties where people just all got naked and sat by the pool or played cards; people who stripped while their hips swayed and music played; people who got suggestive and made innuendo until everyone was at each other's clothes, pawing. These two you would want to seduce ever so gently. You would want to lift one item of clothing away at a time and watch them tremble or sigh -- it would be like peeling wings off delicate insects because it would all be new to them. And when they stood there naked, you would want to blow milkweed on them and watch fine, dusty milkweed beings cling to her nipples and catch in the downy bush above his nested penis. So I imagined.

"Some kissing," answered the young man, Jason. He looked at his wife; her flounces of golden red hair caught the light. She nodded.

Jonny and I waited. And? we were thinking. Kissing what? Kissing whom? Normally we had no trouble with these conversations. With fleshing things out; getting right to brass tacks. But neither Jonny nor I said a word.

Hotly I watched the woman's youthful bosom rising and falling. The top button of her V-necked blouse revealed the lush shadow of her cleavage. I watched the dusting of small brown freckles across her chest undulate with her breasts as she breathed. Let me unveil you like a statue, I thought.

The couple did not elaborate.

What would it be like to ease my head between her legs, up inside her skirt and just nestle there, smelling her? Nudge my nose into the silk of her panties and breathe her in?

"What kind of, well, kisses?" Jonny prodded them at last. I couldn't believe his hesitation.

Just the week before, I was on my back and Jonny held me by the ankles, pulled my ass up and spread apart my legs so this guy named George could bury half his hand in my cunt. I dug how his hand, when he got his knuckles in, seemed to widen my hole at the bone. George's wife Lillian was biting my nipples while she fingered her own wet pussy. Grinding music with whining harmonica made us fuck hard. My husband ate Lillian until he had a mustache of her froth; I sucked my husband and George sucked me. I thought this guy was going to suck the clit right off my cunt. We eventually got the anal toys going, everyone had something up his or her ass, something in his or her mouth. We did it all raw and tumbling and unplanned, someone coming here, there, coming again, grabbing at body parts. It was one of those evenings when I'd reached the perfect combination of wine and BBQ before we set out to play. And by the end, our fuck mat was soaked with juice, lube, splooge, saliva.

And here we were today, tongue-tied and blushing -- about kisses!

"On the lips," Jason said softly.

"I meant --" Jonny stumbled.

"I was kissing the woman on the mouth, and Jason was kissing the man on the mouth," said Diona.

We pictured it. I mean, I pictured it. But Jonny was surely doing the same.

I started thinking: Just let me undo your top two buttons, girl, and fold back your blouse so your pretty, pretty breasts can -- I had to stop myself. These were newbies. And they were shy. You had to give newbies, especially the shy ones, lots of room.

I was sure she was wearing a black nylon or lace bra that would hold her breasts round and plump and color them perfect.

Do you shave your pussy? Is it tight? When I go to take your plump pussy lips and fold them back, will I see freckles on their ivory skin?

"Would you like a drink?" I said to them, my mouth suddenly dry.

"No. We have to get going," Jason said.

The tall, lean lady next to him gazed into his eyes, lovingly, graced her "yes" with a smile. Her voice tinkled like small bells. Or how could I know? My heart was pounding so hard -- seeing them rise to leave, thinking they'd go out of our lives, I panicked. This magical couple who had suddenly woken up something in me would take it back and disappear.

"I wonder," I blurted, "Do you think I could see Diona's breasts?"

My god, I was thinking. I had surely lost them. Broken every rule in the book. But my question had forced its way out, rudely, as if my mouth had a brain and my brain had gone away.

Jason and Diona exchanged glances as my husband was muttering, "Oh, now, Lisa, that's OK. It's their first --"

[to be continued...]

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Part 2: Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
Welcome to Part 2 of "Fucking the Wind."

"'I wonder,' I blurted, 'Do you think I could see Diona's breasts?'

My god, I was thinking. I had surely lost them. Broken every rule in the book. But my question had forced its way out, rudely, as if my mouth had a brain and my brain had gone away.

Jason and Diona exchanged glances as my husband was muttering, 'Oh, now, Lisa, that's OK. It's their first --'"

[Now for part 2:]

...and as my husband stuttered, Diona nodded yes.

Jason turned to her and carefully undid her top blouse button. He was just two or three inches taller than she. They were both lean. He undid the second button and the third. He stood just to her right so I could see every bit of this unveiling. Jonny just stopped talking in mid-thought as Jason rolled his wife's fluid black blouse back over her shoulders. Yes! It was a nylon bra that made her breasts tight, made them push against the nylon and the nylon push back. Two lustrous black orbs, confined, their fatted nubs pricked by nylon. Diona looked fondly at Jason's long brown fingers, careful, touching the clasp between her breasts. He seemed indecisive. I held my breath. And when he released the clasp, I felt the wet of cream sinking into the crotch of my bikinis. When he pulled the bra apart and released her breasts they tumbled, round, white, dotted with freckles. The bright pink nipples dipped at me pertly.

Diona stood there so straight and tall, proud like her young breasts, open -- not shrinking, but yet reserved.

"Very sweet," I breathed. She gave me the twinkling of a smile. "Can I touch you?" I asked. I've never felt so awkward, so exposed. I thought for sure she could smell my horn juice running. She would reject me.

"Sure," she said. I placed my four fingers just under her left breast, caught it just under the nipple, pressed up a couple times so it dropped sweetly into my hand. I ran my hand over her nipple, she sighed deeply, and I squeezed her breast firmly. I didn't want to let go, as if it were a long lost cuddle toy bringing back my childhood. I planted the softest kiss on her nipple -- it seemed to press an hour's worth of data on my senses. I let her breast go, a little jingle of whiteness, a flutter of nipple. I became this hot ball of desire.

I was just about to unbutton my blouse and return her the favor, when her husband, Jason, asked, "Did you want to see my penis?"

He looked from Jonny to me. It struck me funny -- as if they thought we were holding inspection and they were chattel. Jonny just looked at me.

"Sure," I said, since my mouth seemed to be the one that was running off.

This time Diona came around in front of Jason's pants, her breasts still bare. I wanted to hold them. She pulled his pale blue shirt out of his pants, unbuckled his belt, undid the button above his fly, unzipped him. When she pushed the tails of his shirt up, he caught them and held them clear of his crotch. She unzipped him, folded his khaki trousers down across his black briefs, let them drop to the floor, lowered his elastic band, carefully lifted out his cock. She kissed the head and then slid his briefs down to his knees. I watched his penis drop, bounce, then edge upward ever so slowly. Diona ran her hand from his balls, nested in sandy-golden hairs, up his long shaft. It thickened as she did so. It bobbed. With his pants at his knees, he looked like a school boy. She stroked his penis like a pet, patted it from root to tip. Then she stepped aside and looked at us. They both did. Like, for our approval.

This is where it's weird because normally, we are not like this. All soft and hesitant and awestruck. We'd be more nonchalant, more touchy and feely, more naked. I couldn't shake the feeling that these so-called newbies were actually orchestrating. Them with this delicate, slow, fairy like behavior. It got really weird for me because I started having this sense that I was under their power. Or had I just been craving something exotic for so long? Something new?

Standing there. Both of them. And so, well, I went up to Jason, then, and took his balls in my hand, just felt the weight of them, and my husband went to Diona and rested his hand on her neck, bent down to kiss her nipples. On her small, pale, freckled breasts with the brush stroke areola rings, her nipples looked decidedly plump and wide. He lifted her breast and kissed one, then other, then back, but so slow motion, I would have thought he was some movie actor in a love scene, not his happy, hungry self.

Jason hissed in as I took hold of his cock. He looked deeply into me. He let his head fall lightly against my cheek. He made me feel I was creating heaven with my bare hands, like a goddess. He kissed my cheek, but he never moved his hands to take hold of me or maneuver. He was only receptive. Diona was doing the same with Jonny. She let her head fall a little back and moaned as he lapped at the tips of her breasts -- that majestic crown of freckles, her bare shoulders, pearl-shiny pink lips, pale neck. I heard Jason shudder. His penis was feverish warm. Something about the way he received -- like he could feel every slight internal shift in my blood -- made me feel all powerful and magical. By habit, I would have oozed my finger into his anus, teased the shy opening until it gave in to me, I would have been nibbling on his nipples at the same time -- instead I drank in the sight of him and the way his bronze cheeks flushed in streaks like feather clouds.

"We should be going," he whispered as he kissed my cheek.

"Why so soon?" I said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," Diona said, "We have to be somewhere at eight."

"Sorry," Jason mumbled at my ear lobe just before giving it a little lap of his tongue. He pressed his cheek against mine, lingered, like an avatar about to ascend to the heavens, and then he backed away. As Jason tucked his cock back into his underwear and bent to pull up his pants, Diona leaned back stretching her breasts, those niblet nipples of hers wet with my husband's saliva, and reclasped her bra around them. And I felt overtaken, as if cut off by some force of nature. My heart sank. I saw Jonny's face. Embarrassing, because I was sure mine looked the same way. Stricken. What had they done, here? Where did they have to go at eight o'clock? Were they going to do the same routine with some other couple, and leave them just as hot and empty? Maybe even get a third couple in before the night was up? And jealousy was so not my style, but there it was. Looming big and green-eyed as all hell.

When they left, it was like someone had popped a balloon. The air started to crumple and fold around us. The electricity went out. Jonny went and got a drink of water. He puttered. Tried to make himself seem unflustered.

"What the hell was that?" I asked him.

"Pretty hot couple, aren't they?" was his response.

"Yes," I said. "But why the routine? Why --"

"They're new at this --"

"I'm not so sure about that."

"They want to take it slow."

"What 'it'? There is no 'it.' They aren't coming back -- you heard them hemming and hawing when you asked for their number."

Jonny shrugged. "You never know," he said.

"Was I too forward?" I asked him, dreading.

"You went with the moment," he answered. "Nothing wrong with that. They didn't seem to mind."

I sighed. And we didn't hear from them again. I emailed them. I had Jonny email them. When it started to sink in that he maybe was as casual about it all as I thought he was pretending to be, it made me mad. "Didn't they have something special?" I wheedled him about a month after that liaison.

"Yes, they did, Lisa." He kissed me on the lips. "Everyone has something special. You have something special. His kiss got deeper and he slid his hand down my pants, my undies, fingers between the folds of my cunt, working through into my hole, and then squeezing me from bone to hole in his fist. "Very special," he said. Pretty soon he'd stripped me, slapped my ass a couple of times to loosen my pussy and bent me over the kitchen table, came in from behind me and fitted my now-wet cunt with one very hard cock, right between the legs. I grabbed the round table's edge tightly, hugged it, and buried my cheek into the wood, and still we knocked the table around quite a bit, fucking. And then all over the kitchen floor. Me lying face down on the marble where the hard chill taunted my nipples, him lying on my back, his penis boring between my legs fucking hard. It felt good -- to be battered by the floor with Jonny fat, firm and filing my hole.

We arranged a little back yard thing for a couple weeks later with two of our favorite swinging couples. We six usually got naked at some point and played, and the sex was sometimes incredible. And I had that to look forward to. So I almost forgot about the two magical fairy lovers, until...

[to be continued...]

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Part 3: Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
Welcome to Part 3 of "Fucking the Wind."

"We arranged a little back yard thing for a couple weeks later with two of our favorite swinging couples. We six usually got naked at some point and played, and the sex was sometimes incredible. And I had that to look forward to. So I almost forgot about the two magical fairy lovers, until..."

Now for part 3:
Laura and Dave showed up, and Laura started telling us about this "angelic" pair they'd met through Adult FriendFinder. I knew instantly it was Jason and Diona. How, in all the world, did I know it was them? I don't know. But I knew it even before Laura went on about the girl's pale strawberry hair.

Bastards, I was thinking -- not sure if I meant Laura and Dave or Jason and Diona -- both I suppose. But I didn't say anything. Didn't want to stop Laura's story because I wanted to hear every pubic hair of it. But Laura moved on to another topic almost instantly.

"So what happened with the angelic couple?" I dragged the subject back. Jonny looked at me -- was it sadly?

"Them? Oh, I don't know," Laura said, offhandedly. "You know. They were green. Who knows? Maybe they decided swinging wasn't for them."

I weaseled the time frame out of Laura. I surprised myself by being a little bothered that the couple had visited Laura and Dave AFTER they'd been with me and Jonny.

"So what did you do?" I asked.

At this point, Laura gave me a look, like where's this leading.

"I mean, did you guys try anything with them?" I pressed.

"Nah, we just talked," Laura said.

"I would have fucked her," Dave piped in.

"I would have fucked him and her both," Laura said. "But, I don't know. They didn't seem --" she trailed off.

"Seem what?" I felt hot, exposed, pushing this issue with Laura.

"I don't know... they didn't seem like they could handle it."

Like hell they couldn't, I almost blurted. (What was that about?) Luckily I was saved from further embarrassing myself by the arrival of Chuck and Cindi.

"Hey, just in time for the chicken breasts," Jonny called to them.

"Taste of things to come, huh?" Chuck said.

Chuck is a wiry man with an extremely wide and long cock. He's not much to look at, but he's great for getting rammed from behind, makes me feel stuffed like a turkey, makes the walls of my vagina shake. I fixed drinks for him and Cindi, who's kind of chubby, but so soft and fun to play with. After eating, and catching up, one by one people were stripping and heading for our heated swimming pool. I made sure we'd all fired up a nice glow of liquor. Jonny took care of the cooking stuff, I did a little clean-up, and then we stripped and joined the others.

The sun was starting to wane and sunset shot spears of reflected light across the water top. Cindi's large, beautiful breasts were in their glory, like great floating melons, bobbing, rolling. She knew it. She swayed back and forth; they knocked together and bounced. I went over and began to suck, pulled as much of one breast as I could into my mouth and sucked with my eyes closed like I was two. "Mmmmnnn," Cindi moaned. While I sucked, I squeezed her breast with two hands, like I was milking her, kneading the milk up through her fatty tissue to the nipple. I love Cindi's breasts. Suddenly I felt a cock at my ass, bumping. I didn't know who it was, and I didn't turn to see. I kind of liked the mystery. The cock hit both my thighs, trying to aim I supposed, then floated between my thighs, into my butt crack. I felt water rush in as the man behind me opened my cheeks. My own breasts were floating, I had a great buzz on, and then Cindi grabbed my tit and pinched the nipple all up and around and I feared I was leaking my lust into the pool. With my eyes still closed I imagined that everyone could see the cloudy cream streaking through the water from my pussy to give me away.

I heard a couple of people getting out of the pool, but I was too glowing -- the man behind me was now holding my belly and making a pressure sandwich for his dick. I liked feeling his hands there. My lower belly, under the navel, right above the top of my runway of black pubic hair is just so sensitive. And he pulled me into him in a rhythm.

Someone's finger was squirming into my pussy, between the lips. Again the feeling of water rushing in, warm tingly water. The man behind, reaching around my thigh with one hand, still holding my belly with the other. Cindi was pinching both my nipples now, and I had both her breasts mashed together and I was doing the double nipple tongue, lapping both nipples at once because I had them pressed together like Siamese twins. Cindi was the type to do little pants, hah-hah-hah-hah, like a little lap dog. And she did this when I had both her nipples under my command.

It was her finger working its way up my hole. Oooh, and the warm water there was delicious. Her hand pushed my pussy flaps aside and as they opened, they sucked in water, a warm, smooth, squirmy feel.

"Let me enter your incredible tight ass," came a whisper in my ear. It tickled, the whisper, and I giggled. With Cindi playing both my nipples and cunt, I wanted to try it, but it was Chuck and his cock was so huge, I hesitated. "I don't think I could fit all of that in my tight ass," I said to him.

"What?" I heard Laura say from nearby poolside.

"Chuck's cock," I said. "I don't think I could take it in my ass, but I'm feeling so hot right now, I'm almost willing to make a go at it.

"I'll do it," Laura said.


"I've been having cream dreams about your cock up my ass," she said to Chuck.

"Oh, I promise you a tight fit," Cindi said to her. When she said it, it dawned on me that Cindi got to fuck that big cock all the time.

Laura had kind of broken our threesome.

"So get your round bubble butt in here," Chuck said.

Laura was a creamy brown woman who worked out and had naturally muscular hips and thighs. Her breasts were meaty and surrounded in a base of firm muscle. But her ass...well it was not only muscular it was very round, exaggerated. It was handfuls and it was luxurious, and I loved the thought of Chuck opening it up with his equally meaty dick and disappearing inside it.

"No, not in the pool," Laura said.

"No, not in the pool," I doubled. "I want to see this."

Cindi and I had stopped playing with each other.

"Yeah, Chuck, go on up there and do her," Cindi said.

"I need to get warmed up first," Laura said.

Laura stood above us, poolside, and I looked up at her, naked, from smooth brown, muscular legs to her perfect clay breasts. I loved Laura's black, black bush. It made her pussy seem so strong and devouring, especially the way it graced her plump lips and towered above my face just now. I gazed upward into it and it reigned over me like a queen.

"How about a group spanking?" Jonny called over. "To warm your ass up for Chuck's big one?"

"Hey, what an idea," Chuck said.

Laura looked at each of us and then said, "Sure, why not. But no meanies."

"Who us?" said Dave.

"Especially you," Laura snapped.

"What did I do?" Dave acted all innocent.

"No. No meanies," Jonny assured Laura.

Me Cindi and Chuck got out of the pool to join Jonny and Dave who were seated backwards at the picnic table, drinks in hand.

"OK, you guys loosen me up for about 10 minutes -- somebody get the lube -- and then Chuck can give it the heave ho and dig in."

"That sounds delicate," Chuck said sarcastically.

I went for the lube, and when I came back, Laura was kneeling on two cushions on the bench of the picnic table and she was doubled over, her breasts flattened out on the table.

Everyone was counting off as Jonny slapped the sweet fat cadge at the lower end of her rump. "Five!" He hit the right butt cheek, just in the lower corner, with the tips of this fingers, not the flat of his palm -- more of a stinger than a thumper. "Six!"

Laura was holding tight to the far edge of the table going "Ahhh!" And "Ughhh!"

"Cindi, you're next," Jonny said and he came over to me, squeezed my tit and put his arm around me. "You're after Cindi," he whispered into my ear combing back my hair.

It was awesome to feel Jonny's warm body holding me as I watched Laura's beautiful spread, from ass to up-turned cunt. With each spank, both her ass and her pussy clenched; then her whole spread quaked.

[To be continued...]

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Part 4: Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
Welcome to Part 4 of "Fucking the Wind."

"It was awesome to feel Jonny's warm body holding me as I watched Laura's beautiful spread, from ass to up-turned cunt. With each spank, both her ass and her pussy clenched; then her whole spread quaked."

Now for part 4:
"Eight!" Cindi called out as she spanked. She was more of a flat palm spanker than Jonny had been. "Nine!"

As Laura's cheeks clenched, they dimpled all around her flanks. But sometimes Laura took the spanks all loosely -- it was a good way to get herself in shape, loose and open for an anal penetration. But it was an art. And when she pulled it off, her ass cheeks shuddered loosely and her pussy squirmed freely from the momentum, and I could see it was a little wet, the wet clung to her jet black hairs. Muscular, ample, lush, and shining, her cunt and ass were a sight to see. God she made me horny. I almost grabbed Jonny's dick right there and shoved him inside me.

"Your turn, Lisa!" Chuck called to me. Jonny released me and patted me on the ass to wish me luck. As I approached Laura's beautiful bum I could feel between my own legs the wetness; I felt self-conscious as I walked and the air hit the wet spots with a chill. Spanking her was a powerful feeling. Her flanks gave into the pressure of my hands, and made me feel surrounded in a cushion of energy. Her ass was hotter and slicker than I had imagined from farther away, and this close-up I could see that her pussy was basically foaming at its mouth. I couldn't resist, I ran my hand up her slit and slaked off some of her cunt juice. But then when I slapped her ass it made a hissing sound and she yelped.

"Sorry," I said. Her cunt juice had made the stroke sting all the more.

"Don't worry about it," she said in a guttural grunt, "Just slap that ass," and I knew she was in the heat of endorphins. Her ass was getting pretty hot, but Chuck wanted a crack at it before he opened it up for entry. He did these little patting things all around her twin mounds, then pulled her ass cheeks apart and did some more patting. He kneaded her cheeks one up, the other down, then vice versa, he scooped off some pussy juice and dragged it up to her asshole, pushing and kneading her cheeks like a masseur. Then he got her to widen her legs, patting her inner thighs like an obedient horse. He eased the fingers of one hand up inside her ass cheeks as, one-handedly, he pulled one cheek apart at a time, slapping her there, just above her cunt and below her anus a couple of solid cracks.

"Nnngg, baby," she moaned.

"Ready for this?" Chuck asked finally. He held his fat meat in his fist.

"Fuck me baby," Laura was saying. "Fuck it good."

I handed Chuck the lube. His cock was already just about at its battering ram peak. He had spilled precum off his fat nipple. Patting Laura's ass with one hand, he lathered her crack with the other; He put on a condom, which brought him down only the tiniest bit. But when he started piling the lube on his dick, it fattened up and distended to its glorious max. Everything crackled, from the tip of his sheathed dick to Laura's gorgeous hole.

"Someone want to spread her for me?" Chuck asked, bouncing his dick against Laura's crack with his hands. I think Chuck meant me, but I wanted badly just to watch.

"Sure," Dave piped in, "I will."

Dave pulled Laura's cheeks apart, stretching the bottom edge of her cunt hole, smoothing out her perineum. Amid all the mucus and lube I could see her anus gape just a little. Laura was very loose, even her cunt lips hung loose. Either she was just a real anal pro or she was three sheets to the wind -- or maybe a combination of both. Still Chuck's rammer looked like more than a hole full. I watched his nipple skating around her anus, mesmerized. I watched him spiral like he was trying to send a whirlpool down a drain. Round and round until I realized that part of his fat head was invisible and she was taking him.

She moaned and grunted a little, but it sounded heavenly. And in between grunts, she was talking dirty -- or so it sounded -- that staccato, bitten off sound, like "fuck that shit, fuck it hard," and what all.

It was all I could do to keep from touching myself, and then I said, "why not," and I began to put my finger up my cunt hole, finger my clit, rub my nipples and squirm. I couldn't wait to see her ass open up and take Chuck's entire huge thing inside it.

When horror of horrors, the doorbell rang. I could hear it from inside the house, since the sliding glass doors were open.

"Don't answer it," I said to Jonny. At nine o'clock on a Saturday night, no one should be coming to my house unannounced.

Jonny just stared in at the house as if he were seeing ghosts.

And everything went silent. I think we all worried about being discovered stark naked and horny, as if whoever was at the door would come around the back of the house like neighbors on an old TV show going "yoo-hoo, anybody home?"

[To be continued...]

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Part 5: Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
Welcome to Part 5 of "Fucking the Wind." If you missed Parts 1 - 4, you'll find them in our archives. But to get you started on Part 5, here's where we left off last time:

"Jonny just stared in at the house as if he were seeing ghosts.

And everything went silent. I think we all worried about being discovered stark naked and horny, as if whoever was at the door would come around the back of the house like neighbors on an old TV show going 'yoo-hoo, anybody home?'"


[And now for Part 5:]

"Do you think?" I heard Cindi say to Dave.

Then she turned to me. "Oh, shit, Lisa! I'm sorry," Cindi said. "I forgot to mention that I invited this other couple along. I mean I didn't think they'd show up, so I let it slip my mind. But when I told them we were coming here tonight they acted all interested, so, well, it was just kind of a spur of the moment -- Sorry I forgot to tell you Lisa."

I had to regroup. A stranger couple in what was supposed to be a cozy "family" affair.

"Are they cool?" I asked Cindi, stalling for time.

"Look, you can just not answer the door if you want. It's totally my fault."

"But they're all the way here," I said. "Just tell me if they're cool."

"Oh, my god, you guys will love them. They're --"

"Fuck," Laura said from flat on the table with half of Chuck's nipple in her ass, "this isn't exactly the best time to make introductions!"

It was true. My pussy was all sticky and so were my hands. Laura was bent over and her ass, like Chuck's dick, was smeared in lube. Who was even going to go to the door?

"I'm so sorry," Cindi said. "Look, I'll just go out there and tell them -- what should I tell them?"

"Tell them it's bad timing," I said. "Tell them to drive around the block and come back in a few."

"Nah," Jonny spoke up. "I'll go let them in and entertain them in the front room for a while. He padded over to where his bath robe lay, and when he bent down to pick it up, I was right there. I reached between his legs and stroked his balls, and when he straightened up, I was around in front of him with my hand stroking his cock and I kissed him and let the wet of my cunt rub off on his thigh. "Thanks, Jonny," I said. "We'll have to pay you back for this."

"Hell, yeah, you'll pay me back," he called over to the rest of them. And he disappeared through the sliding doors.

"Gee, Cindi, what were you thinking?" I said to her, just shaking my head, but not really angry. Usually it's the more the merrier -- even intimate evenings there's room for adventure. But the timing just had me all frustrated.

"I'm so sorry Lisa, but I thought when you guys got a look at this couple, and they're so inexperienced and willing and man, it just slipped my mind."

"Inexperienced?" I said. For some reason my mind had darted back -- for the first time since, well last time -- to the beautiful red-haired goddess and her fairy prince husband. I started to think I was obsessed.

"Agh!" Just then the entire fat mushroom of Chuck's cock sunk inside Laura's anus, her hole looked so wide with his huge cock spreading it. Ribs of lube ringed the insertion point.

"Oh god, fuck me," Laura groaned throatily." And I watched Chuck's rod sink deeper into that ring. Laura panted a little and groaned along with it, a kind of "ah, ah, ah, ah," huffing. I squatted down between Chuck's legs so I could also see Laura's cunt. A few tiny islands of gray-pink gray pink from her pussy pushed up through the lather. Chuck was moving into her very slowly. And back out more slowly, and then like molasses pouring back into her, and I had an urge. I reached up between his legs to where his balls knocked against her pussy and I entered her vagina with my thumb.

"Ughn!" she groaned. I slid my two fingers under his balls and they found their way to her clit shaft. As Chuck opened her ass again and again, I worked her shivering pussy, thumb to inner sponge and fingers to clit. A lather made of ass lube and Laura's pussy juice foamed across my hand and started down my forearm. Laura began grunting. Then it was squealing and panting all at once, and I was so turned on by this hot, open bitch, by this dick towering above my head making big plow through her ass hole, his bloated testicles slapping my fingers and everything so on fire, that I knew if I could just reach my clit for about 20 seconds, I'd come like a porn queen all over my hand.

I barely heard the sliding glass doors open. I heard, but tuned it out. Except that I suddenly felt watched. As if a cool breeze had just swept over all the juices between me, Chuck, and Laura.

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, Chuck fuck me, fuck, I'm going to come, I'm so fucked…" and then came Laura's greatest groans ever, and she was banging against the table edge with her hands and I could feel her cunt tighten around my thumb, beat, beat, beat, and she gave off a scent of expelled juices and I ducked down to see her cunt tighten and let go and squeeze and let go in the flickering light of lanterns and citronellas. When Chuck slowly pulled out of her, she was literally dripping with ooze. I watched her hole ease closed somewhat, but still a little agape. I heard Chuck say "Oh my god," as he pulled out of her. He grabbed his dick, stroking wildly, and spun his fingers on a brief tour around the nipple of his cock and in no time his legs tightened his cock pulsed and his cum spurted and jammed inside the condom tip. Dave and I both watched the juices dripping off Laura's cunt because she rested in her fucked position awhile, a splayed and beautiful sight, her crotch a meringue pie of sweat, cunt, froth, and ass. She made me so hungry I wanted to mount her and rub my clit in her slick, swollen pussy.

But then I felt those eyes again, from behind me, the sense of being watched. And I remembered Jonny had been going out to greet some new guests and I whirled around...

[To be continued...]

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Part 6: Fucking the Wind by Debbie Tureski
Welcome to Part 6 of "Fucking the Wind." If you missed Parts 1 - 5, you'll find them in our archives. But to get you started on Part 6, here's where we left off last time:

"She made me so hungry I wanted to mount her and rub my clit in her slick, swollen pussy.

But then I felt those eyes again, from behind me, the sense of being watched. And I remembered Jonny had been going out to greet some new guests and I whirled around..."

[And now for part 6:]


to see Jason and Diona. And my whole body tingled.

Dave, who had been toweling his wife's ass, followed my gaze. "You aren’t going to believe this," he said in a low whisper to his wife. It was only then that I realized poor Dave had had a raging hard-on through the whole butt-fucking. And why not? It was his lovely wife taking that mighty redwood up her ass. He probably wanted to beat off right then and there, and had this ethereal couple not arrived, I'm sure I'd have bent over and let him fuck me doggy style until we both unloaded.

But suddenly I was feeling a different kind of arousal. Like I was about to open up a really exciting gift. But more electric, as if this newly arriving couple were electrifying my body with their mere gaze.

"I believe we all know Jason and Diona," Jonny said.

"We do?" Cindi said in surprise.

"Oh, shit!" came from Laura. She closed her legs and crawled around and slid down to sit on the picnic bench. "Oops," she said right away and stood up. She was most likely feeling a little stretched. "Hi kids," she said offhandedly to Jason and Diona. Chuck had dived in the pool and Laura now followed him in.

The couple smiled sheepishly.

"Nice to see you again," I said.

Diona smiled a pale soft smile and looked me up and down, her eyes kind of misty. I swear I could feel a tingle in my nipples when she looked at my breasts, and I could feel a tingle in my clitoris when she glanced at my cunt. What was it about these two? Maybe it was just that they were pretty people. Maybe without my knowing it, I had stereotyped my fellow swingers as down-to-earth, next-door types, and this couple as something apart. Then I shrugged off the idea -- I was infatuated is all. I had gotten so used to comfortable, easy sex that I forgot what it was like to be high-school-style infatuated.

"Can we get you something to drink?" Cindi offered.

A hush had come over our party and everyone had become suddenly solicitous of the new guests.

"Glad you could make it," Dave said, still at half mast.

The couple thanked Cindi and Jonny for drinks, and they drank thirstily. I took it for nerves. They wanted to take off the edge of being in this new environment.

"Should we take our clothes off?" Jason said. They were the only two people with anything on.

"Whatever feels comfortable," Cindi said.

"Right," I seconded. But I wanted desperately to see them naked.

Do you want to get naked?" Chuck called from the pool.

"I don't mind," Jason said. He looked at his wife. Diona shrugged. "Sure," she said.

"Why don't you let us strip you?" Chuck asked. He flopped out of the pool, dripping, padded over to the towels and came over to the rest of us toweling himself off.

"That would be fun," Diona said, her voice all melodic.

"Who's up?" Jason said, holding his arms out.

"I'll strip you, boy," Laura called from the pool.

She too came out and toweled off, but by the time she'd gotten to Jason, Cindi was already on him. Not to worry, we double teamed them. I joined Chuck on the girl.

He had her blouse open as I reached inside her belly jeans. Before I undid the button, I smoothed my fingers along her downy belly. I unzipped her and folded the waist band down her thighs. Her underwear was pale, opaque. Before pulling down her panties, I slid my hand between her thighs and rested it on her crotch. I didn't want to push her -- I worked slowly, feeling out her pace. But she didn't seem at all hesitant. I held her warm cunt inside the undies. I patted the underside. She did not flinch like I thought a newbie might. So I worked her pants over her thighs -- her skin was smooth and tight to the bone. Pulled them down to her knees, and then, squatting there, I was looking at her crotch, taking in wafts of it, its heat against my face. I traced the band of her undies, across her belly, around the tops of her thighs, and then, slowly, I started to lower them.

"Very nice," Chuck breathed. I looked up to see that Chuck had her topless. "Beautiful breasts," he said. I watched her take his hand and place it on one of her breasts, and then I got down to revealing her pussy. When I had stripped her sheer panties away, the pussy I had exposed was incredibly beautiful, pale, dotted with freckles where she was shaved, and fleecy blond where she wasn't, and so like a little girl's, though the woman had to be close to thirty. Virginal, like you read about in fairy tales. It made me wonder if even her husband had ever fucked her. Her thighs were thin, leaving a gap between them at the apex -- where mine and Cindi's and Laura's thighs met in a kiss of flesh -- and her delicate pussy seemed kind of stranded in all that space, hanging. She was being so docile that I took advantage and I pulled on her cunt hairs until her lips parted. She was velvet inside, crisply clean and only a little moist, perhaps from tension, but then I glimpsed a small pearl right under her clit. I could not imagine her letting some piercing artist spread her pussy open in a piercing clinic! (Why did that surprise me?)

When I slid her panties down to meet her jeans at her ankles, she stepped cleanly out of both pairs (I watched her pussy shift, the lips slide up and down as she stepped each leg up). Oh, to watch her spread those thin legs in a wide, wide V and some penis (oh, maybe Chuck's fat penis) glide into her velvet box. Sigh. When I came away from her naked body, it occurred to me that I had felt almost drunk, tucked there at her crotch, and coming away from her was like growing suddenly sober.

I stood and saw that Jason, too, was naked. He had the shapely thighs of a runner or swimmer and a firm tight ass; the shading around his nipples was wide like big paint splotches. He was chiseled, but not bulky and his dark hair was just long enough to look a little tousled. His penis wasn't totally flaccid and I wondered if Cindi or Laura had done something to make him rise.

There was an aura around them. I know that I sound a little like a dreamer, here, but in retrospect, I can afford to be a bit dramatic. Because of what went on to happen that night.

Somehow, after we'd stripped them, we were at a loss what to with them. Us at a loss? It was incredible, but true. We were all drinking and getting on fine buzzes. But no one was making any moves. We seemed to feel self-conscious and it didn't help that the couple was not talking much. But they were gracious and always seemed interested and delighted when spoken to. I was still horny since I'd never come off, back when the sight of Laura getting butt-fucked had me just about crazy with lust. In fact, I was sure Dave was still horny and surely Jonny wanted it - wanted to take this couple -- Jonny's wired such that he would take the boy on one end and the girl on the other if they let him. But nothing was happening. Nothing progressed. As the night wore on, the effect of this couple was to have us all hornier and hornier while at the same time more and more paralyzed.

We were getting kind of plastered, too. Which means you want to come off more than you can.

Finally the couple rose together and looked as if they might be leaving, and I felt panicked.

"So your'e off?" Jonny said to them.

I actually ached to think of their leaving.

[To be continued...]

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