Veefer 800
Canuck's Sportbike
Things that make Ya go HMMMMM.....
Once upon a time, this used to be a CBR1100XX. Now it's an
Check out the eyeballs...and they even painted the windscreen!!!
O.K. now, all together.....
If Ya just gotta have an alien killer bike, then I suppose you should have an alien-fiber exhaust canister to go on it as well!

Beam me up, Scotty!!!
What do you suppose would happen if you showed up at the Americade rally with this puppy?

With a rear wing no less!!!
Maybe this isn't so much Hmmmmm? as it is "What the....?"
A CBX Streetfighter with an USD frontend, 6 into 1 Micron pipe,
a Ducati tailsection, single-sided swingarm and a Spondon frame.     WOW!
Just once, I would like
to hear this thing fired up!
Now, I can tell that this is some sort of futuristic concept
Honda, that much is obvious, but does anyone out there have any real solid information on this outrageous Buck Rogers bike?
Like, where can I snag a demo ride???  :-)
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