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My '99 VFR 800
UPDATE: March, '01

Over the past few weeks, in anticipation of the beginning of riding season, I have been keeping
busy working on the 800. I wanted to do a few cosmetic mods to set it apart from all the other
plain red 800s out there. To that end, I had the front fender painted metallic black, and then
painted the side mounted radiators black. The rear wheel was replaced with a 90-93 vfr rear
wheel which has a much nicer 8-spoke pattern. The wheels were also powdercoated Silver.
The front wheel bearings and seals were replaced just because. At around 30 bucks for the
whole shot, I figured it was cheap insurance. The evil enemy rust was creeping in on
my exhaust heat shield, so I had it nickel plated in a satin finish to add some sparkle.
Helibars were installed to add to the already stellar comfort of the vfr.
A Sargent seat and an MCcruise electronic cruise control unit have
also found their way onto the "GL800RR".
And after the wheel treatment.
Big improvement, no?
Left side of my 1999 Honda
VFR 800 Before the recent mods.
And after. Also note the nickel
plated heat shield and black rads.
Right side before wheel treatment.
Front fender detail. I think the fender
and the rads tie together the seat and
bra into one continuous swath of
black, thereby breaking up the vast
expanse of the red fairing lowers.
Closeup of wheel/pipe. I think the
8-spoke looks much more elegant
than the original 5-spoke design.
And the silver is to die for.
Here is a shot with the new ZG
windscreen and Ventura sport rack.
Same day, just after a bath.
Won't stay clean for long!
To your left are a couple of shots
that show the bigger oil cooler
I installed. It has helped to reduce operating temps to a certain degree.
For the full story,
click here
This one is a pretty good
illustration of my custom tag and
the "fenderectomy" I performed.
Hacking off that enormous rear
fender did wonders to clean up
the lines of the bike.
Total cost-Zero!
Here is a list of all the mods I have done to the bike so far:
-Lockhart Phillips tank Brassiere.
-Dual Fiamm horns. (LOUD)
-16 tooth countershaft sprocket.
-Shortened chain to match.
-Drilled ankleguards.
-'86 VFR front footpegs.
-2000 VFR mirrors.
-Painted radiators black.
-Ventura Rack system.
-Sargent World Sport seat.
-Ratrace Cycle stainless bar ends.
-Smoked Zero Gravity
  Double Bubble Windscreen.
-55/60 watt H-4 headlamps.
-Micron hi-mount oval
  carbon exhaust system.
-MCcruise electronic cruise control.
-Bobbed rear fender.
-Relocated license plate light.
-Removed all reflectors.
-'90-93 spec 8-spoke rear wheel.
-Powdercoated rims silver.
-Metallic black front fender.
-I4C digital LCD voltmeter.
-Larger '86 VFR oil cooler.
-Shimmed rear shock 5mm
to quicken steering.
-Removed airbox snorkel.
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