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Here you will see some photos of my 1986 HONDA VFR 750  which were taken on a cold November day in 1998.
I bought this bike new in 1986 after having owned the original 1983 INTERCEPTOR. The '86 model was superior to the '83 in that it was lighter, better handling and did not suffer any of the camshaft ills that plagued the early VF models. Not to mention way better looking :)
Here you see the front end modifications that I did to the VFR.
I replaced the entire front end with rolling stock from a '92 CBR 600 F2. The benefits being thicker fork stanchions, better brakes and wider 17" wheel suitable for mounting modern radial tires.
Another shot from the rear quarter showing off the F2 rear wheel and disc. The effect of the wider wheels and tires was far more impressive visually than the skinny stock items. Ground clearance, traction and stability were also improved.
Another shot from the front quarter. This one shows the braided stainless brake lines. Note the height of the handlebars. They are stock '88 Hawk 650GT bars which are about 3/4" taller than original. I wanted the bike to be endowed with both good handling AND all-day comfort.
Best of all, it looks "factory".
I didn't want it to appear to have been cobbled together out of mismatched parts.
This one shows off the exhaust system which are dual Yoshimura slip-ons.
I had them modified by adding a crossover pipe just ahead of the rear shock. This mimicked the stock system and boosted torque between 3000 and 5000 RPM, just where you need it for everyday street riding. The following summer, I had the pipes nickel plated and the canisters polished. Also visible is the centerstand, which did not come with the bike, but was an "option". (only if you knew about it and ordered it separately. Not too many people did.)
One more side shot. Looks alright for a 12 year old bike. Lots of people would stop and ask if it was brand new.
That's the benefit of always storing it indoors all of the time.
Now you can really see the CBR front fender and wider Michelin radial tire. I later replaced those huge signal lites with some flush mounts.
A shot of the 750 before the mods.
Note the skinny 16 and 18" wheels!
Veefer 750
Comin' at ya!
Look out Cagers!
Here's a shot of the cockpit showing the F2 triple tree, the  Hawk GT bars and also the custom machined fork tube extentions that took the place of the stock fork caps. You can see that they also retain the preload adjusters.
For the gearheads among us, here is a summary of all the modifications done to my '86 VFR.
-Yoshimura dual slipons with custom 1.5" crossover tube.
-Factory optional centrestand.
-Barnett extra-plate clutch with heavy duty springs.
-55/100 Watt headlamp bulb
-Flushmount front turnsignals and short stalk rear turnsignals.
-Michelin 90X radials 120/60-17 front
                                160/60-17 rear
-1992 Honda CBR 600 F2 front suspension, wheel, brakes, triple clamps and fender.
-1992 Honda CBR 600 F2 rear wheel, brake disc, rear sprocket and cush drive assembly.
-1988 Honda Hawk 650GT handlebars and endweights.
-Braided stainless steel brake lines front and rear as well as clutch line.
-De-snorkeled airbox with K&N filter.
-Lengthened rear shock.
Bad news: 18 months after selling the '86 viffer, which was my
pride and joy for 14 years, she was wrecked by her third owner.
He lent the bike to a so-called buddy, who wrote the bike
off and narrowly escaped death. He had been drinking.
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