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Wendy's VTR 250 Page
This page is for my beautiful wife, Wendy, who besides being my best friend, is also my riding buddy.
She currently rides a mint
1990 VTR 250 Interceptor.
We bought it in the spring of 2000.
It had only 4,000km on it!
Here she is, astride my '86 750.
These 250s are really a sweet little bike. The chassis is very capable, the brakes are strong and the motor is willing, as long as you keep the revs up. It's a very good beginner bike in that it's light, narrow and very forgiving but it also offers a fairly high performance limit when pressed.

To help Wendy feel more secure, we added a shortened Sargent seat, a CBR900 adjustable front brake lever, and for a little extra oomph, the bike is now sporting an F-1 pipe.
It sounds bigger than it is.
1990 Honda VTR 250 Interceptor
showing the aftermarket exhaust,
new seat and rubber.
Stock seat before modifications.
Sargent modified seat with Griptex
Also removed stock grab strap.
Good side view showing the lowered rider's perch.
Here's my sweetie all geared up and ready to wrinkle some asphalt!
Kinda hard to tell, but she's got
her race face on under there!
Kennedy gets a ride.
"Faster Mom, Faster!"
Here's a shot of the current 2001
VTR 250, sold only across the pond.
It looks kinda like a Ducati Monster
that got left in the dryer too long.
I think it's cool.
Too bad there isn't an optional fairing available, like the 1000.
Speaking of fairings, have a look at this! This bike rocks! It's a concept VTR 250 with a single-sided swingarm, just like the bigger 'ceptors. Check out the high-mount exhaust. If Honda were
to ever produce these, I'd definetly
have to get one for Wendy!
The only problem is, she'd have to
pry me off of it to get a ride!
Current state of Wendy's 250
includes the following:

-CBR900RR Adjustable
Front Brake Lever
-Sargent Custom seat
-F-1 Aluminum Muffler
-55/100W Headlamp
-Bridgestone BT45 tires
-110/70-17 Front
-130/70-17 Rear
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