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Hello and Welcome to Rob McKinnon's little place on the Web!

  This is my first  attempt at venturing out into the vast E-world out there.
This site will feature pictures and information about the Honda VFR family of bikes, of which I have owned three (at last count). Also, a smattering of VTR 250 stuff, seeing how I have recently bought one for my wife, who has learned to ride just last summer. I will be updating this as time permits, so check back for new stuff as it happens!

  My first streetbike was the original INTERCEPTOR, a 1983 VF750. I bought one used in '84 and proceeded to ride the wheels off it, putting on over 20,000 km in 2 summers. Also discovered my allergy to pavement and the value of a good set of leathers.

  In early '86, I saw the new and refined VFR 750 which I thought was far more beautiful than any other bike on the market. I had to have one. Oh yeah, and full leathers too! Traded in the '83 and never looked back. I kept the VFR for 14 years and during that time, proceeded to spend way too much money on it. I installed Yosh slipons with a custom-built crossover pipe, and grafted on '92 CBR 600F2 front suspension, brakes and wheels. I loved the look as it was kind of a sleeper with all Honda parts, but way beefier with the bigger forks and wider wheels and tires.

   Then history repeated itself. I had been waiting for Honda to reinvent the VFR and they did, but not to my satisfaction. The '90 and '94 models were great bikes but (in my humble opinion) did not represent the kind of advancement over the original that I had hoped for.

  Flash to 1998 and there it was, a red beauty that just screamed out looks, power, refinement, handling and all in a user friendly package that is typical Honda -slick and reliable.

  A week after scoping out a lightly used '98 at a nearby dealer, a riding buddy of mine told me about a '99 for sale right here in town. Price was right and it also came with lots of extras. Poor guy was buying a house - just my luck! Anyhow, to make a short story long- I bought it (and yet another new set of leathers) and have put on over 4000 km this summer. I do miss my '86 as I put a lot of myself into it, but I'm slowly and steadily making this one just as special.

  Six months after getting the new veefer, I located a cherry '90 Honda VTR 250 Interceptor for my wife.  I brought it home, got her a custom-shortened Sargent seat, enrolled her in the "gearing up" course and now we ride together whenever possible.
My '99 VFR 800 Interceptor
Vfr owners....please feel free to drop me a line anytime.
Pictures and VFR related information welcomed!
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The '86 VFR on a cold November day in 1998. Note the CBR600 wheels, forks, brakes and front fender.
Totally mint and original. Sweet!
Can you believe this bike is
10 years old? It only had
4000 km on it!
Remember kids-always wear a helmet!
Here's a little cartoon I snagged from somewhere. Very funny, but also very accurate!
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