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Hashing in Microdemos

Hash and webpage by V.D.Viking

My schooldays in Kalmar has finally finished, and I'm moving ON-ON back to beautiful Stockholm. So the Key-Hole Hash will be laid to rest, at least untill some other Hasher lost in Microdemos deems it worth the effort to take over the rudder.

If you believe that you are that person, contact me, V.D.Viking (by my mother called Bjørn Pedersen) at
+46 738 348 828 (mobile), +46 8 580 341 34 (home) or send me an electrical letter at vdviking(a)msn.com, and I will gladly hand over the home-page and Hash to you.

The K2H4 welcomes all visitors, and if there isn't a run planned while you're here, just give us one weeks notice and we'll organize a run e-special for you my friend!

It was a hard desicion to make, but from now on the K2H4 will be an event Hash only. This means no regular runs, but only a few runs each year, but those will be on a much larger scale. The main reason for this is the total lack of interest from the local yokels. Visitors are off course still velcome, and we'll organize something for any and all that are daring enough to try to Hash in Microdemos.

If you're not in the vicinity of Kalmar, or even Sweden, and still want to Hash check out Floater's excellent list of Swedish and European Hashes at the Stockholm H3 webpage.

And for all your International Hashing needs please try out Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog.

More Hasing down south is available with the Gothenburg H3. Check out their web-page. Good luck to the Harriers and Harriettes in Gothenburg.
Another not so recent addition to Sweden's Hash community is Gothenburg Gruesome. After a long dry spell they now have two Hashes in GBG.

And if that's not enough for you there's is yet another Hash in Skåne, more exactly in Blentarp.
Where the fuck is Blentarp?, you might ask. Only the locals seem to know. But former Swedish's strongman Ricky Brusch is said to live there.

Quite a bit further North, in Ludvika (or LA as the locals like to call it) there's another one of Sweden's many Hashes. But these whimps only run in the summer!

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