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Who are we?

The Valley Winds Band is an amateur wind ensemble consisting of over 30 members. We gather once weekly at the Jerusalem music center below the old city walls, at the end of Ben Hinom Valley - hence our name. In the following pages you can read some more about us. If you have some musical experience with a wind instrument you are invited to join us !

Our Mission

The mission of the Valley Winds Band is to foster and promote the concept of wind ensemble music by:

presenting concerts in a variety of settings (concert halls, schools, old-age homes);
forming an adult extension for the graduates of the municipal youth bands
absorbing amateur musicians from among overseas students and new immigrants

Our goals are to enrich the musical environment of the community, provide opportunities for individual musical expression and growth among the membership, to assist in music education and to reaffirm and/or establish the place of wind ensembles in Israeli music.

The Valley Winds Band serves fans of wind ensemble music from all ethnic groups and ages. Our audiences come from the Jerusalem area primarily, but we may also perform outside the city.

What is a Wind Symphony?

A Wind Symphony is a large ensemble of wind, brass and percussion instruments. The terms Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band originated in American secondary schools and colleges. These terms described the disciplined student ensembles whose repertoire of serious wind literature demanded a more refined, symphonic performance, as distinguished from the typical school wind bands (pep-rallies, half-time shows, marching bands).

The Wind Symphony is different from a Symphony Orchestra primarily in its absence of string section, its larger wind, brass and percussion sections, and of course, in its repertoire.

With a legacy in the military band and its music, symphonic band music is full of marches, fanfares, and symphony orchestra transcriptions. More contemporary literature includes swing band arrangements, big band standards and modern classical music compositions written specifically for the Symphonic Band.

For more information, please contact Bruce Levy, or email me .

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