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June 9th, 2000
Added worlds photos of Roman

June 7th, 2000
Added worlds photos of Anastasiya

April 5th, 2000
Added results to Juris' page
Added website dedication graphic
Added new polls
Worlds marks added for Roman and Anastasiya
Updated Anastasiya's, Roman's, Tatyana's and Nataliya's & Evgeny's pages
Updated results page
News added

April 1st, 2000
Added a photo to Evgeny Rokhin's (judge) page
Added worlds results

March 28th, 2000
Redid all of the pages that were on the other site! So added:
Marks/jumps for Nataliya & Evgeny, Tatyana, Olga & Andrei, Irina & Artem, Anastasiya and Roman
Added Irina & Evgeny photos
Updated information on Uzbekistan page

Added awards
Added a new webring

March 26th, 2000
Lost other site so am back on this site. I have to redo some of the pages
Added lots of photos by J Barry Mittan
Added Tribute to Igor Ksenofontov page
Added Polls
Added Information on Uzbekistan page

March 14th, 2000
Added photos of Nataliya Ponomareva & Evgeny Sviridov taken by Don Edwards on the photo page

March 13th, 2000
Added photos of Anastasiya Gimazetdinkova and Irina & Artem to the photo page. Thank you very much to Nataliya & Evgeny for the photos!

March 12th, 2000
Added some information about Juris on Aliki and Juris' page
Updated Irina & Artem's and Olga & Andrei's pages
Updated results page
Updated thanks page
Added a note on the photo page
Added a new Uzbekistan photo from the Official Fan Club of Team UZB Gymnastics

March 6th, 2000
Updated Aliki and Juris' page

March 3rd, 2000
Updated the results page
Updated Aliki and Juris' page

March 1st, 2000
Site launched
Bios added for Irina & Artem, Olga & Andrei and Nataliya & Evgeny.

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