Hello. Welcome to my corner of the woods. My name is Shawna. I will be your tour guide. Watch those bees.They sure are rowdy today. I really am glad that you could stop by. I hope you enjoy browsing through my pages. I have lots to see, so be sure to check all the pages out. This is a family friendly site, so don't be afraid to let the younguns' sit on your lap with you:)
Boy, can you believe that summer is here? I was beginning to think it wasn't going to show up this year. The rain here in Ohio was relentless during late spring. All the kids' ball games were getting rained out. But Ohio's "unofficial" state motto is: "if you don't like the weather, stick around for a few minutes and it's bound to change". Right now my kids and I are really busy with all kinds of activities. Haleigh is in teeball. Courtney still has lots of Brownie activities to do, not to mention baseball. And just as quickly as baseball ends, cheerleading practices will begin. Then before you know it, its time for back to school shopping!!!
So come on in, and have some fun. Take a moment to sign my guestbook before you leave, so we can visit your site. Let me know what you think of my site.
Have fun!!

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Please help support the 'Adopt A Guardian Angel' program. By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neighbor and joining us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to our site you are helping us to meet our goal of reating awareness, education, recognition, prevention and intervention and that is the first real step towards breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!

Children Are Worth Saving Web Site

Please Support National GRADD...Don't Drink and Drive

This site is a member of National Group Rides And Designated Drivers' "Link Around the World"
to help spread the word about the dangers of drunken driving.
You too can show your concern by copying and pasting this link into your web site and JOINING!

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