Index Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 2,
York County, Pennsylvania

Staufer, Catharine, PAYC2
Staufer, Jacob, PAYC2
Stauffer, Anna Barbara, PAYC2
Stauffer, Anna Margaret, PAYC2
Stauffer, Barbara, PAYC2
Stauffer, Christina, PAYC2
Stauffer, Daniel, PAYC2
Stauffer, Frederick, PAYC2
Stauffer, Henry, PAYC2
Stauffer, John George, PAYC2
Stauffer, Vincent, PAYC2
Stover, Frederick, PAYC2
Stover, Jacob, PAYC2
Stover, John Adam, PAYC2
Stover, Michael, PAYC2
Stover, Susan, PAYC2
Stover, Sybilla, PAYC2
Stover, Fridrich, PAYC3
Stover, Georg Michel, PAYC3
Stover, Johan Adam, PAYC3
Stover, Johan Jacob, PAYC3
Stover, Sibilla, PAYC3
Stoever, Anna Margaretha, PAYC3
Stoever, Johann Friederich, PAYC3
Stover, John Casper, PAYC3

Contributed by Abigail Stover

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