Unanswered Questions

Did the United States leave our men behind in Vietnam?

Could they still be alive?

If they are alive "What We Can Do About It!".

One method is Escape and Evade Codes.

Compelling Evidence!

Escape and Evade codes are given to pilots in the event they are downed. The codes are as unique as your fingerprints, dental records and even DNA. While it is true that the Vietnamese may have been able to torture thesecodes from prisoners, it is equally true that the Vietnamese would have no way of verifying that they had the correct codes. Therefore, these codes are useless to the Vietnamese. With the passage of time these codes would serve no purpose to Vietnam.

June, 1992, outside of Dong Vai prison in North Vietnam NSA spy satellites picked up "72TA88" and above this number were the letters "S-E-R-E-X".


72TA88 was the authenticator belonging to pilot Henry Serex who had been shot down on April 2, 1972 during the "Bat21" incident. In the movie, "Bat 21" with Gene Hackman and Danny Glover, Gene Hackman depicts LtCol. Iceal Hambleton, who was a VIP on the Bat 21 flight that was shot down. A huge rescue operation was mounted to rescue Colonel Hambleton, succeeding after 12 days. Henry Serex was a crew member on this ill fated flight.The 72TA88 was given a "70% certainty rating" evaluation.

A hundred yards from the Serex authenticator, June 1992, another escape and evade code was detected "GX2527". The GX2527 code corresponded to that of Lt. Peter Matthes. Suprisingly GX2527 was given "100% certainty" evaluation by NPIC Colonel Lorenzo W. Burroughs, shocking coming from Washington.

24 November 1969, First Lieutenant Peter R. MATTHES (C0-Pilot), in a Air Force C-130A on a Forward Air Controller (FAC) mission over Laos was downed.

Did the United States leave our men behind in Vietnam?

Could they still be alive?

This is the most compelling evidence on POW-MIA's still being alive that I have read.

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