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     -Genealogist Prayer
     -Palatine Emigrants
     -Johann Casper Stoever Germantown (VA) Lutheran Minister in 1733
     -The first German Settlement - Adam Muller (Miller) 1727
     -Jacob Stover the Swiss promoter
     -Jacob Stover Family by Richard Warren Davis,
     -Dr John Joseph Stoudt
     -Department of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
        Bulletin, dated Apr 1954
     -Name of STAUFFER, its different spellings
     -Royal Stauffer "Hohenstaufen"
        Holy Roman Emperors/ German Kings
        Germany Medieval States
                Dukes of Franconia 906-1196
                Dukes of Swabia 917-1268
                Hohenstaufen Dynasty 1194-1266
                  (King of Naples & Sicily)
     -NEW YORK 1709-1726
        The Hunter List # 753
        Augusta Co Marriages 1748 - 1850
          by John Vogt & T. William Kethley Jr.
     -Marriages of Some Virginia Resident 1607-1800,  Series 1 vol 6
             complied and published by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck
     -Early Marriages, Wills and Some Rev. War Records, Botetourt Co. VA
             by Anne Lowry Worrell- Genealogical Publ. Co., Inc, 1980
        A Biographical History of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
         Early Settlers and Eminent Men of the County, by Alex Harris
       "Berks of Old, the History and Genealogy of Berks Co. PA,
           Administration Abstracts, Berks Co. Administration Book 8
           January 16th, 1873
                 edition of the "Reading Times and Dispatch"
           Will Abstracts, Berks County, Will Book 8
           Will Abstracts, Berks County, Will Book 10
    -1750 Assessment List - Lebanon Twp, Lancaster Co. PA
    -1755 Assessment List - Labanon Twp, Lancaster Co. Pa
    -1758 Assessment List - Labanon Twp, Lancaster Co. PA
    -1800 First Anniville Twp Tax List
    -1771 Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
             Proprietary Tax List
    -1790 Federal Direct Tax, Head of Families, Lebanon Twp,
             Dauphin Co. Pa
     -Southern Stover
          Survey of the Stover Cemetery Lawrence Co. Ala
          (along with the inscription on the tombstones)
          "30,638 Burials in Georgia"
          by Jeannette Holland Austin, pub 1995, pp 603
     -Land Titles in Lawrence Co. ALA
       (Source: Lawrence Co Courthouse)
        General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Alabama
       1820 Lawrence Co Co. Ala
       1850 Madison Co. Ala
       1880 Jackson Co. Ala
       1900 Jackson Co. Ala
       1910 Culman Co. Ala
     -Southern Marriages
       Jackson Co. Ala
       Lawrence Co. Ala
       Pickins Co. Ga
     -Buncombe Co. North Carolina
       Emeline Stover
     -Catherine Stover
     -Honorably Discharged, U. S. Army 1848
     -Debtor to Estate of Dr. William Hunter, 25 Dec 1763 & 2 Oct 1766
     -Book Review
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       Sarah Stover
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                A Prayer For Genealogists

              Lord help me dig into the past
              And sift the sands of time
              That I might find the roots that made
              This family tree of mine
              Lord, help me trace the ancient roads
              On which my fathers trod,
              And led them through so many lands
              To find our present sod.
              Lord, help me find an ancient book
              or dusty manuscript,
              That's safely hidden now away
              in some forgotten crypt.
              Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts
              my soul when I can't find,
              The missing link between some name
              that ends the same as mine.
              author unknown
 This was a contribution by Bev Thomas
                      Palatine Emigrants

Bleak and cold was the winter of 1708-1709 on the Rhineland. War and
high taxes seemed to be on Swiss mind. Religious persecution threath-
ened the Anabaptist, and the poor pauper was being force to leave his
country. While  thoughts of America danced in their head like
sugar plums, enticing and inviting them with adventure and intrigue to
sail to America( at that time they thought it to be the West Indies).
The Anabaptist had been forced out of their homeland before. Fear of
not returning did not keep them from sleep at night. It was the same
adventure and intrigue, the not knowing what it would be like not to
be persecuted against. They wanted that for their children to be free
in their beliefs. Going to America offered them freedom.
The voyage to America was hard and long in conditions nearly unbearable.
It was the dream of a better way of life that our Swiss forefather held
on to. Throughout the perilous journey. The first parties were afloat
going down the Rhine April 1709 (it is very possible Jacob Stauffer
was in that first party) for the 4 to 6 weeks journey to Rotterdam. Then
the long wait to cross over to England.
I think that you can better see the plight of the Palatine Emigrants in
the next article by Kraig Ruckel. He had better described what brought
our forefathers in search of a new far off land.
                       Palatine Emigrants
                         by Kraig Ruckel
                 Do you have a Palatine fact to share?

The winter of 1708-1709 was very long and cold in the Rhineland. It
was a very bleak period. People huddled around their fires as they
considered quitting their homes and farms forever. By early April,
the land was still frozen and most of the Palatines' vines had been
killed by the bitter weather. Since 1702 their country had been
enduring war and there was little hope for the future. The Thirty
Years War lay heavy on their minds, a period in which one out of
every three Germans had perished.

The Palatines were heavily taxed and endured religious persecution.
As the people considered their future, the older ones remembered that,
in 1677, William Penn had visited the area, encouraging the people to
go to Pennsylvania in America, a place where a man and his family
could be free of the problems they were now encountering.

To go to America meant a long, dreadful ocean voyage and a future in
an unknown land, away from their past and family. Everyone knew that
the German Elector would stop any migration as soon as it was noticed.
Only a mass exodus from the Palatinate could be successful. Many
wondered how they could ever finance such a journey even if they wanted
to attempt it. Small boats, known as scows, would have to be acquired
for the long ride down the Rhine River and then there was the price for
the ocean voyage. While some of the people had relatives that could
assist them financially, many were very poor. Soon enough, their minds
were made up for them as France's King Louis XIV invaded their land,
ravaging especially the towns in the Lower Palatinate.

In masses, the Palatines boarded their small boats and headed down
the Rhine for Rotterdam. It was April 1709 and the first parties
were afloat on the Rhine, many with only their most basic goods and
their faith in God as their only possessions. The river voyage took
an average of 4-6 weeks through extremely cold, bitter weather. By
June, 1709, the people streamed into Rotterdam at a rate of one
thousand per week. The Elector, as expected, issued an edict forbidd-
ing the migration, but almost everyone ignored it. By October, 1709,
more than 10,000 Palatines had completed the Rhine River journey.

The Duke of Marlborough was assigned by Queen Anne to transport the
immigrants to England. British troop ships were also used. The Queen
assumed these Protestants would help fuel the anti-Roman feelings
developing in England. The ships from Rotterdam landed, in part, at
Deptford and the refugees were sent to one of three camps at Deptford,
Camberwell, and Blackheath outside the city wall of London. Many
Londoner's welcomed the Palatines, but the poor were not, as they felt
their English food was being taken from them to feed the Germans.
British newspapers published mixed accounts of the Palatines, some
praising them while others cursed them.

Over 3,000 of these Palatines were sent to Ireland, again to
reinforce the Protestant faith in that land. The trip from england to
Ireland was short, taking only about 24 hours. Included among these
immigrants were a line of my possible ancestors, Sebastian ROCKEL
(later called RUCKEL, RUCKLE, and RUTTLE)and his wife and children.
They settled on Lord Southwell's estate near Ballingrane in County
Limerick, Ireland. Several branches remained in Ireland, becoming
known as the RUTTLE's. Other branches came to New York in the

Meanwhile, streams of Palatines went to America, with most going to
Pennsylvania. The ocean voyage was harsh, with over-crowded,
under-supplied, and unsanitary ships. What provisions were supplied
were generally the least expensive available to the ship's master.
Water frequently ran out, as did food. Dreadful mortality occurred
on many voyages. In addition to those woes, the Palatines faced
robbery, deception, and worse from those transporting them.

Estimates on the number of Germans in Pennsylvania during this period
varies from author to author, but a common estimate is 10,000-15,000
by 1727 and 70,000-80,000 by 1750. A good source for reviewing German
arrivals to Pennsylvania is Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Immigrants in
Pennsylvania" which contains numerous ship passenger lists and has an
excellent surname index. Another good resource is Walter Knittle's
"Early Eighteenth-Century Palatine Emigration".

Immigrants not only came from Germany, but also Bohemia and Switzer-
land. Most were either Lutheran, Reformed, or Mennonite in religious


The State of Poor Palatines As Humbly Represented by Themselves Upon
Their First Arrival In This Kingdom, About June 1709 (from London,
We the poor distressed Palatines, whose utter Ruin was occasioned by the
merciless Crutlty of the Blood Enemy, the French, whose prevailing
Power some years past, like a Torrent rushed into our Country, and
overwhelmed us at once; and being not content with Money and Food
necessary for their Occasions, not only dispossess us of all Support but
inhumanely burnt our House to the ground, where being deprived of all
Shelter, we were turned into open fields, and there drove with our
Families, to seek what Shelter we could find, being obliged to make the
cold Earth our Lodgings, and the Clouds our Covering. In this deplorable
condition we made our Humble Supplications and Cries to Almighty God,
who has promised to relieve them that put their Trust in him, who
Goodness we have largely Experienced, in disposing the Hearts of Pious
Princes to a Christian Compassion and Charity towards us in the
miserable condition, who by their Royal Bounties and large Donations,
and the exemplary Kindness of well-disposed Nobility, Gentry, and
Others, We and our poor Children have been preserved from Perishing;
specially since our Arrival into this happy Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN.
While not only like the Land of Canaan abounds with all things necessary
for human Life, but also with a Religious People, who as freely give to
the Distressed for Christ's Sake, as it was given to them by the
Almighty Donor of all they enjoy. Blessed Land and Happy People!
Governed by the Nursing Mother of Europe, and the Best of Queens Whose
unbounded Mercy and Charity has received us despicable Strangers from
afar off into Her own Dominions, where we have found a Supply of all
things Necessary for our present Subsistence; for which we bless and
praise Almighty God, the Queen's most Excellent Majesty and all Her good
subjects, from the Highest Degree to those of the meanest Capacity; and
do sincerely and faithfully promise to all our utmost Power, for the
future, to render ourselves Thankful to God, and Serviceable to Her
Majesty, and all her Good Subjects, in what whay soever her goodness is
pleased to dispose of Us: and in the mean time be constant in our
Prayers, that God would return the Charity of well disposed People a
thousand fold into their own Bosoms, which is all the Requital that can
present be made by us poor distressed Protestants.

                     THE PALATINES
                Whitter's Ship "Palatine"
               (From his "Tent on the Beach")

            And old men mending their nets of twine,
                Talk together of dream and sign,
                Talk of the lost shop Palatine.
            "The ship that a hundred years before,
                Freighted deep with its goodly store,
                In the gales of the equinox went ashore".
            "Into the teeth of death she sped:
                (May God forgive the hands that fed
                The false lights over the rocky head!)".
            "And then, with ghastly shimmer and shine
                Over the rocks and the seething brine,
                They burned the wreck of the Palatine".
            "And still on many a moonless night,
            >From Kingston head and the Montauk light,
            The spectre kindles and burns in  sight".
          "And the wise Sound skipper, through skies be fine,
                 Reef their sails when they see the sign
                 Of the blazing wreck of the Palatine."

Kraig Ruckel's home page on the Palatine & Pennsylvania-Dutch
Genealogy and has so graciously agreed for us to use these articles.
If you get the time stop by his page you will not be sorry.

Kraig Ruckel <>
Palatine & Pennsylvania-Dutch Genealogy

                   Ships Passenger List
Names of Ship     Passenger Name        Birth     Birth Place

Ship ?            Hans Stauffer         1644      Eggiwil, SW
1710              Kinget Hiestand (W)   1658      Richterseill, SW
                  Jacob Stauffer        1696      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Daniel Stauffer       1697      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Heinrich Stauffer     1700      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Paul Friedt           1685      Germany
                  Elisabeth Stauffer    1688      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Anna Friedt           1708      Alsheim, Gr
                  Gerhard Clemens       1680      Dittelsheim, Gr
                  Anna Reiff (W)        1682      Mettenheim, Gr
                  Abraham Clemens       1707      Niederflorsheim, Gr
                  Jacob Clemens         1709      Niederflorsheim, Gr

?                 Jacob Stauffer        1685      Switzerland
Abt 1712

?                 Christian Stauffer    1680      Dirmstein, Gr
Abt 1718          His wife              1684
                  Mathias Stauffer      1704      Mannheim, Gr
                  Annali Stauffer       1706      Mannheim, Gr
                  Christian Stauffer    1709      Mannheim, Gr
                  Ulrich Stauffer       1712      Mannheim, Gr
                  Peter Stauffer        1715      Mannheim, Gr
                  Jacob Stauffer        1717      Mannheim, Gr

James Goodwill    Ulrich Stauffer       1680      Signau, Sw
27 Sep 1727       Lucia Ramseyer (W)    1685      Signau, Sw
                  Margaret Stauffer     1706      Signau, Sw
                  Magdalena Stauffer    1708      Signau, Sw
                  Ulrich Stauffer       1709      Signau, Sw
                  Barbara Stauffer      1711      Signau, Sw
                  Elsbeth Stauffer      1715      Signau, Sw
                  Johannes Stauffer     1722      Grosshochstetten, Sw

Mortonhouse       Vincent Stauffer      1692      Steffisburg, Sw
23 Aug 1728

Ship Samuel       Jacob Stauffer        1713      Ibersheim, Gr
11 Aug 1732

Pink Plaisance    Daniel Stauffer       1707      Muckenhauserhof, Gr
21 Sep 1732       Jacob Stauffer        1712      Muckenhauserhof, Gr

Hope              Anna Stofer           1714      (?)
28 Aug 1733

Snow Molly        Valentine Stober      1688      Staffort, Gr
10 Sep 1737       His Wife              1692      Staffort, Gr
                  Jacob Stober          1715      Staffort, Gr
                  Valentine Stober      1717      Staffort, Gr
                  Catherina Stover      1719      Staffort, Gr
                  Eva Christina Stover  1721      Staffort, Gr
                  Wilhelm Stover        1723      Staffort, Gr
                  Eva Stover            1725      Staffort, Gr
                  Martin Stover         1730      Staffort, Gr
                  Eva Barbara Stover    1732      Staffort, Gr
                  Georg Stover          1734      Staffort, Gr

Virtuous Grace    Christian Stauffer    1709      Muckenhauserhof, Gr
24 Sep 1737       Johannes Stauffer     1715      Muckenhauserhof, Gr

Friendship        Philip Stober         1707      Baden, Gr
20 Sep 1738       Elisabeth (W)         1704      Baden, Gr
                  Daughter              1736      Baden, Gr

Francis &         Martin Stauffer       1718      (?)
21 Sep 1742

Ship (?)          Anna Stapher          1704      Sulz, Zurich, Sw

Muscliffe Galley  Johannes Stauffer     1709      Ibersheim, Gr
22 Dec 1744       Mary (W)              1712
                  Johannes Stauffer     1734      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Mary Stauffer         1737      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Christian Stauffer    1740      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Christian Stauffer    1711      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Barbara (W)           1720
                  Johannes Stauffer     1741      Ibersheim, Gr
                  Jacob Stauffer        1743      Ibersheim, Gr
(To be continued)

"The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany and America" by Richard
Warren Davis, pg 14-15, publ 1992
Johann Casper Stoever became Germantown (VA) Lutheran Minister in 1733.
Johann and his son came to Pennsylvania from Germany in 1728. Johann
Casper Stoever sr visited Germans in NC and VA and in 1733 he was
accepted as a resident pastor by the Germans on Robinson Shenandoah
Valley. The son was the first to officiate in the Shenandoah in  Valley.
April 1734 was in Massanutten Colony and baptized the son of Matthias
Seltzer. To find out more about Johann Casper Stoever, William and Mary
College Quartly, Williamsburg, Va . -Vol. IV (1895-6), pp 62, 63: The
Rev Johann Casper Stoever, Sr. by Dr. A. G. Grinman-Mr. Stoever was
pastor of the Lutheran Church in Madision Co. Va prior to 1738.
      "Index to Will Books and Interstate Records of Lancaster CO. PA,
       betw 1729- 1850"

John Casper Stoever
            Will dated 1779 Lancaster Co. PA
            Will Book C, Vol 1, pg 93
The first German Settlement - Adam Muller (Miller) 1727

Adam Muller b 17 Nov 1703 Schresheim, Baden, Germany. d in 1783 age 80
S/o John Peter Muller & Ann Margaretha ________. md Barbara _______.
Muller was a young peasant from Baden and landed in Pennsylvania three
years earlier. He left Lancaster Co. PA for Massanutten Land Located in
the Shenandoah Co, Hawksbill Creek between Blue Ridge and Massanutten
Mountains with seven other settlers.
  Eight Massanutten Settlers had bought their farmsteads from Jacob
          Adam Muller (Miller),   Abraham Strickler,   Mathias Selser,
          Philip Long,            Paul Long,         Michael Rinehart,
          John Rood,          Michael Kauffman.

As early as Jun 1728 the first grants of land were made. Jacob Stover
obtained  on the Shenandoah River  two tracts of land 5000 acres each
on June 17, 1730. Muller and his friends bought up one 5000a tract
(Massanutten Tract) for 400 pounds.
Jacob Stover (Swiss) was a Swiss promoter instrumental in bringing many
Germans into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Switzerland 1709
         A Jacob Stauffer was in Rotterdam awaiting a ship to cross him
over to England. Departure List on Jul 15, 1709 Jacob Stover time had
come for him to get on the  Ship.
             "Jacob Stauber and Wife and one child"
             " Joost Heyt and Wife and one child"
        (Joost Heyt was a Native of Strasburg in Alsace).

From July until the Fall both Stauber and Heyt shared the same exper-
iences  as  Palatines.  For  6  months  the  emigrants stayed in
"Blackheath Camp" and subsisted on handouts. Toward the end of 1709
they were loaded on a vessel which did not sail until April the follow-
ing year (April 1710). They were to produce tar in the Colony of New
York. The tar project never begun. In the fall of 1710 they were plac-
ed on a large stretch of land along the Hudson River. By 1712 the
Germans were released to their own fate in an unfamiliar and unforgiv-
ing  land.  Jacob  Stauber  left  New  York for Pennsylvania. Their he
patented 510a on Oley Creek in Berks Co. PA in 8 Feb 1713.

Germantown merchant J. S. Sprogell had know Jacob Stover for almost
20 years wrote for  Jacob a letter of recommendation.

  " Jacob Stover  made Settlement in the remotest parts among Indians,
whereby he has acquired the Reputation among all the Knew him of one of
the best skilled in Husbandry, and acquired by this particular Industry
very handsome means."

A friend Ezekiel Harlan was a Indian interpreter. John Rudolf Ochs was a
Swiss Promoter. Ochs came to America from Berne, Switzerland in 1705. He
left America after a number of years, settled in London, became a
Quaker, and maintained close touch with Pennsylvanian and Swiss sectart-
ians. Ochs  with Stover and Harlan planned a number of large scale
emigration schemes. Stovers area was the entire Western Region extend-
ing from Pa to NC. Jacob truly loved the Shenandoah Valley.

In 1728 or 1729 Jacob spent three month exploring the Valley and select-
ing choice locations to be included in his request for a Virginia Grant.
Ochs with Stover and Harlan planned a number of large scale emigration
Stovers area was the entire Western Region extending from Pa to NC.
Jacob  truly loved the Shenandoah Valley. Stover and Harlan joined Ochs
in London to put their plan into motion.
Feb 1731 Stover, Harlan and Ochs petitioned the Board of Trade for a
grant containing all the territory along 200 miles from N. to S. behind
the first mountain range the  Mississippi to be its Western limits. The
Board's first reaction was a request for more information and for a map.
Providing  both  Stover  and  Associates  lost  no time  renewing their
petiton.  The vast new colony was to be filled with German and Swiss
immigrants who Ochs volunteered to secure. To be christened "Georgia"
to the sovereign's pleasure, and to be administered by not other than
Spotswood, it was cleverly described as a potential buffer between the
seaboard provinces and the French dominions. The Board and the Lords
Commissioners for Trade and Plantations found the plan appealing enough
to devote serious and prolonged discussion to it. When the Lords Fairfax
and Baltimore and the heirs of Penn's proprietorship voiced grave ob-
jections, the Board hesitated to submit the project to the Crown. De-
spite considerable support and the express recommendation of Stover as
the "fittest and properest Person" to undertake the settlement beyond
the "Blew Hills in Virginia" the petitioners did not prevail against
the proprietors' protest.
Sometime in the middle of Oct 1732 Stover returned to America empty
handed and disillusioned. . Jacob Stover had invested and  lost two
years of his life and all his cash in the venture. When he joined his
family in Virginia more bad news awaited him.

(The Virginia Germans, by Klaus Wurst pub 1969 & The German Element of
the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by John Walter Wayland, pub 1907)
to be continued
                        -Jacob Stover Sr.-
 Jacob was b 1685 in Switzerland. Jacob Stover arrived sometime in
 America bef 8 Feb 1713 when he purchased a patent for 510a Oley, Berks
 Co. Pa, The land is located next to Edward Evans. He married on 15 Mar
 1715 at Christ Church in Philadelphia Co. PA to Sarah Boone b 18 Feb
 1691 Bradninen, Devonshire, England. She is the daughter of George
 Boone III and Mary Margrave and is the Aunt of Daniel Boone the
 frontiersman. In 1723, he sold 72 acres of his land in Oley to John
 Leinbach, of Germantown. The deed records his name as Jacob Stauber.
 Jacob could not write as he made a mark for his signature. About the
 year 1730, Jacob received a grant of 10,000 acres in Virginia. In the
 grant he was referred to as a Switzer. He was to settle at his own ex-
 pense a certain number of people on his land or he would forfeit it. He
 apparently made sever trips to Europe to persuade people to settle the
 land. He d 17 Mar 1742 (buried in Old Augusta Stone Church Cem, Ft.
 Defiance. Va). He had a second wife named Margaret.  Jacob was probably
 not a Mennonite.
 Affirmed Children of Jacob Stover and Sarah Boone were:
     Jacob Stover Jr. b abt 1716, Oley, Berks Co., PA. He administered
 his fathers estate in 1741. In 1754 he was living at Lunenburg Co., Va
 when he sold the last of his fathers land in Augusta Co. He married
 Ruth ______.
    Elizabeth Stover b abt 1718 Oley, Berks Co. PA. She married William
 O'Neil of Augusta Co according to court records there.
    Abraham Stover b abt 1723, Oley, Berks Co. PA He was living on 200
 acres of his father land on Cub Creek in 1748. He may be the Abraham
 Stover who was living in Franklin  Co.  Virginia  in  1790.  According
 to Orange  Co. Virginia records, Abraham was a Minor in 1741.

(The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany, and America (including
Stouffer and Stover) by Richard Warren Davis, pub 1992  P.O.B. 50182,
Provo, Utah 84605, ch 20, pg 151).
Dr John Joseph Stoudt, a noted historian  states  "Jacob Stover arrived
from Switzerland to New York State as a member of the Kocherthal Coloney
of Ulster County, N. Y. in 1710.  Dr. Stoudt says, "A document, vellum,
written in pen, is still in the possession of the Stoudt Family, which
shows that Jacob came to Berks County, PA and to the Oley area in the
year 1711" this being one year after Jacob arrived in New York. The
document is a legal record of land sales transaction in which Jacob sold
property to Matthias Bowman. Both signatures (Jacob and Sarah Boone) are
on the document. The land in question was part of the 510 acres that
Jacob had patented during the years of 1713-14. The actual confirmation
date was 9 Jun 1714. Jacob's land was located east of the Schuykill
River in Oley Valley, which is some 10-12 miles southeast of Reading, PA
of today.
A Quote from the Department of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania Bulletin, dated Apr 1954. The secretary of the Internal
Affairs Department of 1954 was Mr. William Livengood he says, "It is
somehow amazing to know that such a little area of Penn's Woods as Oley,
Berks County, produced so much for the future of our nation. This place
and it can hardly be called that, for the Oley of Colonial times had no
defined boundaries, was not only the birth place of Daniel Boone, but
was also the home of some of the forebears of both Abraham Lincoln and
President Dwight D. Eishenhower. What is even more amazing is the fact
that the Boones, the Lincolns and Jacob Stauber, the Ancestor of Presi-
dent Eisenhower's mother ( Ida Elizabeth Stover), were all neighbors of
each other and, in various ways, related. An Abraham Lincoln married in-
to the Boone family, while Staubers Wife, Sarah Boone was the Aunt of
Daniel Boone." Mr Livengood pointed out the fact that many of those ear-
ly pioneers, for various reasons, were quite impoverished and had to
work  diligently  at  hard  labor in  order just to survive.  He  says,
" Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to assume that these people were
ignorant. Nothing of the sort. Many of them were well educated or highly
skilled mechanics for their day." Livengood says,  "John Lienbach, who
purchased part of Jacob Stauber's Oley farm in 1723, was an organist and
a teacher in Germany before he came to America.  The Boones were old
settlers in Berks County, among the first white  persons to found a
home in  that area with it  was  the  frontier of Pennsylvania.  Sarah
Boone went into the wilderness with her husband Jacob Stauber, a Swiss
pioneer from Zurich Switzerland, and a direct ancestor  of Ida Elizabeth
Stover the mother of Dwight David Eisenhower".
     The name STAUFFER and its different spellings
  Stober,  Slover, Stover,  Stoehr, Storer, Stoever, Stiver, Stoner,
  Stower,  Stuber,  Stauber, Staver,  Stoerer,  Stroher, Staufert,
  Stawfer, Stoupher,  Stoeher, Stouffer, Stoufer, Staufer, Staufen
                Royal Stauffer "Hohenstaufen"
Imperial dynasty of Germany in the 12th/13th Centuries became dukes of
Swabia in 1079 and Franconia in 1115, and rulers of Germany in 1138.
The premature death of Henry VI in 1197, just after he had added the
kingdom of SICILY to his possessions, led to temporary eclipse for the
family, and the last effective Hohenstaufen, Emperor Frederick II,
concentrated  his  efforts  on  building  up a great Mediterranean
power based in Italy, which involved him in a ruinous struggle with the
PAPACY and the loss of real control in Germany. After his death in 1250,
the dynasty was soon extinguished, its last ruling member, Manfred of
Sicily, being killed in battle in 1266. (4, 39a-b, 62b) pg 66
B   brother
BS  brothers son
GD  grandchild via daughter
HD  Husband of daughter (Son-in-law)
S   son
UB Uterine brother

               Holy Roman Emporers/ German Kings
4, pg 171
    Conrad III of Hohenstaufen (D. Franconis)  1138-1152
    he was the gs/o Henry IV

    Frederick I Barbarossa (D. Swabia) 1152-1190
    he was the bs/o Conrad III of Hohenstaufen

    Henry VI 1190-1197
    he was the s/o Frederick I Barbarossa (D. Swabia)
    Philip (of Swabia) 1198-1208
    he was the s/o Frederick I Barbarossa (D. Swabia)
    Frederick II (of Sicily) 1212-1250
    he was the s/o Henry VI
    Conrad IV 1250-1254
    he was the s/o Frederick II (of Sicily)
39a-b pg 223-224
                  Germany Medieval States
                Dukes of Franconia 906-1196
 1. Conrad I (of Germany)         906
 2. Eberhard                      912  B1
 3. Conrad II                     939  GD1
 4. Otto (I)                      955  S3
 5. Henry I (II of Bavaria)       985
    Otto (2)                      995
 6. Conrad III                   1004  S4
 7. Conrad IV                    1011  S5
 8. Conrad V (II of Germany)     1030  BS6
 9. Henry II (III of Germany)    1039  S8
10. Henry III (IV of Germany)    1056  S9
11. Henry IV (V of Germany)      1106  S10
12. Conrad Vi (III of Germany)   1115  GD10
13. Frederick of Rothenburg
    D. Swabia                    1152  S12
14. Conrad VII (of Germany)      1167-1196 (S16 Germany)

b              Dukes of Swabia 917-1268
 1. Burkhard I                     917
 2. Hermann I                      926
 3. Ludolf (Of Germany)            949 (S3 Germany) HD2
 4. Burkhard II                    954  S1
 5. Otto I                         973  S3
 6. Conrad I                       982  BS2
 7. Hermann II                     997  S6
 8. Hermann III                   1003  S7
 9. Ernest II of Babenberg        1012 (S1 Austria) HD7
10. Ernest II                     1015  S9
11. Hermann IV                    1030  S9
12. Henry I (III of Germany)      1038  UB11
13. Otto II (C. Palatine)         1045
14. Otto III of Schweinfurt       1048
15. Rudolf of Rheinfelden
     (German King)                1057  HD12
16. Berchtold                     1079  S15
17. Frederick I of Hohenstaufen   1079
18. Frederick II                  1105  S17
19. Frederick III (I of Germany)  1147  S18
20. Frederick IV of Rothenburg    1152  BS 18
21. Frederick V                   1167  S19
22. Conrad II (VII of Franconia)  1191  S19
23. Philip (of Germany)           1196  S19
24. Frederick VI (II of Germany)  1208  BS23
25. Henry II                      1216  S24
26. Conrad III (IV of Germany)    1235  S24
27. Conradin                      1254-1268  S26

62b pg 241       Hohenstaufen Dynasty 1194-1266
                  (King of Naples & Sicily)

 1. Henry (VI of Germany)         1194 HD3 Roger II (King 1130)
                                           s/o 1 Roger of Hauteville
 2. Frederick (II of Germany)     1197 S1
 3. Conrad (IV of Germany)        1250-1254 S2
 4. Manfred                       1258-1266 S2
(Monarchs Rulers Dynasties and Kingdoms of the World, by
R. F. Tapsell, pub 1983)
More can be added on The Hohenstaufen's in upcoming issues if there is
an interest.
                     -- NEW YORK 1709-1726 --

The Hunter List # 753 is a Quote in its entirity.

                 JACOB STUBER (Hunter List #753)
A Johann Jacob Stuber, shoemaker in Bacharach, md 14 Jul 1699 at 6761
Feilbingert, Baptized of this man's ch. 1709 Jacob Stauber his wife,
and 1 Child were on Capt. Jno Blouwer's Ship in Holland in the 5th
party (Rotterdam List)

Jacob Stuber made his initial appearance on the Hunter List
  4 July 1710 with 3 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
  4 Jul 1710  with 2 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs (Family)
  31 Dec 1710 with 3 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
  25 Mar 1711 with 3 person over 10 and 2 und 1o yrs

Jacob Stuber and Nesserin were listed together on 24 Jun 1711
  24 Jun 1711 with 6 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
  29 Sep 1711 with 5 person over 10 and 2 und 10 yrs
  24 Dec 1711 with 3 person over 10 and 2 und 10 yrs
  25 Mar 1712 with 3 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
  24 Jun 1712 with 4 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
  13 Sep 1712 with 3 person over 10 and 1 und 10 yrs
A Jacob Stouger was noted as a Palatine carpenter in vol. 58 & 59, of
N. Y. Col. Mss. dated 1712.

Jacob Hoeber was on the roll of the Independent Compainie of Mannor of
Livingston 30 Nov 1715 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. I, p.522).

Jacob Stuber with wife and child was at Hunderston ca. 1716/17 (simmen-
dinger Register).

Jacob Stoever was a Palatine Debtor in 1718, 1719, 1721, 1722, and 1726
(Livingston Debt Lists).

Jacob Stover was a freeholder of Nortpart Livingston in 1720 (Albany CO.
Freeholders). He appears as the grandfather living with the Johannes
and Catherine Rau family on the St. Peter's Lutherian Family List in
the Rhinebeck Lutherian Chbk. ca. 1734. His (2) wife my have been named
Catherina, as Jacob Stubber and Catherina sp. Philipp Kunts at Tackana
in 1721 (N. Y. City Luth. Chbk.)(HJ).
 ch were
      Maria Catharina (St. Peter's Family List), conf, 30 Apr 1711 at
 the new German Colony (West Camp Luth. Chbk.).
      Maria Ottilia (HJ), md Henrich Neus 3/12 Apr 1720 (N. Y. City
 Luth. Chbk.).
      Anna Elisabetha (HJ), conf Easter 1715 at Queensberg by Pastor
 Kocherthal (West Camp Luth. Chbk.). She md Andreas Kerner 8 Dec 1726
 (Linlithgo Ref. Chbk.) They were sp. by Jacob Stuywer at Kinderhook
 in 1729.

to be continued

The Palatine Families of New York, A Study of the German Immigrants
Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. pgs
1020, 1021, Universal City, Calif, publ 1985
                           -- VIRGINIA --
                    Augusta Co Marriages 1748 - 1850
by John Vogt & T. William Kethley Jr.Iberian Publ Co. Athens, Ga. 1986
Stofer , Henry & Ellen Humphrey Jul 1826 Minister Joseph Smith
       , Simon & Catharine Wyand  Jan 1804 Minister John Brown
Stover, Daniel & Mary Hannah 30 Mar 1803 Minister William King
      , Daniel & Mary Eliza Swartz 27 Mar 1845 Minister T. T. Castleman
      , David & Mary Shelly 15 Jan 1805 Minister William King
      , Henry & Polly Piper 4 Feb 1814 Minister William King
      , Jacob & Margaret Towell 26 Aug 1800 Minister William WIlson
             (Jacob of age, dau John bro of John Towell)
      , Michael & Louisa Stiegle 24 Nov 1812 Minister Samuel Wagner
      , Samuel (Jr) & Mary Ann Wiseman 9 Nov 1848   Minister Alonzo P.
      , Samuel D. & Catherine Hart 5 Jun 1837 Minister George A Leopard
      , Samuel I Rachel Frankam 28 Sep 1831 Minister William Wilson
      , Samuel & Betsey Shelly 26 Apr 1814 Minister William King
       Marriages of Some Virginia Resident 1607-1800,  Series 1 vol 6
             complied and published by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck
                 51 Park Ave, Naugatuck Conn 06770
   Stover, Ann md David Stickley
         , Elizabeth Catherine md ? Count
         , Jacob md Margaret Towell 26 Aug 1800 (Augusta Co Marriage Rcds)
         , Regina md Col Philip Spangler/Spengler 15 Nov 1788 Shen Co Va
             "STOVER/STOUFFER, etc Marriages", by Ruth V. McKee,
                   Minneapolis, 1997
Stover, Abraham md 1) Barbara Hershey 2) Elizabeth Boyer
       Rev War Period, probably Franklin Co. Pa
Stover, Abraham md Anna Nissley
   Early Marriages, Wills and SOme Rev. War Records, Botetourt Co. VA
    by Anne Lowry Worrell- Genealogical Publ. Co., Inc, 1980
Stover, Hannah, dau  Wm. Stover  md Edward Carwin 22 Jan 1812
      , Margaret dau Wm. Stover  md Samuel Jackson 1 Mar 1806
      , Mary dau George Stover ms Peter Deal 18 Sep 1811
      , Catherine dau Wm Stover md James Franklin 16 Mar 1806
      , Esther dau Wm Stover md John Frantz 17 Aug 1810
      , Catherine dau George Stover md Robert Looney s/o John 9 Dec 1809
      , Abraham md Amy Rader dau Adam Rader 29 Jun 1811
      , Daniel md Polly Frantz dau of Michael Frantz 8 Apr 1806
      , George md Anna Rader dau Adam Rader 1 Nov 1810
      , Jacob md Susannah Solonbarger Wm Stover Surety 19 Mar 1798
      , John md Caty Snider, Henry Snider Surety 28 Oct 1801
      , John md Sally Coon dau Jacob Coon 9 Oct 1819
      , Michael md Elizabeth Solonbarger 4 Feb 1799
               Largest Cemetery in Strasburg
             several thousand tombstones and about five thousand inscriptions.

   Stover, David Douglas 1888 - 1935
   Stover, Edmonia Chrisman 1884 - 1966
   Stover, Francis Marion 1854 - 1928
   Stover, Frank Carson 1890 - 1971
   Stover, George C. 1859 - 1911
   Stover, Joshua Ruffner 1881 - 1900
   Stover, Major Joshua 29 Apr 1824 - 3 May 1863
   Stover, Mary J. 17 Jan 1829 - 18 Apr 1899 w/o Major Stover
   Stover, Mary Margaret 1858 - 1953
   Stover, Mary Virginia 1892 - 1970
   Stover, Peter In Memory of Peter Stover found of the Town of
            Strasburg in the year of 1749
   Stover, Rosena Newell 1860 - 1932 w/o George C. Stover
   Stover, Samuel Windle 1917 - 1977
   Stoner, Aaron H. 18 Jul 1917
   Stoner, Virginia C. 22 Dec 1916
   Stover, Bessie L. 4 Jun 1913 - 28 Mar 1992
   Stover, James G. 11 Apr 1910 - 7 Feb 1984

              St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery
                  Strasburg Virginia
       Located on West Washington Street, Strasburg, Virginia.

   Stoner, Abraham  born Nov. 12, 1798 died Feb. 2, 1862
   Stoner, John  born Aug. 14, 1796 died March 20, 1860
   Stover, Chas. M.  born 1847  died Aug. 28, 1898
   Stover, Sarah  died Aug. 10, 1872

              Stover - Findleys Cemetery

Location: On the late Jesse Funk property there is an unmarked cemetery. Stovers and Findleys are
probably buried there. There is an Indian graveyard on the same property and is straight back from
the home of Frances Hoover. Sandy Hook area just South of Strasburg. No visible head stones.
Strickler - Bauserman Cemetery

USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription
Project . Thanks to Pam
Reid and her efforts, the cemetery files have been growing fast!

   8 ft Monument at Workman's Creek, Raleigh Co, WV Cemetery
         Drawing of Pioneer Man and Pioneer Woman -
                  inscription reads:

              Dedicated to  Jacob Stover ca 1767-1844
                            Sally McGhee  ca 1767-1836
                                  Married on 16 Mar 1788
and their children, Jacob Jr, Obediah, Henry, John, Lewis, Francis,
Abraham, Susan, Sampson, Jubal.
         "Who with great faith in God left their homeland in Franklin
Co, VA and settled here on Coal River at the mouth of Lick Run about
1815, and by word and deed set, an example for their ancestors to
follow.  We, their many descendants
are forever grateful to these, 'true pioneers for the courage They showed
and the hardships they faced.  It is to these the grandparents of us all
that we give our greatest honor and our deepest respect."

                      Dedicated 5-29-1994
       Gracie Stover

              Stover Cemeteries in Putnam Co, WV
  "Putnam County Cemeteries publ by Upper Vadalia Hist Society

                      Asbury Cemetery

 Margaret Adelaine Stover b 13 Jan 1924 d 20 Feb 1944
       d/o S.W & Lula Stover

                      Buffalo Memorial Park

     Perry A Stover b 1898 d 1980
     Weatthia M Stover b 1903 d 1954
     S Lawrence Stover b 28 Sep  1885 d 16 July 1959
     Nellie I Stover b 31 Mar 1891 d 21 Dec 1975

                      Ellis Cemetery

     Van B Stover b 1883 d 1906

                      Hurricane Cemetery

     Ed Stover b 28 Aug 1888 d 15 Sep 1943
         AKA Joseph Edward Clendenen

                      McCallister Cemetery

     Hiram Stover b 1865 d 1924
     Anna Burdette Stover b 1872 d 1945
       wife  d/o L.P. Burdette
                      New Antioch Cemetery

     Brian Wayne Stover b 19 May 1971 d 14 Oct 1971

                      Otin Heights Cemetery

     Elmer G Stover b 25 Feb 1903 d 1 May 1958
     Infant Stover b July 1945 d July 1945

                      Walker Chapel Cemetery

     Mary Stover b 21 Oct 1899
     Christopher Allen Stover  d 20 Aug 1975
         s/o Jerry & Katherine Stover
     Denzil D Stover  b 8 Jan 1926 d 27 May 1948
         PFC 399 Inf US Army WWII
     Bobby A Stover 1946
     John Carl Stover b 26 Mar 1896 d 25 Oct 1967(WWII)
     Daniel M Stover b 1873 d 1961
     Annie E Stover b 1875 d 1928
     G.W. Stover b 26 Dec 1864 d 25 June 1913
     Joseph Stover  b 23 Jan 1890 d 24 Jan1970
     Katie Stover b 13 Feb 1899 d 9 June 1976
     (Baby) Stover b 1958 d 1958
     Beryl V.Stover b 17 Aug 1920 d 20 Oct 1977
     E.J."Pug" Stover b 11 Mar 1900 d 14 Jun 1978

                      Mount Zion Cemetery
     Selena Stover b 5 Sep 1973 d 5 Sep 1973

                     Haven of Rest Cemetery

     Billy Ray Stover  b 1954 d 1978
     Erkie Otis Stover b 6 Oct 1895 d 27 Apr 1981
        Bglr US Army WWI

                     St Patrick Cemetery

     Frances E. Hill Stover b 16 Jan 1934 d 25 June 1987

                     Valley View Memorial Park

     Virginia Lynn Stover b 7 Oct 1983 d 25 Apr 1984
     James E. Stover b 25 Apr 1918 d 19 May 977
         S Sgt US Army WWII

Putman Co Cemeteries from Gracie Stover
  A Biographical History of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
         Early Settlers and Eminent Men of the County
    by Alex Harris -- publ 1872 reprint 1989 Heritage Books inc

  Stauffer, Benjamin M. elected Register of Wills 1854
          , Christian elected County Commissioner 1813
          , Capt William D. native of Lanc Co enlisted as private in Co
            B. 1st Reg of A. Reserves. Served all of the Civil War--dis-
            charged as Capt of Co. II 195th Reg Penn Reserves.

  Stauffer Family
           John Stauffer and his brother Jacob emigrated from Germany
           about the year 1740. They were boys of 12-15 years. John
           married the dau of John Martin Amwey & had a son, Martin.

           Jacob Stauffer b in Manhiem in the county of Lancaster, on
           the 30 Nov 1808. Graduate of West Point-- Artist (Father
           didn't approve) md 3 times.
        "Berks of Old, the History and Genealogy of Berks Co. PA,
                    Vol II number 3", Nov 1984
               by Southwest Pa Genealogical Services
           Administration Abstracts, Berks Co. Administration
                             Book 8
          GABRIEL KLINE of Colebrookdale Twp, yeoman. Letters of
          Administration granted 18 May 1819 to Henry Geyer, a
          son-in-law, and Jacob Stauffer, a friend
                                               (page 235)

              Items from an Old Berks County Newspaper
    The following items have been reprinted from the Thursday morning,
    January 16th, 1873 edition of the "Reading Times and Dispatch":

p-32      Arrivals at the Keystone House, up to 12 O'clock Midnight:
          G. W. Griesemer, Reading: ...J. H. Grant, Boyertown...
          J. Funk, Lebanon;... ? Stauffer, Lancaster; H. K. Stoner,
         "Berks of Old, the History and Genealogy of Berks Co. PA,
                    Vol II, Number 1", May 1984
               by Southwest Pa Genealogical Services
               Will Abstracts, Berks County, Will Book 8
    John Stoner of Union Twp, yeoman. "Being under weakness and
indisposition of Body". Wife: Magdalen. Sons: John (over age 21) and
Abraham (youngest son). Daughters: Veronica Stoner (eldest Daughter,
over the age of 18), Magdalen CLEMENTS (second Daughter), Ester MILLER
(young Daughter, over age 18). Mentions the servant girl named Rebecca
REESE. Also mentions: 1) his stone dwelling house; 2) that part of his
plantation on which he lives that lies to the Southward of the road
leading from the Town of Reading to the city of Philadelphia, bounded
by George CARSON and Jacob RITCHY, together with 62 acres 100 perches,
being  southeasterly part of a tract of 92 acres 100 perches of wood-
land situate in Union Twp, bounded in part by Martin (URNER ? or WERNER
?) and Ulrich Switzer and vacant land, with all buildings and improve-
ments; 3) Sixpence Creek which runs through the preceeding land; 4) his
saw mill; 5) the stone quarry; and 6) the rest of his plantation on the
north side of the above road, bounded by George CARSON, Jacob RITCHY,
and the Schuylkill River, with the residue of 92 acres 100 perches of
woodland. Executors: Wife Magdalen and trusty friend Jacob HIGH of
Nantmeal Twp, Chester Co. PA. Witnesses: Jacob REDGE, Henry LEHR, and
Simon Meredith. Will dated 15 Nov 1783; proved 8 Dec 1783
                                               (pg 78)
          "Berks of Old, the History and Genealogy of Berks Co. PA,
                    Vol II, Number 2", August 1984
               by Southwest Pa Genealogical Services
           Will Abstracts, Berks County, Will Book 10
     John Stauffer was an executor to Philip EAGLE of Douglas Twp.
William Stauffer was a witness to Eagle's will.
Will dated 4 Dec 1843, proved 30 Sep 1853
Renunciation of John Stauffer filed
Wills for Stovers and Stauffers in Bedford County, PA
The address for the Bedford County Courthouse is:

                           Bedford County Court House
                               230 S. Juliana St.
                            Bedford, PA 15522-1716
I have been told by a researcher that has done extensive research in
Pennsylvania that the Bedford County Courthouse has sent most of their
old records to:

           The State Division of Archives and Manuscripts,
              Pa Historical and Museum commission
                       Harrisburg, PA

     Anna Mary Stauffer, File # 1978-00013, Date of Death-1/11/1933;
     code 37, Woodbury
     Township;Correspondent, J Irvin Byers.
     Mark B Stauffer, File # 1933-00188, Date of Death-11/22/1978;
     code 36, Woodbury
     Bourgh;Correspondent, Dorothy E Stauffer.

     Daniel Stover, File # 1881-20049, Date of Death-5/30/81; code 36,
     Borough;Correspondent, C.R Stover.
     Henry Stover, File # 1826-00040, Date of Death-0/00/00; code 11,
     Hopewell Township;
     Correspondent, John Piper.

These are the only ones I have so far. If any of you have others that
can be posted to help other researcher, please email me.
               Land Records Bedford County, PA.
                 Bedford County Court House
          230 S. Juliana St., Bedford, PA 15522-1716
 NAME             TYPE          BOOK      Pg #     RECORDED     DIST
Stover, A Grace   Deed           236       498    8/30/1946      011
        A Grace   Morgage         49       266    3/27/1947      003
        A Grace   Release         42        95    4/26/1952      003
        A Grace   Release         44       372    4/10/1954      003
        A Grace   Deed           273       361   12/15/1962      011
        A Grace   Deed           318       595    9/09/1974      011
        A Grace   Deed           318       598    9/09/1974      011
        A Grace   Deed           318       602    9/09/1974      011
        A Grace   Deed           318       606    9/09/1974      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       322    2/13/1975      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       325    2/13/1975      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       328    2/13/1975      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       331    2/13/1975      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       458    2/24/1975      011
        A Grace   Deed           320       501    5/26/1975      011
  Christopher     Agreement      AO         51    5/30/1867      037
  Christy E Jr    Release        61        341    2/06/1964      018
  Daniel          Deed           K         398   10/11/1816      000
  Daniel          Deed           P         176    8/25/1828      000
  Daniel          Deed           Q         189    1/23/1832      000
  Daniel          Deed           AQ        395   11/15/1869      000
  Daniel          Deed            87       102    4/27/1897      000
  Donald E        Deed           306       528    4/15/1972      006
  Donald E        Deed           230        21    6/19/1985      006
  Eleanor Ott     Deed           296       439    9/09/1969      002
  Eleanor Ott     Release         75       460    9/21/1973      002
  Eleanor R       Deed           299       393    7/11/1970      001
  Eleanor R       Mortgage        97       353    7/11/1970      001
  Eleanor R       Assignment      70       601    4/28/1971      000
  Eleanor R       Deed           329      1003   11/29/1976      001
  Eleanor R      Partial Assign   81       444   10/31/1977      000
  Eleanor R Ott  Satisfaction P  430       198    6/05/1990      002
  Elsie M        Agreement        14       392   12/15/1919      037
  Elsie M        Agreement        14       392   12/15/1919      037
  Frederick      Deed             P         11   11/26/1827      000
  Grace          Mortgage         47       231    8/28/1944      003
  H V            Mortgage         47       231    8/28/1944      003
  H V            Mortgage         49       266    3/27/1947      003
  H Verius       Release          42        95    4/26/1952      003
  H Verius       Release          44       372    4/10/1954      003
  H Verius       Deed            270       138    3/02/1961      011
  H Verius       Deed            273       361   12/15/1962      011
  H Verius       Deed            318       595    9/09/1974      011
  H Verius       Deed            318       598    9/09/1974      011
  H Verius       Deed            318       602    9/09/1974      011
  H Verius       Deed            318       606    9/09/1974      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       322    2/13/1975      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       325    2/13/1975      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       328    2/13/1975      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       331    2/13/1975      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       458    2/24/1975      011
  H Verius       Deed            320       501    2/26/1975      011
  H Verius       Plat              4       154    5/15/1989      011
  H Verius       Plat              4       154    8/30/1946      011
  H Verius       Deed            236        49    8/30/1989      011
  Henry          Deed            F         135    2/16/1903      011
  Henry          Deed            K         392   10/10/181       011
  Henry          Deed            P          11   11/26/1827      000
  Henry          Deed            P         466    2/25/1829      011
  Herman M       Agreement        14       392   12/15/1919      037
  Herman M       Agreement        14       392   12/15/1919      037
  Hettie         Release          13       321    1/19/1917      037
  Jeanne Fait    Release          61       341    2/06/1964      018
  Jonathan       Deed            Y         320    8/28/1849      037
  Kenneth C      Deed            273       361   12/15/1962      011
  Kenneth C      Deed            318       598    9/09/1974      011
  Kenneth C      Deed             35        54   10/09/1979      011
  Kenneth C      Deed             35        54   10/09/1979      011
  Kenneth C      Mortgage         67       303   12/08/1980      000
  Kenneth C      Deed            376       128    6/08/1988      011
  Kenneth C      Deed            376       128    6/08/1988      011
  Mary E         Deed            306       528    4/15/1972      006
  Mary E         Deed            230        21    6/19/1985      006
  Nancy          Deed            Y         320      28/1849      037
  R Lucille      Deed            273       361   12/15/1962      011
  R Lucille      Deed            318       598    9/09/1974      011
  R Lucille      Deed             35        54   10/09/1979      011
  R Lucille      Deed            376       128    6/08/1988      011
  Susan          Deed             K3       518    3/13/1883      036
  Susan          Deed             87       102    4/27/1897      000
  Susannah       Deed            P         176    8/25/1828      000
  Susannah       Deed            Q         189    1/23/1832      000
  William        Deed            P          11   11/26/1827      000
  William H      Deed            296       439    9/09/1969      002
  William H      Deed            299       393    7/11/1970      001
  William H      Mortgage         97       353    7/11/1970      001
  William H      Deed            329      1003   11/29/1976      001

"The State Division of Archives and Manuscripts", Pa Historial and
Museum commission, Harrisburg, PA

          Gracie Stover    
           1750 Assessment List - Lebanon Twp, Lancaster Co. PA

  Stouffer, Jacob

           1755 Assessment List - Labanon Twp, Lancaster Co. PA

  Stouffer, Jacob
  Stoever, Rev John Casper

           1758 Assessment List - Labanon Twp, Lancaster Co. PA

  Stouffer, Jacob
  Stoever, Rev John Casper
            1800 First Anniville Twp Tax List

  Stouffer, John

 (History of Dauphin & Lebanon Co. PA by Henry Egles)

            1771 Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
                        Proprietary Tax List

 Stouffer, Henry             2.6
 Stouter, Henry              3.0
 Stoner, Widow               3.0
 (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol 17)

            1790 Federal Direct Tax, Head of Families
                    Lebanon Town, Dauphin Co. Pa

   Stover,   Daniel     1  1  3  -  -
   Stover,   Frederic   2  3  1  -  -
                        SOUTHERN STOVERS
              Survey of the Stover Cemetery Lawrence Co. Ala
             (along with the inscription on the tombstones)

Mary A. _____( wife of  Riley C. Stover) b 16 Apr 1857 d 26 Jun 1899
      Christ is my Hope (FM) M. A. S.
Riley G. Stover b 29 Mar 1837  d 1 Dec 1888
      Death is another life
T. C. Stover b 28 Apr 1823  d 9 Feb 1893
      Gone to dwell with Jesus

Elijah Stover (Masonic Emblem) b 26 Feb 1827  d 13 Apr 1888
Elijah Stover b 17 Jan 1796  d 13 Apr 1871
Delphia Logan (wife of Elijah Stover) b 8 Jun 1800  d 10 Aug 1878

Lulleen Stover (Dau of P.M. & S.N. Stover) b 21 Jun 1895 d 6 Feb 1902
        This lovely bud
        so yound and fair
        Called hence by early doom;
        come to show how sweet a flower
        In paradise would bloom
             (FM) L.S.

Lovic G. son of P. M. & N. Stover b 24 Sep 1891  d 9 Jan 1892 (FM)L.G.S.

Pascal M. Stover b 25 Mar 1855   d  19 Apr 1904
                    Kind father of love,
                    thou art gone to thy rest.
                    Forever to be
                   admid the
                    joys of the blest
                Stover (FM) P.M.S

Elijah Stover (Husband of M.L. Stover) b 11 Jan 1863 d 11 Aug 1891
                       Remember me, as you pass by,
                       As you are now, so
                       once was I,
                       As I am now, so
                       shall you be,
                       Trust in the Lord
                       and follow me.
                Rosenbrough St Louis
                   "30,638 Burials in Georgia"
           by Jeannette Holland Austin, pub 1995, pp603
STOVER, David Gordon b 11 May 1888 d 23 Jun 1968
                      Jefferson City Cemetery, Jackson Co. GA
STOVER, Grady b 20 Aug 1918 d 25 Jan 19555
                      Oconee Church, Jackson Co. GA
 comments: Ga. SFC 309 Field Hospital, WW II spouse Polly W.
STOVER, Leila Emmett 24 Aug 1896
                      Jefferson City Cemetery Jackson Co. GA
STOVER, Nettie Jane b 1849 d 1917
                      Zion Baptist Ch Cemetery Jackson Co. GA
STOVER, Polly W. 1923
                      Oconee Church Jackson Co. GA
 comments: spouse Grady Stover
                        LAND RECORDS
                    T  R  S   DESC.                 DATE
STOVER, Obediah     8  6  12  NE 1/4 of NE 1/4
                    "  "  "   SW 1/4 of NW 1/4
                    "  "  27   S 1/2 of NW 1/4      8/1/1855
                    "  "  "   N 1/2 of MW 1/2           "
                    "  "  35  SW 1/4 Section       10/8/1855

STOVER, Elisha      7  6  34  SW 1/4 of SE 1/4     3/22/1836
                    "  "  "   SE 1/4 of SE 1/4          "

STOVER. Abram       6  6  36  SW 1/4 of NW 1/4     6/29/1831
                    "  "  "   NW 1/4 of SW 1/4
                    "  "  "   NE 1/4 of SW 1/4
                    "  "  "   SW 1/4 of SW 1/4
                    "  "  "   SE 1/4 of SW 1/4
                    "  "  "   SW 1/4 of SE 1/4
                    7  6  1   NE 1/4 of NW 1/4      4/2/1857
                    "  "  "   NW 1/4 of NE 1/4

Land Titles in Lawrence Co. ALA (Source: Lawrence Co Courthouse)

                     General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Alabama
                Patentee Last Name: STOVER
                Patentee First Name: JACOB
                Patentee Middle Initial: B
                Land Office: HUNTSVILLE
                Document Number: 32504
                Title Authority: CASH ENTRY SALE
                Signature: Y
                Signature Date: 1861/05/01
                Land Description Number: 4
                Aliquot Parts: SWNW
                Section Number: 23
                Township: 13S
                Range: 9W
                Base Line: HUNTSVILLE
                Total Acres: 319.2700
                Fractional Section: N
                Subsurface Rights Reserved: N
                Metes and Bounds Description: N
                Canceled Document: N
                Multiple Patentee Names: N
                Multiple Warantee Names: N
                Accession Number: AL3970__.291
                Image Name: 00005710
                Volume ID: 067
                      General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Alabama
                Patentee Last Name: STOVER
                Patentee First Name: ISAAC
                Patentee Middle Initial: J
                Land Office: HUNTSVILLE
                Document Number: 6397
                Miscellaneous Document Number: 13062
                Title Authority: HOMESTEAD
                Signature: Y
                Signature Date: 1891/06/06
                Land Description Number: 1
                Aliquot Parts: E«SE
                Section Number: 9
                Township: 5S
                Range: 7E
                Base Line: HUNTSVILLE
                Total Acres: 80.3200
                Fractional Section: N
                Subsurface Rights Reserved: N
                Metes and Bounds Description: N
                Canceled Document: N
                Multiple Patentee Names: N
                Multiple Warantee Names: N
                Accession Number: AL4130__.431
                Image Name: 00010822
                Volume ID: 069

                      General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Alabama
                Patentee Last Name: STOVER
                Patentee First Name: JEREMIAH
                Patentee Middle Initial: J
                Land Office: HUNTSVILLE
                Document Number: 6252
                Miscellaneous Document Number: 12986
                Title Authority: HOMESTEAD
                Signature: Y
                Signature Date: 1891/06/06
                Land Description Number: 1
                Aliquot Parts: NE
                Section Number: 10
                Township: 6S
                Range: 6E
                Base Line: HUNTSVILLE
                Total Acres: 159.8600
                Fractional Section: N
                Subsurface Rights Reserved: N
                Metes and Bounds Description: N
                Canceled Document: N
                Multiple Patentee Names: N
                Multiple Warantee Names: N
                Accession Number: AL4130__.378
                Image Name: 00011089
                Volume ID: 069

                    General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Alabama
                Patentee Last Name: STOVER
                Patentee First Name: SAMUEL
                Patentee Middle Initial: C
                Land Office: HUNTSVILLE
                Document Number: 5441
                Miscellaneous Document Number: 11392
                Title Authority: HOMESTEAD
                Signature: Y
                Signature Date: 1890/05/21
                Land Description Number: 1
                Aliquot Parts: SW
                Section Number: 15
                Township: 6S
                Range: 6E
                Base Line: HUNTSVILLE
                Total Acres: 160.3100
                Fractional Section: N
                Subsurface Rights Reserved: N
                Metes and Bounds Description: N
                Canceled Document: N
                Multiple Patentee Names: N
                Multiple Warantee Names: N
                Accession Number: AL4120__.157
                Image Name: 00010644
                Volume ID: 069
                  1820 Lawrence Co. ALA Census

STOVER, Abraham 1 male over 21
                2 males und 21
                1 fem over 21
                0 fem under 21

STOVER, Abraham 2 males over 21
                2 males und 21
                1 fem over 21
                1 fem und 21

STOVER, Elijah  1 male over 21
                0 male under 21
                0 fem over 21
                3 fem und 21

                  1850 Madison Co. ALA Census

STOVER, John            76     MD
      , Sarah           68     NC
      , Sarah           30     TN
      , Lora Walker F.  28     TN

                  1880 Jackson Co. ALA Census

STOVER, Samuel        46     Head    SC   SC   SC
      , Julia Ann     46     Wife    GA   GA   SC
      , Jeremiah      21     Son
      , Hester A. E.  19     Dau
      , Samuel J.     15     Son
      , Martha A.     12     Dau
      , Suelender     11     Dau

STOVER, Obediah C.    43     Head
      , Nancy A.      42     Wife
      , Mary A. L.    15     Dau
      , Lydia M.      12     Dau
      , Jacob A.      10     Son
      , Martha A. R.   7     Dau
      , Sarah A.       3     Dau
      , Elnora J.      2     Dau

                1900 Jackson Co. Ala Census
STOVER, Mary Ann    Widowed     61     Apr 1839
      , Jacob       Son         40     Apr 1860
      , Falby       Dau-in-law         Nov 1871
      , Edmon       gson               Nov 1896
STOVER, James       Head        44     Nov 1856 Ga
      , Nancy J.    Wife        39     Apr 1861 Ala
      , William J.  Son         14     May 1886 Ala
      , Julia A.    Dau         12     Nov 1888 Ala
      , Calvin      Son         10     Jan 1890 Ala
      , Cephus      Son         10     Jan 1890 Ala
      , Luther      Son          8         1891 Ala
      , Fannie      Dau          6     Jul 1893 Ala
      , Johnny      Son          4     Jul 1896 Ala
      , Mary P.     Dau          1     Nov 1899 Ala

                1910 Culman Co. ALA Census

STOVER, Henry J.      38    Ga
      , Mary A.       29    Ga

STOVER, John R.     Head 33 ALA  GA  GA
      , Martha M.   Wife 29 Ala  US  US
      , Eva M.      Dau  11 AlA ALA ALA
      , Thomas      Son   9 ALA ALA ALA
      , Bertha H.   Dau   7 ALA ALA ALA
      , Carl C.     Son   4 ALA ALA ALA
      , James J.    Son   2 ALA ALA ALA

                        RALEIGH COUNTY CENSUS 1850
     Page 1        Microfilm Page 1 A                 July 1, 1850
SCHEDULE I. - Free Inhabitants in District No. 59 in the County of
Raleigh State of Virginia enumerated by me, on the first day of July
                            E.Prince   Ass't Marshal.
   Name                    Age  Sex      Occ         Value      Birth
                                                      of        State
                                                  Real Estate
     Page 3        Microfilm Page 2 A                 July 3, 1850

22   John Stover            30   M      Farmer            400      Va
     Eliza Stover           28   F                                 Va
     Emily Stover            9   F                                 Va
     Mary Stover             7   F                                 Va
     Ruamy Stover            3   F                                 Va
     Laticia Stover          1   F                                 Va

     Page 4        Microfilm Page 2 B                 July 4, 1850

26   Lewis Stover           47   M      Farmer            11.00    Va
     Deliah Stover          46   F                                 Va
     Lewis Stover           17   M      Laborer                    Va
     Penira Stover          15   F                                 Va
     Tollison Stover        12   M                                 Va
     Francis Stover          6   F                                 Va
     Margaret Stover         5   F                                 Va
     Jessee Stover           4   M                                 Va
     Anthony Stover          2   M                                 Va

30   Abraham Stover         46   M      Farmer            250      Va
     Mahala Stover          37   F                                 Va
     Lucinda Stover         17   F                                 Va
     William Stover         14   M                                 Va
     Francis Stover         12   F                                 Va
     Hiram Stover            8   M                                 Va
     Louisa Stover           6   F                                 Va
     Lucresa Stover          5   F                                 Va
     Ladoria Stover          2   F                                 Va
     Page 13       Microfilm Page 7 A                 July 30, 1850

84   John Stover, Jr.       24   M      Farmer             250     Va
     Mary Stover            22   F                                 Va
     Henry Stover            2   M                                 Va

87   John Stover, Sen.      50   M      Farmer             2000    Va
     Nancy Stover           50   F                                 Va
     Burrell Stover         22   M      Laborer                    Va
     Siles Stover           17   M               (Jiles?)          Va
     Lewis Stover           16   M                                 Va
     Stephen Stover         13   M                                 Va
     Daniel Stover          10   M                                 Va
     Minervia Stover        18   F                                 Va

89   Irvin Stover           28   M      Farmer                     Va
     Malinda Stover         27   F                                 Va
     Clarkson Stover         8   M                                 Va

Page 14       Microfilm Page 7 B                 July 31, 1850

     Martha Stover           7   F                                 Va
     Angeline Stover         5   F                                 Va
     Floyd Stover            3   M                                 Va
     Cephus Stover           2   M                                 Va
     Filix Stover            1   M                                 Va

Page 28       Microfilm Page 14 B                August 16, 1850

195  Jessee Stover          30   M      Farmer                     Va
     Sarah Stover           26   F                                 Va
     Julia Stover            6   F                                 Va
     Jane Stover             4   F                                 Va
     Miram Stoover           2   F                                 Va
Page 33       Microfilm Page 17 A                August 22, 1850

230  John Reston            33   M      Farmer                     Va
     Nancy Reston           34   F                                 Va
     Alfred Stover          13   M                                 Va
     Harrison Stover        11   M                                 Va
     Patterson Reston        8   M                                 Va
     Paulina Reston          6   F                                 Va
     Rebecca Reston          5   F                                 Va
     Lewis Reston            3   M                                 Va
     William Reston          1   M                                 Va

Page 34       Microfilm Page 17 B                August 26, 1850

234  William Stover         32   M      Farmer                     Va
     Elizabeth Stover       30   F                                 Va
     Julia Ann Stover        8   F                                 Va
     Allen Stover            7   M                                 Va
     Jane Stover             5   F                                 Va
     Emily Stover            4   F                                 Va
     Patterson Stover        2   M                                 Va

235  Mary Stover            60   F                                 Va
     Moses Stover           27   M      Laborer                    Va
     Sarah Stover           23   F                                 Va
     Daniel Stover          21   M      Laborer                    Va
     George Stover          19   M                                 Va
 Page 36       Microfilm Page 18 B                August 28, 1850

248  Lewis Stover           25   M      Farmer             475     Va
     Nancy Stover           20   F                                 Va
     Mary Stover             2   F                                 Va

259  Sampson Stover         40   M      Farmer                     Va
     Charles Stover         10   M                                 Va
     Clarkson Stover         7   M                                 Ky

               -- STOVER SOUTHERN MARRIAGES --
                    JACKSON CO ALA MARRIAGES

STOVER, James m Nancy J. Lackey 19 Jun 1885
      , Hester A. E. m William Key 15 Apr 1885
      , Sarah m Alexander Talley 13 Jul 1881
             (Dau of J. V. S. and Jane Stover)
      , Jasper m Louisa F. Talley 28 Dec 1888
       Signed by Jasper Stover and Samuel C. Stover
             (Son of J. V. S. and Jane Stover)
      , Martha A. M. m William Timmons 2 Oct 1887
      , I.(Isaac) J. m Falve Kay 11 Jun 1888
      , Ellen M. m Robert A. Palmer
      , Samuel G. m Mary E. Rictor 6 Jan 1882
       Signed by J. C. Stover and Sam G. Stover
      , Charlie m Bodie Keggs 11 Jun 1900
      , O. J. & Emma Gray 11 Feb 1908

                   LAWRENCE CO ALA MARRIAGES
Stover, Donald Wayne m Sherry Ray Montgomery
      , Thomas Alexander Jr m Rebecca Elaine Holliday
      , Elijah m Delphia Logan 3 Jul 1818
      , Elisha m Betsy Allen 26 Mar 1821
      , Elijah Jr m Narcissa Troup 31 Mar 1851
          bond by Elijah Stover and P. Reddy
      , Edgar m Clarissa Echold 29 Dec 1897
      , Richard m Minnie Guinn 19 Nov 1898
      , George E. m Minnie Hill 26 Nov 1898
      , Jim m Net Mc Daniel 28 Dec 1898
                   PICKENS CO GA Marriages

Stover, J. V. S. m Mary Jane Pack 27 Dec 1859
Stover, Obediah C. m Nancy Neighbors 29 Jun 1863
Stover, Jacob m Hulda Hightower 24 Dec 1865
Stover, George m Nancy Chastain 28 Apr 1868
Stover, John S. m Mary Ann Stover 17 May 1853
(I believe this to be Sidney Stover who m Mary Ann Phoebe)
Census and Marriage records were sent in by RUTH POOLE
                        Buncombe Co., NC
Emmiline Stover md Thomas M. Kinsey b Buncombe Co., NC
They moved in 1850 to Cherokee Co. Ga then to Habersham Co and later to
White CO. Ga. He was a pastor of the Baptist Churched in NE Georgia
   Satirah J. md Henry B. Standridge 16 Jan 1851 Habersham Co
   they had 4 children before Henry died.
Howell Cobb md Mattie Hedden
  Howell was a Ga Governor, then Sec. of Treasury in administration of
James Buchanan.
  Junius Hillyer md Mary Talitha Hooper
   Junius was a prominate baptist minister in NE GA
  Martha Clementine md Samuel Brown
  Mary Annie md A. Stringer.
Catherine Stover b VA md David Huffman b 22 Mar 1809 Hampshire Co. VA
  ch were
         Amanda md Abram Borce Ban Sickle
                    REVOLUTIONARY SURVIVOR
                       DeKalb Co. GA
Lewis Stower
              Cyrus Keister 1839 Died 6 Dec 1908 Age 69

Distinguished Record in the War between the states, while serving as a
bugler in Co. G. 4th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, under General William
C. Wickhams's Brigade.
Cyrus enlisted 2 Aug 1861 at Fairfax Court House. He was a member of the
Strasburg Brass Band known as the "Keister Band". The Band went to Fair-
fax when the 4th Regiment was organized. Not all of the band members
could join, bur several did, including Cyrus.
He married to Francis Spengler and they had 2 children:
  Roselle and Carlos, they lost 7 in infancy.
On Dec 11, 1905, the Strasburg News, Published by the Bushong Brothers
wrote an account of the life story and death of Cousin Cyrus Keister.

   "Mr Keister was in the prime of young manhood when the Civil War
began and he eagerly gave his services to the Confederacy, throwing his
heart and soul into the cause. He wanted to get into the thickest of
fighting and he had his wish gratified by joining General Wickham's
command. He became bugler of the regiment and was held in high regard
by the general until the General was killed, having been frequently
complimented by his commander for acts of bravery. Both Wickham and
Munford developed a friendship with Cyrus. At the battle of Trevillians,
Bugler Keister prevented a Confederate reverse by blowing his bugle
without orders from his superiors. He was the first to see the danger to
his regiment and sounded the warning in clear, ringing notes. When the
commander heard the bugle his first thought was to rebuke his bugler,
but seeing Mr. Keister had saved the day and the boys in gray, he was
profuse in his compliments to him. It can be said of Mr. Keister that no
braver soldier wore the gray. His bugle he kept and he loved it. To hear
him sound its martial notes sent a thrill of patriotism through the
Mr. Keister was a member of Stover Camp Confederate Veterans and took
great interest in the organization, never missing a meeting or a reunion
when he could help it. ...."
The following letter, published in the Stasburg News on 18 Dec 1908:

                                  Oakland Plantation near Uniontown, ALA
                                  Dec 11, 1908
L. Hurn, Adjutant Stover Camp
Confederate Veterans, Strasburg, Va
My Dear Sir:
  Please accept my sincere thanks for your kind note, informing me of
the death of gallant Cyrus Keister, Chief Bugler of the Second Brigade
of Cavalry, A. N. V. I shall always remember him affectionatly because
he was as brave a soldier as we had in the brigade-and as humble a
Christian as he was brave. I can never forget the blast of his trumpet,
as with lifted arm he poured forth the soul of music, for when he blew
the assembly, or the charge, it expressed in clear note that the music
came from a man who expected the enemy, as well as friends, to pause and
give ear. There was something in his modest nature which drew him to me,
and he served me as faithfully as any officer in the command, and was
always in place and ready to do any duty in a pleasant way.
 Poor Keister when at the last reunion at Charlottesville he came to
shake hands with me and said rather sadly, "I have lost control of my
instrument, my front teeth have gone back on me," and his face flushed
as he blew false notes.
 Peace to his ashes.
 If you have an opportunity express to his family my sincere sympathy
for I feel a friend and comrad has gone before. With a good bugler and
a good adjutant the commanding officer is best supported.
 With best wishes, fraternally and affectionaly, your comrade.
                                   Thomas T. Munford"
       Brief History of the Seventh West Virginia Cavalry

   [Adapted from Loyal West Virginia 1861-1865, by Theodore Lang]

The Eighth Regiment, Virginia Infantry, (of the Union Army) was
organized in the Kanawha Valley, by Major John H. Oley, during the fall
of 1861, headquarters being at Charleston. The regiment was ordered to
New Creek in April, 1862, becoming a part of General Fremont's Mountain
Department, and with the Sixtieth Ohio Infantry, was organized as an
advance brigade, and placed under the command of Colonel Cluseret,
A.D.C. to General Fremont. In the pursuit of Stonewall Jackson up the
Shenandoah Valley, this brigade had the advance, and were engaged in
several skirmishes with Turner Ashby's cavalry, following him closely
to Harrisonburg, where they engaged him, resulting in the death of
Ashby. This brigade occupied the center at the Battle of Cross Keys
and wascomplimented by General Fremont for its gallantry.

The regiment became a part of General Bohlen's brigade, Sigel's Corps,
in General John Pope's campaign, and served with great gallantry in
all the engagements of that campaign, including the Second Battle of
Bull Run. On arriving at Washington, D.C., the regiment was transferred
to General Milroy's brigade, and returned with him to western Virginia,
and was again assigned to duty in the Kanawha Valley. In November,
1862, it was transferred to Colonel Moor's brigade. On the assignment
of General Averell to the Fourth Separate Brigade, this regiment was
mounted, and became a part of his brigade, as the Seventh West Virginia
Cavalry, with which it served as long as the organization existed.

The regiment spent the last years of its term in the Kanawha Valley,
occupying the following different posts: Charleston, Coalsmouth,
Winfield, Point Pleasant, and Guyandotte. Early in January two or three
brigades of Confederate troops were sent to winter in the counties
immediately in the front of these posts, and the regiment was kept very
actively engaged during the winter, to prevent incursions by them, and
in the protection of loyal citizens and their property. Several small
engagements took place, in which a number of the enemy were killed,
and about two hundred prisoners taken. About the 1st of February, 1865,
six officers and nearly one hundred fifty men were discharged by reason
of expiration of term of service, but the regiment was immediately
filled to the maximum by the muster-in of recruits.

From the time of the surrender of Lee's army the regiment was engaged
in patrolling the twenty counties of southwestern Virginia, composing
the District of Kanawha, for the purpose of paroling returned Confeder-
ates and maintaining order in the country. Over 5000 Confederates were
paroled by the officers of this regiment. In June, 1865, Colonel John
H. Oley, who had been in command in the Kanawha Valley for a year pre-
viously, received an appointment as Brevet Brigadier-General, to rank
from March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service in West Vir-

The regiment was mustered out at Charleston, West Virginia, on August
1, 1865. The regiment lost during the war: killed in battle and died
of wounds, 5 officers and 28 enlisted men; died of disease or accident,
2 officers and 201 enlisted men; total, 236.
Roster of the Seventh West Virginia Cavalry

STOVER, ALLEN Co. H, Raleigh Co.
STOVER, CHARLES Co. H, Raleigh Co.
STOVER, DANIEL Co. H, Raleigh Co.
STOVER, ELI Co. C, Kanawha Co.
STOVER, HENRY Co. H, Raleigh Co.
STOVER, HIRAM Co. H, Raleigh Co.
STOVER, WILLIAM Co. H, Raleigh Co.
                Service of the Seventh West Virginia Cavalry

  Adapted from Compendium of the War of the Rebellion by Frederick Dyer

Organized at Buffalo, W. Va., November, 1861. Attached to District of
the Kanawha, W. Va. Unassigned to May, 1862. Cluseret's Advance
Brigade, Dept. of the Mountains, to June, 1862. Bohlen's Brigade, 3rd
Division, 1st Corps, Pope's Army of Virginia, to September, 1862.
Milroy's Independent Brigade, Defences of Washington, D.C., to October,
1862. Point Pleasant, W. Va., District of the Kanawha, W. Va., Dept.
of the Ohio, to March, 1863. Averell's 4th Separate Brigade, 8th Army
Corps, Middle Department, to June, 1863. Averell's 4th Separate Brigade,
Dept. of West Virginia, to December, 1863. 3rd Brigade, 4th Division,
Army of West Virginia, to January, 1864.

SERVICE.--Post duty at Buffalo, W. Va., till April, 1862. Ordered to
New Creek, W. Va. At Franklin till May 25. Pursuit of Jackson up the
Shenandoah Valley May 26-June 19. Mt. Carmel Road near Strasburg June
1. Strasburg and Staunton Road June 1-2. Harrisonburg June 6. Battle of
Cross Keys June 8. Port Republic June 9. Moved to Strasburg June 19-22,
thence to Middletown June 24, and duty there till July. Middletown July
7. At Winchester till August 2. Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 2-September 22. Fords of the Rappahannock August 20-23. Free-
man's Ford August 22. Sulphur Springs August 23-24. Waterloo Bridge
August 25. Gainesville August 28. Groveton August 29. Bull Run August
30. In the Defences of Washington, D.C., till September 29. Moved to
Mt. Pleasant, W. Va., September 29-October 9. Outpost duty at various
points inDistrict of West Virginia, till June, 1863. Skirmish, Gilmer
County, W. Va., April 24, 1863. Regiment mounted at Bridgeport June,
1863. Moved to Grafton June 17. Beverly July 2-3. Huttonsville July 4.
Moved to Cumberland, Md., July 7. Hedgesville and Martinsburg July
18-19.Averell's Raid through Hardy, Pendleton, Highland, Bath, Green-
brier and Pocahontas Counties, W. Va., August 5-31. Huntersville
August 22. Warm Springs August 24. Jackson River August 25. Rocky Gap
near White Sulphur Springs August 26-27. At Martinsburg till November,
Averell's Raid against Lewisburg and the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad
November 1-17. Mill Point November 5. Droop Mountain November 6. Coving-
ton November 9. Averell's Raid to Salem on Virginia & Tennessee Rail-
road December 8-25. Gatewood's December 12. Covington, Jackson River
and Scott's or Barber's Creek December 19. At Martinsburg till January,
1864. Designation changed to 7th West Virginia Cavalry January 26, 1864.


Organized from 8th West Virginia Mounted Infantry January 26, 1864.
Attached to 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, West Virginia, to April, 1864.
3rd Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, West Virginia, to June, 1864. 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, West Virginia, to July, 1864. 1st
Separate Brigade, Kanawha Valley, W. Va., to August, 1865.

SERVICE.--Duty at Martinsburg and Charleston, W. Va., to April, 1864.
Crook's Raid on Virginia & Tennessee Railroad May 2-19. Rocky Gap May
6. Cloyd's Mountain May 9. New River Bridge May 10. Cove Gap May 10.
Blacksburg May 11. Union and Pond Mountain Gap May 12. Meadow Bluff
May 24. Hunter's Raid to Lynchburg May 26-July 1. Buffalo Gap June 6.
Lexington June 11. Buchanan June 13. New London June 16. Diamond Hill
June 17. Lynchburg June 17-18. Liberty June 19. Buford's Gap June 20.
About Salem June 21. At Loup Creek June 29. Ordered to the Kanawha
Valley and duty at Charleston, Coalsmouth, Winfield, Point Pleasant
and Guyandotte till August, 1865. Coalsmouth September 30, 1864.
Skirmish at Winfield October 26, 1864 (1 Co.). Operations in the
Kanawha Valley November 5-12. Mustered out August 1, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 28 Enlisted men killed and
mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 201 Enlisted men by disease. Total

The above information was taken from the Seventh West Virginia
home page. None of the above info was written by me.
                    Honorably Discharged
                       U. S. Army 1848
Henry Stower discharged at age 34 years, b Franklin Co. Ga
  md Feb 1833 DeKalb Co. Ga Orpha Bruce
               Debtor to Estate of Dr. William Hunter
     represented services performed betw 25 Dec 1763 and 2 Oct 1766
                  Plantation Book, Spotsylvania Co. Va

This fragile little book had been made and at times reused! When a page
was filed, and the data no longer needed, the frugal Dr. Hunter glued
another sheet on top! In fact, where one such glued sheet was the entry

Peter Stonyer (?)
book is unknow to me. Taken from a Library in Sacramento, Calif
                           Book Review
             List Of Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century
                             to  the
                        AMERICAN COLONIES
  compiled and edited by Albert Bernhardt Faust, A. B., PhD. and
Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, M.S.,M.D. publ Genealogy Publishing Co, 1968

The old tradition was that emigration was a crime and punishable as
such equivalent to desertion, a deliberate shirking of one's obvious
duty to the fatherland.
Two colonies were founded under Swiss leadership one in 1710 at New
Bern, North Carolina, under Christoph von Graffenried, the other in
1732 at Purrysburgh, South Carolina, promoted by Jean Pierre Purry
of Neuchatels. Emigrants of the 18th Century, before their arrival in
the land of hope, had to endure the perils if the sea for months with
slight protection and provisions, they faced at best a decimations of
their numbers on the crowded ships that conveyed them across, they were
too often the victums of fraudulent captains and agents, who robbed
them and sold them into servitude. All these trials and difficulties
were borne and overcome by the early Swiss in common with all other
sturdy and heroic pioneers of the 18th Century.
Swiss Palatinate and the upper Rhine country, this is a record of
hardship and obstruction at home, of barriers placed in the way of the
emigrants by governments, of social ostracism and of deprivation of all
his rights and privileges. The Swiss archives seen to be richer than
those that have survived in the archives of the Palatinate and southern
Germany, where in the 18th Century the same policy prevailed of
restricting, and if possible prohibiting emigration.

The only occasion when a Swiss government of the 18th Century encourag-
ed emigration was at the very beginning and by the Council of Bern.
This happened in the following way int the years 1701-1704 the Bernese
Traveller Franz Ludwig Michael (came from a  patrician family in Bern)
made two trips to the American Colonies visiting  Pennsylvania  and
Virginia mainly with the object incidentally of selecting a site for
a colony. Franz proposed a Swiss settlement of from four to five
hundred persons in Pennsylvania or Virginsa under certain liberal con-
ditions. The principal promoters of this plan were Georg Ritter and
Rudolff Ochs, who succeeded as early as 1705 in interesting the Council
of Bern and the English envoy Aglionby in the scheme.(Joh Rudolf Ochs
compiled a descriptive work on Carolina, entitled   Amerikanischer
Wegweiser oder Kurtze und Eigentliche Beschreibung der Englischen
Provintzen  in  Nord  America,  Sonderlick  aber  der Landschafft
Carolina, mil Grossem Fleiss zusammen getragen und an den Tag gegeben
durch Hohn Rudolff Ochs neben einer neuen u correcten Land Karten von
Nord und Sud-Carolina (Bern, 1711) Fifty thalers were voted to the
author by the Council of Bern for this printed work dedicated to them:
see Ratsmanuale of Bern, March 21 1711.)

They saw an opportunity of ridding themselves of what seemed to them to
two very underirable classes of people. One of these was a pauper
element, the homeless Landsassen, squatters not citizens. The other was
the   sectarian  class,   Baptists,   Anabaptists,  or   Mennonites
(Wiedertaufer, Taufen). The latter particularly were considered a
source of danger to both Church and State: their refusal to bear arms
or to hold office, their simplicity of worship and communistic tendenc-
ies, seemed to undermine the foundation of civil governments, of the
Protestan and Catholic churches alike. Most terrible and relentless
persecution by courts specially appointed (Taufer-Kammer) and spies
tracking the suspected to their homes (Taufer-Jager), executions by
fire and water (drowning , with intended irony), compulsory service in
foreign armies or on the galleys of the Mediterranean, could not stop
the spread of the sectarian doctrines. Deportation to the American
colonies seened ti iffer a hope pf relief. Accordingly, the Council
of  Bern  welcomed  the  opportunity  offered  by  Ritter  and Company,
though  they  presented  a  double  face,  recommending America to the
Mennonites as a place where they could obtain an abundance of food,
while at the same time warning other against Pennsylvania, a desert,
in  which  food  supplies  were  althoghter lacking and from which the
government felt duty-bound to hold its people back until longer exper-
ience had been gained.

The expedition of Ritter did not start until March 1710. We find an
entry in the Ratsmanuale of Bern, that forty five thalers a head were
to be paid to Ritter for every Taufer he succeeded in bringing  to
America, and five hundred thalers more for another group of about 100
emigrants (pauper class),  who desired  to  go  to  America.  The depor-
tation of Ritter's group of Anabaptists proved a failure, though every
possible precaution had been taken to prevent their escapt. The Dutch
Mennonites objected strenuously to the deportation of brothers of their
faith, and refused to allow any to be carried through their country for
the purpose of transportation to American unless it were of their won
free will. Of the  forty-three  men  and  eleven  women  composing  the
Tanfer group, thirty-two were released at Mannheim owing to age and
sickness,  the remaining ewenty-two gained their liberty at Nimwegen.

Graffenried and Michel became members of the Ritter Company in 1710. At
this  time  London  was  crowded  with  more  that  ten  thousand
Palatine-emigrants desirous of being transported to the American
colonies and the problem of their sustenance and disposition was becom-
ing very burdensome. Graffenried and Michel succeeded in getting about
six hundred if them for their Carolina colony, and Graffenried had the
privilege of choosing what seemed to him the most desirable persons.
These and the remnant of Bernese emigrants made up several ship loads
of colonist for Graffenried's new settlement.

The  Old  traditions  forbabe  emigration. Leaving the country of one's
birth seemed equivalent to desertion, and as desertion from the  ranks
was paid for with loss of life, so emigration was punishable with loss
of all that the state deemed worth having, citizenship, property, land
and home rights. Banishment, social ostracism, refusal of permission to
return, imprisionment for life if caught returning, these were the con-
ditions on which the emigrant gave up his country. Characteristic  is
the categorical command in the Lutheran translation of Psalm xxxvii 3:
"Blieibe im Lande und nahre dich redlich,"  which  in  the  English
version is an indefinite promise of reward for good deeds. Remain in
the land of my forefathers and earn an honest living therein, is the
admonition with Luther reads out of the Psalmist's text. (Psalm xxxvii,
3 in Lutherian Bible reads: "Hoff auf den Hern und thue Gutes; bleible
in Lande and Nahre dich redich." English interpretation is  "Trust  in
the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily
thou shalt be fed."  Emigration is sinful and its  wages  death, so
judged the sixteenth, seventeeth, and most of the eighteenth century.
In 1716 the Ratsherren of Bern passed a resolution to allow only those
to  emigrate  who  could  prove that they were well taught in religion
(and were poor).

In other Landvogteien of canton of Bern some emigration overseas was in
progress during the 20's as the cases Bucher, Egger, Gurtner, Scherz,
Schwarz, Stauffer, and Thomi. The last three families belonged to the
Emmen Valley, the other to the Oberland, mountainous regions from which
the superfluous populaton emigrates even to this day.

1727 March 4                                         R.M.III, 267/68
  Communication from the Government to the Landvogt of Signau

Christen Stauffer from the parish of Signau is the guardian of the
family of his Anabaptist brother, Uli Stauffer. The latter seems to
have emigrated. His wife Lucia Stauffer, nee Ramscyer, and ther six
children though their guardian request permission to emigrate to
Pennsylvania and to take with them their property of 1900 pounds.
The Government grants their petition, but requires the usual
emigration tax. Mrs Stauffer, nee Ramseyer, and her children resid-
ed in the commune Grosshochstetten (District of Konolfingen).

1727/57                                      Signau, Amtsrechnungen
In the account book of 1727 it is written that Lucia Stauffer, nee
Ramseyer, the wife of the Anabaptist Ulrich Stauffer, has emigrated
to Pennsylvania with her children and has paid the emigration tax on
550 crowns.
Thirty years later the property amounting to 178 crown, which was
left behind in this country, is sent over to the children of this
Ulrich Stauffer who are living in America, throught the agency of
Christen Fuhrer. Then Landvogt of Signau deducts the tax of 59 pounds,
6 shillings and 8 pence therefrom.

1757, Aug 31                                 Signau-Buch 3, 500/2
In 1727 Ulrich Stauffer and his wife Lucia, nee Ramseyer, emigrated
to Pennsylvania. They gave up their land right and citzenship
(Mannrecht) and took 1900 pounds with them. in 1742 Lucia Stauffer
fell heir to a legacy of 962 pounds, which is intended for her children.
The children of the couple, Hans Madle and Barbara Stauffer, throught
their proxy, Christen Fuhrer of Pennsylvania, petition to withdraw this
property  and  the  government  grants  their  request.  Hans  Stauffer
renounces his land right and the Landvogt of Signau deducts the usual
emigration tax. Since Ulrich Stauffer in his day had not satisfied all
his creditors, a certain part of the property is to be used for that
               "Tennessee Cousins, A History O Tennessee People"
            by Worth S. Ray, pgs 811, pub 1950
                     Stover and Chambers
Stover-all are Carter Co. unless otherwise stated.

p.51-John Stover on 1st Grand Jury 1796
p.52-Abraham Stover bought lots in Elizabethton 1797
p.57-Vol.B, p.190-Nov. 24, 1808-John Daniel to Daniel Stover, one
bright bay mare- $16.25. Wit: Godfrey & Christian Carriger.
p.56-LWT Abraham Hart, 1877, one of the legatees-Martha Jane Hart Stover
p.62-George Miller marr. Alyda Stover 19 Jan. 1805
p.68-Wm. Stover was witness to will of Eliz. Maclin Carter, w/o Landon,
22 Mar. 1841
p.69-Lincoln Cemetery- Isaac Lincoln died June 10, 1818, age 64 yrs.
        Mary Lincoln died Aug. 27, 1831, age 76 yrs.
        Daniel Stover b.Aug. 25, 1820 d. Nov. 28, 1838
p.229-Knox Co.-Nelson Stover m. Margaret McTeer May 6, 1793.
p.173-Sullivan Co.-Martha Chambers b 1875 d 1948 m Henry H. Parrot
b 1838 d 1927
p.180-Unicoi Co.- among 1st settlers in Limestone Cove-John Chambers
p.392- A dau. of Groves Howard m Thos. Chambers
p.516-Scott Co.- Riley Chambers on a commission to locate the county
p.669-Davidson Co.-among 1st settlers of Nashville, came overland with
Robertson- Daniel Chambers.
p.675- 1st Land Warrants- Micael Castillo 640A on Skaggs Cr., a branch
of Big Barron River July 13, 1784.  Daniel Chambers 640A on Second Big
Cr. above Stone's River Station.(assignee of Robt Cartwright) Issued
Aug. 27, 1784.
p.692- TN Cousins in Robertson Co. from NC-Phillips family on Red River
and Sulphur Fk.; on Beaver Dam Cr. John Chambers; Millery Horn m Joseph
Phillips and lived about 6 mi. N of Nashville, Ch: Margaret T. Phillips
m Josiah F. Williams, Polly Phillips m. Jesse Wharton.
p.710-Hardin Co.-James Morrow m. Cynthia Jones, d/o Jesse Jones of
Coffee's Landing Settlement.
p.728-Lauderdale  Co.-Wm.  Chambers  built  the  1st  cotton gin of the
county at Key Corner 1827.
p.746-Carroll Co.-W.P. Chambers in the mercantile business in  Buena
p.751-Gibson Co.- Elijah Banks of VA m. Erminilda Chambers, came from
Smith Co. to Gibson Co.
758-Dyer Co.-among the 1st settlers: W.C. Chambers
sent to us by Marge Turner   
       "The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection,
   Calendar Series Vol I", by State Historical Society of Wisconsin,
                             pub 1915
5QQ73-79,    Aug 1780 Montogomery and Botetourt Counties Va
       Proceedings of a Court Composed of the following justices of
the said counties: Colonels William Preston, William Christian, and
James Robertson, Captains John Taylor, James Thompson, Daniel Trigg,
James Barnett, and Joseph Grey, George Rutledge, Patrick Lockhart,
Andrew Boyd and William Neely.
       The following persons were tried for misbehavior and for
treason against the state:
       Col William Ingles, Robert Grayson, Jsoeph and John McDonald,
Joseph Poppecaughfer, Jacob Shull Jr., John Grayson. Gasper Reid,
Jeremiah Patrick, Gasper Garlick, Henry Stafford, Abraham Morgan,
Swain Polson, Robert McGee, Jeremiah Stover, Thomas Copeley, Henry
and Andrew Lawer, George Walter, John Harrison, John Henderson,
William Grant, Walter Stewart, Samuel Robinson, John Heavin and his
sons, James and William, Adam Liveer?, Jacob Francisco, Hezekiah
Phillips, Henry Laybrook, David Price, Samuel Ingram, William Grayson,
Abraham Beaver, Robert King, Frederick Smith, Thomas Downard,
Nathaniel Brittain, James Kerr, Samuel Pepper, James Bane Sr., Samuel
Sadler, and James Bane Jr. A. D. 7 pp.

3QQ46 26 Jun 1774 Russell, Capt William. Clinch Letter to (William
      Preston). Recieved advices of 20th inst. and laid instructions
      before the people; dissatisfaction of people of Moccasin Creek;
      Scouts sent out; fears the Cherrokee will conbine with the
      Northern Indians; Daniel Boone and Michael Stoner(Stover) sent
      to warn surveyors; Captain Floyd in danger; as that a second
      lieutenant be appointed. A. L. S. 2 pp. Endorsed: Capt. Russell
      Letter 26th June 1774. Printed: Thwaites and Kellogg, Dunmore's
      War, pp 55,56.

p-78, 79
3QQ63 12 Jul 1774 Christian, Col (William). Captain Russell's Fort.
      Letter to (William Preston). Proposing an expedition to the Ohio
      towns; route followed by Boone and Stoner(Stover) in search of
      surveyors; errection of forts on CLinch River. A. L. 3 pp.
      Endorsed: Co. Christian Letter delivered by himself but not
      signed. Printed: Thwaites and Kellogg, Dunmore's War, pp. 80-85
             "Hornbook Of Virginia History
By the middle of the 18th Century settlers were also beginning to enter
the Valley of Virginia, the region between the Blue Ridge and the
Alleghenies (Mountains), which had first been visited in 1716 by Gov.
Alexander Spotswood and his Knights of the Golden Horseshoe. Much of the
land was granted in large tracts to speculators including Tidewater
Virginians  like  Robert  CARTER  and  William Beverly. Jacob STOVER of
Pennsylvania, Benjamin Borden of New Jersey, and other from outside the
colony also recieved extensive parcels of Valley land.
There is a new booklet on Stover marriages :
      " Stover/Stauffer, Etc. Marriages, 18th-19th Centuries, " 33 pgs
with sources cited. $7.50 ppd. Write to :
                       Ruth V. McKee,
                       3131 18th Avenue South,
                       Minneapolis, MN  55407-1824.
I don't know anything about this book. I simply saw the ad for this in
the genealogical section of a recent issue of an antique magazine.
                           Book List
"Genealogical Records of the Descendants of Henry Stauffer and other
Pioneers" by A. J. Fretz pub 1899 Reprint 1983 $38.00

"Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany, and America (including
Stouffer and Stover)" by Richard Warren Davis, pub 1992 $43.00

"Stoner Brethren,A History of John Stoner 1705-1769 and his Descendants
by Richard R. Weber, pub 1993 $49.00, pp 638
 List many allied families:
Albaugh, Arnold, Baer/Bear, Baker, Bashor, Beery, Biggs, Bowman, Brown,
Burger, Cover, Crumpacker, Danner, Diehl, Engel, Englar, Fisher,
Flora/Flory, Funk, Garber, Gish, Good, Graybill, Hess, Hoover, Hyre,
Johnson, Klein, Landis, Lesh, Lightner, Long, Miller, Meyer, Neff,
Newcomer, Noffsinger, Oller, Pfoutz, Plain, Repp, Rhoads/Rhodes,
Rinehart, Roop, Royer, Sayler, Smith, Snively, Stouffer, Stover,
Thomas, Ulrey, Wampler, and Wine. More than 6,000 names, over 100
records before the American Revolution. Bibliography Illustrated,
pp 638 fully indexed.

            Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
                    2215 Millstream Road
                   Lancaster, Pa 17602-1499
                   phone # 1-717-393-9745
They do take credit cards.

          Early Wills 1746-1765 Lunenburg County, VA
   compiled by Katherine B. Elliott, pub South Hill, VA, 1983
          The Stauffer Families of Switz, Ger, & America
                  by Richard Warren Davis publ 1992
                      William Stover Family

    William Stover b abt 1725 Switz d 1800 Antrim Twp, Franklin Co. PA
                  md Judith Schaeffer
     He may be the one who arrived on the ship "Two Brothers" 21 Sep
    1751. Signed his name Johan Wilhelm Stauwer. He died in 1800 at
    Antrim Twp, Franklin Co. PA. He  was a Bishop in the German Baptist
    Church, new Waynesboro, PA. He was married to Judith Schaeffer.
       George Stover b abt 1748 Switz d 12 Jul 1826 Botetourt Co. VA
                     md Hannah Priess
       William Stover b abt 1750 Switz d Botetourt Co. VA
       Margaret Stover b abt 1752, Franklin Co.
       Michael Stover b abt 1755 Franklin Co. PA d 1834 Franklin Co.
                     md Christina Hess
       Daniel Stover b abt 1757 Franklin Co. PA d 1822 at Franklin Co
                     md Barbara Benedict
       Jacob Stover b abt 1759 Franklin Co. PA
       Emmanuel Stover b abt 1761 Franklin Co. d 1833 md Susanna Priess
       Susanna Stover b 1763 Franklin Co PA
       Esther Stover b abt 1765 Franklin Co PA
       Catherine Stover b abt 1769 Franklin Co. PA
       Marge Turner       

                      Stover -Chambers line:
  Lydia Stover, d/o Jeremiah b 26 July 1773 (prob. Botetourt Co.) VA
                    d  Oct 1866 Breathitt Co., KY (area now Lee Co.)
                    m 28 June 1798 Wilkes Co., NC Elisha Chambers
       (s/o Edmund) b 17 July 1779 Randolph Co., NC
                    d 11 Aug 1859 Breathitt Co., KY

    1. John Chambers b 25 Nov 1801 NC d ? m  Matilda ? b 1819
            They migrated to Holt Co., MO
    2. Elijah Chambers b 7 Jan 1804 NC d 29 Oct 1882 Lee Co., KY
                           m 10 Mar 1824 Marion Co., TN
                           Rachel Ann Morrow b.12 Dec. 1805 NC
                                             d. 2 Oct. 1879 Lee Co., KY
    3. Katherine Chambers b.2 Nov. 1805 NC d. Randolph Co., MO
                              m 1) 1833 Adair Co., Mo William I. Hargis
                              m 2) 17 Jan 1855 Adair Co., MO
                                   Jonathan Ogden
    4. Joel Jackson Chambers b 23 May 1807 NC d 3 Mar 1873 Worth Co. MO
                             m 1)in Morgan Co., KY Lucinda Hanks
                             m 2) in Holt Co., MO Jane Murry
    5. Daniel Martin Chambers b 2 Dec 1811TN --To MO
    6. Mary Jane (Polly Chambers b 14 Aug 1814 TN
                                m 1) ca1830 Adair Co., MO
                                m 2) 1840/41 Abraham Philip Dale
    7. Gideon Chambers b 2 Feb 1818 Bledsoe Co., Tn
                       d 11 Nov 1894 Lampasas Co., TX
                       m 1844 MO Elizabeth Morgan
                       b 28 Aug 1825 d 21 Apr 1882 Lampasas Co., Tn


      George Long b 1788 SC md Sarah Slover b 1780 SC
         ch were
           Tandy W. b 18 Jan 1813 SC md Sarah McDaniels
           Margaret  b SC md George Hawkins
           Isham b SC md Elizabeth Mayfield
           Mary  b SC md Henry Sanfory
           Samuel H. b SC md Margaret Reed
           Thomas Slover b SC   md Minerva Jane Tomblin
 all ch lived in Greenville Co. SC in 1830 moved to TN in 1840
Sarah Slover Long appeared as a widow in 1850 Census of Polk Co. TN
                          New York & Canada
                      Andreas Stauffer Family

  Andreas Stauffer b 1675, Germany or Switz
He arrived in New York 23 May 1709, from the Palatine with his two
children. He may be the father of Jacob who supposedly came to New York
about the same time.
    Jacob Stauffer b 1702 Germany d 1781 Dutchess Co, NY
                   md Eve
His tombstone is spelled Stauffer, even though he was sometimes refered
to as a Stover. He supposedly had a brother who came over with him. He
was bur at the Lutheran Cem at Millbrook, Dutches Co.
  Ch were:
  1. Jacob Stover b 1735 Dutchess Co. NY d bef 1768
       ch were:
         *Jacob Stover b abt 1757 Dutchess Co. NY d 1806
                      md Rhoda Doty
  2. Eve Stover b abt 1737 Dutchess Co
               md Jonas Emigh (Amey)
   They went to Ernestown, Canada
  3. Anna Barbara Stover b abt 1739 Dutchess Co.
               md Michael Overacker
   They moved to Renssleaer, NY
  4. Adam Stover b 19 Apr 1742 Dutchess Co. NY d 1824 Norwich, Canada
               md Mary Kuntz
       ch were:
         Wm Stover b 1765 Dutchess Co. NY d 1841 NY
               md 1) Elizabeth Hollenbeck
                  2) Elizabeth Ellwood
 They lived in Western NY.
         Peter Stover b Dutchess Co. NY
               md Elizabeth PRusser
 He was a Methodist Minister
         John Stover of New York State
         Michael Stover b 1767 Dutchess Co. d 1850 Norwich, Canada
               md Mary Siple
         Fredrick Stover b 1770 Dutchess Co. NY d 1857 Norwich, Canada
               md Mary Weaver
         Adam Stover b 1772 Dutchess Co. NY d 1847 Norwich, Canada
               md Elizabeth Moon
         Mary Stover b 1779 Dutchess Co. NY d1873 Norwich, Canada
               md Peter McLees
  5. Martin Stover 3 jul 1744 Dutchess Co. NY
               md Blendina Emigh
  He was a British Loyalist and fought REV War.
     ch were:
        John Stover 1767 Dutchess Co. NY
               md Jemima Hicks
        Rachel Stover b 1779 Dutchess Co. NY
               md Harmon See
        Elizabeth Stover b 1782 Ernestown, Ontario, Canada
               md John McLaughlin
        Martin Stover b 1785 Ernestwo, Ontario, Canada
               md Hannah McLaughlin
 6. Wilhelm Stover b Jun 1745 Dutchess Co. NY
 7. Valentine Stover b abt 1747 Dutchess Co. NY
               md Christina Emigh
 8. Margaret Stover b 2 Jul 1749 Dutchess Co. Ny
               md Nicholas Emigh (Amey)
  They went to Canada
                Jacob Stover from Schaghtcoke, NY
 * Stover, Jacob b Abt 1757 Dutchess Co. NY   d  1806
                 md Rhody Doty b 1754 (prob Dutchess Co. NY)
           d/o Joseph Doty b 1708 Oyster Bay NY
           mother Lucutia De Long md 1744
      ch were
         Hannah b       Schaghtcoke NY
         Joseph b 10 Mar 1785 md 20 Mar 1822 Mary Wiscomin-
                 Christain Stover
 Stover, Christian b Germ or Switz md Susan Lymebok
   ch were
      Daniel b 10 Apr 1775 Dauphin, Pa d 24 May 1849
          md Phoebe Ward on 7 Sep 1794
      Christian  b 1776 Dauphin, PA
          md Jemima Ward
      Joseph b 1778 Dauphin
      Jocab b 1780 Dauphin PA
          md Eleanor Cole on 26 Jun 1812
      Samuel b 15 Dec 1782 Dauphin, PA d 23 Sep 1850
          md Elizabeth Miller on 3 Aug 1804
      Lydia b 21 Oct 1786 Huntington PA d 9 Dec 1823
          md George Miller on 17 Jun 1805
      Simon b 1788
      Elizabeth b         d
          md Mordecai WIlliams 29 Apr 1803
                  Joseph Stouffer (Stoufer)
Stover, Joseph b 20 Aug 1789 d 10 Jul 1868
          md Susan Wolf b 10 Jun 1791 PA d 4 Jun 1847 Wayne CO OH
  Ch were
      Elizabeth Stouffer b 9 Jun 1813 Pa d 15 Jan 1890 Wayne CO OH
          md Joseph Mc Clelland on 7 Sep 1837 Wayne CO OH
      David Stouffer b 1817 PA d 25 Sep 1891 Stark CO OH
          md Jane McClelland on 28 Mar 1844 Wayne CO OH
                  John Jones Stober
Stover, John Jones b 16 Jan PA/OH d 12 Sep 1891 Kalona Washington IA
          md Prudence McIlree on 25 Aug 1858 Washington IA
          b 9 Feb 1833 Trumbull OH d 8 Oct 1909 Washington Ia
        bur Richmond Cem Washington IA
Note he was a farmer, Military Co K. 30th Ia inf. Civil War
  Ch were
      Margaret Lenore b 24 Apr 1862 Bloomfield, Davis, Ia
                      d 1 Jul 1930
          md Antony Sharpe on 29 Dec 1885
      Linus W. b 4 Dec 1874 d 11 Mar 1950 IA City, Johnson IA
          md Mellie E. Carlisle on 24 Mar 1896
              bur Wassonville Cem Washington, IA
      John Albert b 24 Sep 1875 Richmond, Washington, IA
                  d 12 Sep 1961 Iowa City, Johnson, IA
              bur Walker Cem Johnson, IA
          md Bessie Fountain on 29 Apr 1908 Lone Tree, Johnson, IA
                  Elias Stowers
Stover, Elias b 22 Feb 1847 Tazewell, Va
              d 27 Jan 1927 Sycamore, Lincoln, WV
          md Sarah Ethel _____ b 2 Oct 1849 Tazewell, WV
              d 30 Mar 1922 Sycamore, Lincoln, WV
            both bur in Stowers Cem
 ch were
       Robert Lee b 27 Jun 1867 Rocky Gap, Bland, VA
                  d 28 Sep 1930 Big Laurel, Lincoln, WV
          md Edna Adkins 1888 Lincoln, WV
       James Edward b 2 Jun 1870 Rocky Gap, Bland, WV
                    d 28  Sep  1930 Big Laurel, Lincoln, WV
          md Emily Jane Cummings 1 Nov 1893 Lincoln, WV
       Anthelia b 24 Jan 1874 Big Laurel, Lincoln, WV
                d 11 Jan 1913
          md Edward M. Hager
       Mary Belle b 1878 Big Laurel, Lincoln, WV
                  d 1956 Lincoln, WV
          md John King 1899
       Mathias b 2 Mar 1879 Big Laurel, Lincoln, WV
               d 22 Mar 1954 Lincoln, WV
          md Rachel Havens
           2) Rhoda Yeager
                John Stauffer
Stuffer, John b 3 Oct 1841 Switz d 20 May 1926 Monroe CO OH
          bur Zion Cem, Clarington, Monroe CO OH
          md Anna Catherine Lude 24 Apr 1866
          Zion Evangelical, Hannibal, OH
              b 24 Aug 1845 d 13 Feb 1922 Monroe CO OH
  ch were
         Maria Christina b 16 Mar 1867 d 1901
           bur Zion Ch Clarington, Monroe CO OH
            md Samuel Fredinand Kemple May 1887 Monroe CO OH
         Johannes b 11 Sep 1869 Hocking CO OH d 1 Aug 1895
         Jacob Heinrich b 17 Apr 1871 Monroe CO OH
                        d 24 Nov 1887
         Franklin b 1 Apr 1873 Monroe CO OH
                  d 9 Oct 1936 Clarington, Monroe CO OH
           bur Zion Methodist Church, Clarington, OH
            md Caroline E. Arn 4 Apr 1901 Monroe CO OH
        Edward b 17 Jul 1875 Monroe CO OH
        Ida Anna b 28 Sep 1877 Monroe CO OH d 22 Dec 1916
        Samuel L. b 1880 Monroe CO OH 9 Oct 1959
            md Lulu E. Moren 8 Nov 1905
        Charles Arnold (Carl) b 5 Oct 1883 Monroe CO OH
                   d 9 Oct 1959
            md Etta Marie Henning 26 Oct 1910
        Celia L. b 1888 Monroe CO OH
            md John J. Wooley 23 Jun 1912 Monroe CO OH

                      JOHN STAUFFER
Stauffer, John  b abt 1765 Germany d 10 Mar 1817 Cumberland Co
       md Mary b 12 Feb 1767 d 2 Aug 1846.
       bur Lutheran Churchyard at Carlisle Springs.
 (John moved to Cumberland Co. in 1800 from Caernavon, Lancaster Co.
 in 1789 John was taced for 100 acres next to his father SAMUEL
 JOHN STAUFFER was last taxed in 1800 with no land
 s/o SAMUEL STAUFFER b abt 1744 Mutterstadt)
 ch were
     Susan Stauffer b 11 Dec 1786 Caernarvon md Jacob Goodsall
     Henry Stauffer b abt 1788, Cawrnarvon d 1859 md Margaret Lorentz
     Elizabeth Stauffer b abt 1791 Caernarvon md Barnet Kennedy
                    JOSEPH  A. STOBER

Stober, Joseph A. b 16 Feb 1834 Dauphin CO PA
                  d 22 Nov 1905 Smithon, Pettis CO MO
                   bur Smithon Cem, Smithon, Pettis CO MO
           md Susannah Sevilla (Susan) Yeager 17 Jun 1877
                Harrisburg, Dauphin CO PA
                  b 31 Mar 1856 Linglestown, Dauphin CO PA
                  d 29 Nov 1909 Smithton, Pettis CO MO
         d/p William Yeager & Catherine Focht
 ch were
      William B. b 24 Aug Lower Paxton, Dauphin, PA d 12 Jun 1907
           md Never
      John Harris (Harry) b 12 Aug 1879 Lower, Paxton, Dauphin, PA
                          d 12 Aug 1956
           md Mary Grace Thorton 8 Jun 1910
      Cora Mabel b 13 Jan 1881 Lower Paxton, Dauphin, PA
                 d 21 Jan 1952
           md Jeremiah Lee 28 Apr 1904

Other Stover Family Group sheets
Christian Stauffer
Sex: M
Record last updated: 16 Oct 1995
Note: (DAVIS, pp.23 & 357, Vol I) Christian, a fugitive Anabaptist
preacher, may have been part of a great "Taufer hunt" along with Uli
Zaugg and Uli Neuhaus in 1644. They were all captured and placed in
jail in Thun, where the authorities there were warned to keep these
obstinate preachers out of the Emmenthal Valley. Christian Stauffer
lived at Luchsmatt farm in his early married life and then probably at
Glashutte, both in Eggiwil and located west of the Eggiwil village
proper on the road to Rothenbach. He was exiled with his second wife
from Glashutte farm in Eggiwil in the fall of 1671. He was living in
Dirmstein, Germany, in December of 1671 and by January 1, 1672 in
Ibersheim, Germany, where he probably died. His children were christ-
ened at Röthenbach, but were probably all born at Luchsmatt farm in
Eggiwil which lies near the border of Eggiwil and Röthenbach parishes.
The Emmenthal Valley was a hotbed of Anabaptist activity and their
numbers were growing, which greatly alarmed the authorities in Bern.
By 1671, Eggiwil had a large group of Anabaptists, numbering about 40
adults, which when you add in their children probably totaled over 100
people. On May 3, 1671, the magistrate of Signau received orders from
Bern to seize the Anabaptists of Eggiwil and bring them to the prison
in Bern, where they would then be led out of Switzerland. The village
community of Eggiwil refused to permit this, probably because so many
of them had relatives who were Anabaptists and also because many them-
selves had leanings toward the Mennonite faith. Shortly thereafter
twelve of the wealthiest residents of Eggiwil were sent to the city of
Bern as hostages until the Anabaptists agreed to be delivered to the
Bern prison or to leave the land. They agreed to the latter. On Oct16,
1671, the Reformed pastor of Eggiwil was able to report that the
Anabaptists had left of their own accord. They were not allowed to
take much and probably had some of their possessions and lands con-
fiscated as an emigration tax, as well as having their citizenship
taken away. They would become refugees without a county. According to
Valentine Hutwohl, a Mennonite Minister in the Pfalz, on December 14,
1671, 450 Anabaptists from Bern had recently arrived in the Pfalz.
"These are scattered among the fellow believers throughout the region
over a twelve-mile territory. Among these you will find those who need
canes, being 70, 80, and 90 years old. On the whole they need clothing
sorely; they didn't take more along than what they had on their backs.
With little bedding, we don't know how to keep them warm. Some amongst
us have seven, eight or nine living with them. When you speak of their
property, they sigh, wishing that they had their houses and farm land
here as before. There are men who left their wives and children, and
women, older as well as younger, who have left husbands and children;
others who brought along some, leaving the rest with the husbands,
also expectant mothers; also children who left father, mother, broth-
ers and sisters behind". Included in the Hutwohl letter was a list of
the Swiss refugees. Many were members of Christian Stauffer's family.
All lived together, having 21 children. They had left large possess-
ions in Switzerland. They had a large debt with a merchant. They
brought along 100 Reichsthalers and were given 250 to pay the debt.
They were living at Dirmstein. Born: about 1579 1 in Luchsmatt farm,
Eggilwil, Bern, SWITZERLAND Died: after 1671 2 in Ibersheim,
Rheinland-Pfalz, GERMANY

Husband: Christian Stauffer
Child: Madlena Stauffer Neukommet
Child: Hans (Johannes) Stauffer
Child: Christian Stauffer
Child: Anna Stauffer Neuenschwander
Child: Elsbeth Stauffer
Child: Peter Stauffer
Child: Barbara Stauffer
Child: Margaret Stauffer
Child: Ulrich Stauffer
Child: Daniel Stauffer
Married: 18 Jun 1610 3 in Rothenbach, Canton Bern, SWITZERLAND

Husband: Christian Stauffer
Wife: Asmath Fredericks Stauffer
Married: about 1675

Father: Claus (Niclaus) Stauffer

@R26@: TITL Emigrants, Refugees, & Prisoners @I2804@ Richard W. Davis
1995 in Vol. I
Ulrich Stauffer
Sex: M
Record last updated: 06 May 1993
Note: (DAVIS) Ulrich lived at Glashutte, Eggewil, with his brothers
prior to leaving for the  Palatinate with his father in 1671. He had
his wife and six children with him at Dirmstein in Dec. 1671, but by
Jan. 1672 his wife and children had returned to Switzerland. He was
living with his father in 1672 at Ibersheim without his family.
Born: 1629 1 in Eggiwil, SWITZERLAND

Husband: Ulrich Stauffer
Wife: Barbara Stauffer
Child: Catharina Stauffer
Child: Christian Stauffer
Child: Michel Stauffer
Child: Barbli Stauffer
Child: Ulrich Stauffer
Child: Elsbeth Stauffer
Father: Christian Stauffer
                          -- VIRGINIA --
                           SIMON STOVER

 Simon Stover b 17 Apr 1782 Augusta Co. VA d 31 Oct 1862
              md 25 Jan 1804 Catherine Wynent b 6 Dec 1784 d 7 Oct 1847
  Ch were:
    Sarah b 21 Oct 1805 Augusta Co Va d 21 Mar 1827
          md _____Beam
    Elizabeth b 6 Aug 1807 Augusta Co. VA d 14 Jun 1832
    Adam b 29 Sep 1809 Augusta Co. VA d 16 Oct 1884
    Mary Ann b 11 Aug 1811
    Catherine b 18 Aug 1813
    Jacob H. 30 Aug 1815 Augusta Co. VA d 4 Nov 1851
    John b 23 Apr 1817
    David b 23 Apr 1817  Augusta Co. VA d 11 May 1862
    Simon b 26 Jul 1819 d 6 Oct 1819
    Margaret b 3 Oct 1822 Augusta CO. VA d 20 Jul 1824
                          Family Charts

Hi  Cousin Abigail,
I am researching all the Stovers from Jacob back.  There seems to be
some confusion after Barbara's father.

1) Martin Kauffman b 1712 in Switzerland d 1749 Lancaster, PA
   m Barbara Stover b 1716/17 Berks Co. PA
       2) Magdalina
           m John Strickler
       2) Anna b abt 1740 Massanutten VA d 9-22-1776
           m John Brumbach on 9-18-1761
       2) David b abt 1742 Massanutten, VA d 7-15-1809
           m Dorothy Strickler on 11-22-1772
       2) Martin "Whitehouse" b 1743 Massanu VA. d 2-5-1805 Page Co VA
           m Mary Lionberger
       2) Barbara

The Strickler Family:

1) John Strickler b bef 1730 Page Co. VA
    m Magdalina Kauffman
        2) John  b bef 1771
        2) Joseph b bef 1775
        2) Anna b 12-20-1776 d Morgan Co. IL
             m William Grimsley on 4-10-1792
        2) Martin b bef 1780
        2) Abraham B b 1792
        2) Mary b 1798
        2) Susan
        2) Barbara
 Sandy Johnson, 4431 SE 58th Ave, Portland, Or.  97206.
 My fax # is 775-6995.
Cousin Sandy

                    MY MOTHER's KITCHEN

            I remember my mother's kitchen
            Many years ago
            When I was a little girl
            I watched her knead the dough

            She baked the biscuits, bread
            And pies, cakes of every kind
            Dumplings, cobblers of fruit so good
            They tasted oh! so fine

            But "oh" sometimes it would be
            Good to race across that
            Kitchen floor, to see my mohter
            Cooking there-as in the days of yore

            Where biscuits baked and apples
            Fried and coffee smelled so good
            But most of all to see again,
            The kitchen where my mother stood.
                       Helen Mann Behnken

                     Indian and Apple Pudding

       1 cupful of Indian Meal
       1 cupful of molasses
       2 quarts of milk
       2 tsp of salt
       3 tbp of butter or 1 finely chopped suet
       1 quart of pared and quartered apples (sweet are the best)
       1/2 tsp ginger
       1/2 grated nutmeg

Put milk in a double boiler. When it boils, pore it gradually on the
meal. Pour into the boiler again and cook half an hour, stirring often.
Add the molasses, butter, seasoning and apples. Butter a deep pudding
dish, pour the mixture into the dish, and bake slowly three hours.
Make half the rule if the family is small.

               Chicken  Dumplings From 1904
         Serves 6
        3 cp flour
        1 tsp baking powder
        1/2 tsp salt
        3 eggs beaten
        1/4  cp milk

Mix all ingredients well;  pour out onto well floured board. With
rolling pin, roll out half batter at a time. Cut into 1 inch squares.
Drop one at a time into 2 quarts boiling chicken broth in a 4 quart
dutch oven. Cook 20 minutes.
Cousin Ruth Pool From Alabama
        My name is LoriAnn Wolfe. I have been browsing the RootsWeb today
and found that you have Stover family from PA., as I do. I know that my
Stover family was in Cumberland Co.,PA in 1801 as g.g.g.Grandfather, John
Stover was born there. Before that I cannot trace them. This John Stover
was married three times, the third wife being Suzannah called Anne, her
maiden name remains unknown to me at this time. John married her when she
was about 15 years of age. John's son, and next in line for me is Andrew
A. Stover, he married Anna Elizabeth Gebhard. She was from Plainfield,
PA. If any of this interest you or you feel you might have a clue for me
please email me at   . Thank you for your time. LORIANN
-- Brian Bartley --   
My Stover ancestor was a Barbara Stover b.c.1820 in Markham, Ontario
(according to Death Certificate).  Birth would have been c.1828
according to 1881 census.  She married a James Hounsell and they had
several children.  She died near Minden, Ontario
November 23, 1906.  The Hounsell family is listed as Church of England
on census, but I note Barbara was listed as a Baptist on her Death
Certificate.  I have found several  Mennonite Stover's in Markam circa
1881, but do not know the relationship to Barbara.
Does anyone have information on the 19th century Stover families in
Markham, Ontario?
Brian Bartley
-- Lori Steadman --  
Hi Abigail!
I was at the library to day and made a copy of the 1920 census for
Henry D. Stover, my g-grandfather's brother.  I would be very inter-
ested in finding this man's descendants because they would be the
last of my STOVER line as my brothers and I have no children.

1920, Hoboken City, Hudson Co., NJ, vol 56, ed 104, sheet 1, line 36
2 Jan 1920
                      457 Twelveth St.
Stover, Henry D.  head O
   F M W 65 M 1870 Na 1876 -yes yes Hanover Ger same same yes none
Emma wife
   F W 53 M -yes yes NY Germ Germ yes none
William son
   M W 32 S -yes yes NJ Hanover, Germ NY yes polisher furniture stre
Henry D. Jr. son
   M W 27 S - yes yes NJ Hanover, Germ NY yes cutter leather factory
Florence dau
   F W 16 S no yes yes NJ Hanover, Germ NY yes bookkeeper office
Stephen son
   M W 15 S no yes yes NJ Hanover,Germ NY yes office boy office

Looking for info on the STIVER family of Elkhart County, IN listed below
Jay P. STIVER & Francis N. McNutt               grandparents
Edgar M. STIVER & Mary Ella Peoples           g grandparents
Elias "Eli" STIVER & Sarah Jane McCann       gg grandparents
John Frederick STOEVER & Mary Polly Bickle  ggg grandparents
Jacob Stover b about 1700 in Germany
             d about 1769 at Beekman, Dutchess Co. NY
             md Eve (poss Almy)unk date or place b abt 1702 prob Germy
Their known children:
1.  Valentine b abt 1720  no further information
2.  Jacob b abt 1722  d bef 1769
          md Maria Catherine Overacker
             ch  son Martin   No further information
3.  Anna Barbara b abt 1723  d abt 1792 Schaghticoke, Renss. Co. NY
                md Michael Overacker and had 8 children.
4.  Margaret b abt 1725  No further information.
5.  Martin.  No further information.  Was named in Jacob's will.
6.  Eva .  No further informaiton.  Was named in Jacob's will.
7.  Adam b 19 Apr at Beekman, Dutchess Co., NY
         chr. 26 May at the Lutheran Church in NY City.  No further info
8.  William b Aug 1745 at Beekman, chr Nov 1745 Lutheran Ch NY City
     No further information.
Look at the above information on the Andreas Stover Family.
-- Harley L. Miller --

Stover, Mary Hannah  b. abt 1820 Augusta Co., VA,  d. before 1889
Augusta Co., VA,  m. 9 Nov 1840 to Peter Sheets Jr.,  b. abt 1811
Augusta Co., VA,  d. July 1896 Augusta Co., VA. Both buried Salem
Lutheran cem. Augausta Co.

Daniel Stover Jr.  b. June 1780 PA,  d. 25 Jan 1865 Augusta Co., VA,
m. 20 Mar 1803 Augusta Co./, VA to Mary Hanna  b. abt 1781 Augusta Co.
VA,  d. 23 Nov 1852 Augusta Co., VA.

Daniel Stover Sr.  b. date unknown PA,  d. prior to March 1822,  m.
unknown PA spouse name unknown.
Naomi Emmich           
I would request you enter a query in the next issue for me.   This book
is in the FHL at Salt Lake, but I did not have time to study it in
detail.  I would like to find a copy to purchase or someone who could
make a xerox of the index for me.

"Entry Record Book 1737-1770, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin,
Patrick Counties VA"
Marian Dodson Chiarito 1984 Clarkton Press Nathalie VA

Thanks!   Naomi Emmich
1972 NE Third St #114
Bend  OR  97701

                     Stories About your STOVERS
                    Dahlonega Nugget Newspaper

                    WATCH FROM THE BATTLEFIELD
                          2 Aug 1901
"J. (John) L. Lumpkin Stover, an old veteran who served several years
in the Confederate Amry, was in Dahlonega last Saturday. Mr. Stover was
a good and true soldier, one who was always found in the front rank,
having been shot seven times, once in the head. Some of the wounds crip-
pled him so that he can not get about without the use of a stick. Mr.
Stover brought to town last week and had fixed a watch which he picked
up at the battle of Wilderness thirty-eight years ago, which had been
running continuously ever since until right recently".
              Methodist Advocate & Mountain Signal Sep 1870

                        Mrs. Lydia Stover Cured
"Mrs. Lydia Stover, of White County, was so afflicted with rheumatic
pains that she could not walk across the floor of her house, nor reach
her hands to her head. Three day use of the wather Cured her."
Refers to mineral water, Porter Springs in Lumpkin Co --Included in a
list or people who reported miraculous cures after using these mineral

(History of Lumpkin Co for the First Hundred Years 1832-1932, pg 365,by
Andres W. Cain, publ 1932)
                   Folk Remedies From Days of Old
It's peculiar how old-time beliefs and practices of our ancestors, once
reguarded by skeptics as pure ignorance and supersitition, have a way of
being justified by scientific discoveries. And probably in no other
place is this so evident as in the field of medicine and the humane art
of Healing.

The old fashion remedies for warding off contagious diseases with a
lavaliere of asafetida or garlic worn around the neck were not without

   A Medical practitioner said they were valuable to keep down the odor
and indeed with the potency as strong as a polecat, keeps everything at
a distance, thereby lessing the chances of exposure to catching diseaces
someone might have.

   "Powers" possessed by certain gifted people to blow fire from burns;
   to stop blood from wounds, and to cure   (or thrush) in the
   mouth of babies by blowing into their mouths.

This cure could only be effected by a person who was the seventh son
or daughter. This person could blow his or her breath in an afflicted
baby's mouth to immediately give relief.

   For stopping bleeding from open wounds apply the dried skin of a

Checked by a scientist found that a toad's hide contains epinephrine,
a compound useful in clotting blood.

   Quaint old Civil War remedy for dysentery which called for the
   patient to eat white clay while lying fame down on a sun-heated
   rock was a sound one.   In not all but in many cases clay dirt
   contains kaolin, now widely used as an antidote for the ailment
   which is sometimes know as "back door trots." And what about the
   hot rock? It served as a heating pad to soothe the pangs of the
   tortured stomach.

These excerpts were taken by an Article written by Nevlye Shackelford.
He is a retired editor and writes a column for the Kentucky Explorer
where the above information was found.
Note his article was not quoted but para-phrased.
                       Stover Home Town News
Sense no one sent in any Stover Home Town New we will print for
            Grandma Climbed the Family Tree

                Grandma Climbed The Family Tree

There's been a change in Grandma, We've noticed as of late.
She's always reading history, or jotting down some date.
She's tracing back the family, we'll all have pedigrees,
Grandma's got a hobby, she's Climbing Family Trees....

Poor Grandpa does the cooking, and now, or so he states, he even has to
wash the cups and the dinner plates. Well, Grandma can't be bothered, she's
busy as a bee, Compiling genealogy for the Family Tree.

She has not time to baby-sit, the curtains are a fright.
No buttons left on Grandpa's shirts, the flower bed's a sight.
She's given up her club work, the serials on TV,
The only thing she does nowadays is climb that Family Tree.

The mail is all for Grandma, it comes from near and far.
Last week she got the proof she needs to join the DAR.
A monumental project - to that we all agree,
A worthwhile avocation - to climb the Family Tree.

She wanders through the graveyard in search of date and name,
The rich, the poor, the in-between, all sleeping there the same.
She pauses now and then to rest, fanned by a gentle breeze,
That blows above the Fathers of all our Family Trees.

Now some folks came from Scotland, some from Galway Bay,
Some were French as pastry, some German all the way.
Some went on West to stake their claims, some stayed there by the sea,
Grandma hopes to find them all as she climbs the Family Tree.

There were pioneers and patriots mixed with our kith and kin,
Who blazed the paths of wilderness and fought through thick and thin.
But none more staunch than Grandma, whose eyes light up with glee,
Each time she finds a missing branch for the Family Tree.

Their skills were wide and varied from carpenter to cook,
And one,alas, the records show was hopelessly a crook.
Blacksmith, farmer, weaver, judge, some tutored for a fee,
Once lost in time, now all recorded on the Family Tree.

To some it's just a hobby, to Grandma it's much more.
She learns the joys and heartaches of those who went before.
They loved, they lost, they laughed, they wept  - and now for you and me,
They live again in spirit around the Family Tree.

At last she's nearly finished, and we are each exposed.
Life will be the same again, this we all suppose.
Grandma will cook and sew, serve crullers with our tea,
We'll have her back, just as before that wretched Family Tree.

Sad to relate the Preacher called and visited for a spell.
We talked about the Gospel and other things as well.
The heathen folk, the poor, and then - 'Twas fate, it had to be-
Somehow the conversation turned to Grandma and the Family Tree.

We tried to change the subject, we talked of everything,
But then in Grandma's voice we heard that old familiar ring.
She told him all about the past, and soon 'Twas plain to see,
The Preacher, too, was neatly snared by Grandma and the Family Tree.

(by Virginia Day McDonald, Macon, GA)
Sent in to us by Cousin Doneva
                       Allied Families

One Saturday night, in the Spring of 1911, in Fancy Gap, Wesley Edwards,
the 20 year old son of Alvirtia (Allen) Edwards, quarreled with another
young man named Thomas. The following Sunday morning, Wesley was called
out of church services being conducted by his uncle Garland Allen.
Outside was the Thomas youth with three others. The Allen story is that
the four assaulted Wesley, his brother Sidna, age 22, heard the fight,
rushed out, and aided his brother in vanquishing the four.

At the next session of the county court, friends of the Thomas boy got
an indictment of the Edwards boys for disturbing religious worship and
fighting. Their uncle Floyd Allen, told them to go over into North
Carolina, until he could arrange bond. Before he could do so, Deputy
Sheriffs Pink Samuels and Peter Easter crossed over into North Carolina,
arrested them, and brought them back tied up with rope and in manacles.
As Floyd was returning from posting bond in Hillsville, he met the
officers in front of his brother Sidna Allen's store, returning with
the boys. Floyd insisted that they remove the restraints on the two
boys, Pink Samuels then attempted to level his pistol at Floyd, who
snatched it from his hand and broke the weapon on a rock. Samuels and
Easter then left the two prisoners at the store. The Allens claim that
Floyd never intended to remove the boys from custody, only to have the
restraints removed.

This act caused the indictment of Floyd, Sidna (who witnessed the
encounter), and their nephew Barnard (son of their brother Jasper, who
was working for Sidna in the store), for interfering with the officers.
Sidna was never tried for the offense, Barnard was tried and acquitted.
The two Edwards boys were also tried and convicted, Wesley sentenced to
sixty days and Sidna to thirty days in jail. It was Floyd's trial and
conviction that triggered the "Courthouse Massacre".

The Allens' story is that Foster and clerk of the court, Dexter Goad,
were bitter political enemies of the Allens, and it was this animosity
that motivated the extreme reaction of the Republican court officials
to the actions of the Democratic Allens.

The Massacre

Floyd Allen was tried 13 Mar 1912 in the court of Judge Thornton L.
Massey, prosecuted by Commonwealth Attorney W. M. Foster, and defended
by Walter S. Tipton and Judge D. W. Bolen. The court adjourned until
then next day, when the jury returned and gave its verdict of guilty.
The judge fixed the sentence at one year in jail and told the sheriff
to take charge of the prisoner. Floyd related that he expected to go to
jail in Hillsville, and would have gone with the Sheriff, but when he
saw Dexter Goad drawing his gun, he told him he wouldn't go with him,
but with Sheriff Lew Webb. Floyd said Dexter Goad fired the first shot,
wounding him in the hip. General shooting began, the result being the
death of the judge, the sheriff, the prosecutor, a juror, and a witness.


Floyd Allen and his son Claude were electrocuted 18 Mar 1913. Sidna
Allen and his nephew Friel Allen, son of Jasper, along with nephews
Sidna and Wesley Edwards, were imprisoned. Sidna Edwards and Friel
Allen were pardoned in 1922. Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards were pardoned
in 1926. Victor Allen, son of Floyd, and Byrd Marion were indicted but
not convicted. Byrd died before he could be tried, and Victor was found
not guilty. Another interesting story is that of the search for the
fugitives by a posse headed by the Baldwin-Felts Detective agency, and
the capture of Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards in Des Moines, Iowa,
through the treachery of a girl friend.

Sources used in preparing this story

   1."Memoirs of J. Sidna Allen"1929, J. Sidna Allen, reprinted and
     published by Rufus L. Gardner, Mt. Airy, N. C.
   2."The Courthouse Tragedy Hillsville, VA.", 1962, edited and sold
     by Rufus L. Gardner, Mt. Airy, N.C.
   3."The Fatal Doom of the Allens of Carroll County", by Louise Jones
     Du Bose, originally published by Virginia Record, serially in
     1948-1949, and reprinted by them Dec 1964.

Other sources in the author's library on the

   1."The Inside Story of the World Famous Courtroom Tragedy", edited
     and sold by E. J. Cooley, published by The Michie Co, Printers,
     Charlottesville, Va, undated, but about 1960, judging from the
     context of some comments. "The Hillsville Tragedy, Story of the
     Allen Clan" ,1913, by Edwin Chancellor Payne, Roanoke, Va. The
     author was a Baldwin-Felts Detective. "The Mountain Massacre",
     1930, by G. M. N. Parker, a polemic couched in religious and moral
   2."Gentlemen, I Aint A-Goin'", 1913, by S. S. Hurt, Wytheville, Va.,
     written in doggerel verse.
Gracie Nicholas, my grandmother, who is a descendent of the Allen family
married my grandfather, Linville Garrison Stover who is a descendent of
Jacob Stover and Sally McGhee.. The Allens also married Blankenships who
married Stovers. It's like a little circle with these families and other
Raleigh County Surnames.

Provided by Gracie Stover
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