Early Marriages Wills & Some Rev War Recods
Botetourt Co. Va


Stover, Abraham-AmyRader, d/o Adam Rader 29 Ju 1811
Stover, Daniel- Polly Franta, d/o Michael Frantz 8 Apr 1806
Stover, George-Anna Rader, d/o Adam Rader 1 Nob 1810
Stover, Jacob-Susannah Solonbarger, Wm Stover Sur 19 Mar 1798
Stover, John-Caty Snider- Henry Snider, surety 28 Oct 1801
Stover, John-Sally Coon, d/o Jacob Coon 9 Oct 1819
Stover, Micheal-Eliz Solenbarger 4 Feb 1799
Stover, Hannah, d/o Wm Stover- Edward Carvin 22 Jan 1812
Stover, Mary d/o Geo Stover-Peter Deal, 18 Sep 1811
Stover, Catherine, d/o Wm Stover-James Franklin 16 Mar 1806
Stover, Esther, d/o Wm Stover-John Frantz 17 Aug 1810
Stover, Margaret, d/o Wm Stover, -Samuel Jackson 1 Mar 1806
Stover, Catherine, d/o Geo Stover,-Robert Looney 9 Dec 1809
Stover, Susannah-Joseph Solenbarger 3 Jan 1799


Stover, Daniel mentioned in will of Michael Frantz (will prob May 1817) will names Polly Frantz as dau married to Daniel Stover- Names wife Eliz &
Chn Michael of Ky,-Eliza wife of Adam Shanks, of Ky- Catherine wife of Henry Britz.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

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