State of Texas
Cherokee County
Nov 21 1852

State of Texas Cherokee County Nov 21 1852

Dear Father and Mother. I now take the opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know how we are well and all, up at this time. We all had the chills with the exception of Orlenda, Mary, Susy, Malinda. Hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessings.
Orlenda has had the best health she has for many a year. She has a fine daughter. It is a fine daughter too indeed. It was born August the 4th. I received you letter on the 9th of November which gave me great satisfaction.

I was glad to hear of your good health and family, Corn crops is very good. I have made about seven hundred bushels. My cotton I think will turn our from ten to twelve hundred pounds to the acre. Cotton is worth from one dollar and six bits to two dollars. Corn is worth from twenty five to forty cents. I have stated to you in my other letters that I believe that our country was tolerable better but I believe it is _____ than I expected it was to no fatal sickness. I believe that our country is in places more or less _____ that I am well pleased with. the country, I expect to try it a while longer. It is a high dry country , beautiful to look at. I can see no cause here from sickness. People tell me that they have had more chills and fever this year than they has been in three years. I think this is a great country to make most anthing. Corn, cotton, potatoes, fords, pumpkins, watermelons. I raised three wagon loads of pumpkins off of 4 vines and watermelons according. You may think that is big talking but it is the truth. John Love and Rufus is making a bale an acre of cotton.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

the late Cousin Sue Foy Dunham

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