Salene County Arkansas
21 Nov 1858

Salene County Arkansas 21 Nov 1858

Dear Brother and Sister,
I am wonts more per mitted to informe you that we are all well
at presant and hope that when these few line comes to hand ma
find you in joing the same blessings. We got your letter
which gave us a gradel of satisfaction to heare from you all.
Tel all of the connections to rite to me for Iwant to heare
from them wonse in awhile. Brother Obediah Stover has bin in
Texas to look for him a contry ane we heard that he was
satisfied to live at his old place as long as he live.
He went to the three forkes of the trinity river and he dont
like thar from what we heard from him. We expect to se him
short ley and the next leter we wil let you know the
per ticklers about that contry. Land is going hy hear at this
time and is going to be very hey in afew years hear. We want
you to tell aul of our friends that wants land in our contry
to come as sune as they can for land wil be very hey hear.
Crops is tolerble good hear this year. Coton is wirth from
10 cts to 10 1/2 cts and corne is 50 cents abushel and wheat
$1.00 abushel and porke is worth 2 1/2 to 3 cts a pound hear.
Horses are mearls is very hy hear and negroes is very hy
hear. We have nothing of importance to rite to you. Aul of
the connection id aul wel at presanc an dong well
as fare as we no no deaths in the connection since we rote
to you before. We want you to rite to us as sune as you get
this leter and let us nowe how the times is in your
contry and howe the connection is doing there and the tims
in general there and tel brother Obidiah Stover and (Shetty
Sovier) and Clincy Brown and aul the balance tonite to us
without fale and isend my best respects to aul of my friends
an I have nothing more but remane your brother and sister
untel death.

From Mirrel Allen and Easter Allen to Elijah Stover and Delpha Stover.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

the late Cousin Sue Foy Dunham

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