From E. Stover JR to E. Stover SR.
Saline County
this the 21st Day of December, 1850

Saline County this the 21st Day of December, 1850

Dear Father and Mother, it is with much pleasure that I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let youknow that these few lines may find you all well. I have nothing of importance to write you only I would be glad to see you all one time more. Times is tolerable flourishing at this time in this country more so thatn they are in Alabams. Cotton is worth form 11 cents to 12 cents a pound, corn is worth $1.00 a bushel, fodder is worth $2.00 a hundred. Pork is worth $5.00 a hundred pounds, good cows and calves $15.00, a good plowhorse is $75.00, a good yoke of oxen $50.00 and everything else in according. It is said that the last legislature has granted every man with a family 160 acres of land because they was living on it anyhow. And they wanted them to pay for it.

Give my best love to my little girl and tell her that I am well and a doing well. Tell her tht I am living at _______ in ________ and I will be there soon to see her. I have been looking for a letter from you ever since I got to this state and have not heard from you. Iwant you to write as soon as this letter comes to hand.

___ ____ ___in one bear hunt since I have come to this state. Me and uncle _____ Allen and John Stinson went a bear hunting they killed two. _____and I did not get a shot and we are a going to another hunt a____ and I think I will kill one. This is a good country for game but ____ so much so as it used to be there. Is a greater deal of game ____ ____ but it is hard to come at. There is bear, deer, turkey, wolves, panthers, and a great many other sort of game to serious to mention. I do not know that it will be neccessary to write any more for I intend to come home in the course of a week or two. I haven't engaged in any employment as yet and I don't expect to if I come home. I want to come home very bad. I am writing to get answer from you. As soon as I get an answer ___ ___ ___ to be at there as a great many persons a going to Texas from here than wanted and I think that Texas is ___ ___ better country that this but I can't say. The laboring part of the common man is a doing very well here but those that intend to ___ ___ living out of these woods ____ ____ badly. Crops is sorry here this year and they is sorry everywhere I have been. I have been in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas since I left home and they are not making half crops in none of them states. I know not when to quit writing. I have fared _____since I left home.

I told you that i would be at home __ ____ but I will not be able to reach there again when I want. Pray to continue _____ until I get home but that be long or short. I am in a country where there is no girls near, no whiskey and I am dissatisfied you know but I don't intend to stay here always unless I die and can't get away. I want to hear from you and if you ahnt wrote I want you to write and direct your letters to Salene County Arkansas Hurricane Creek Post Office or to ____ County Arkansas Princeton Post Office. Princeton is in between Uncle ____ Merl Allen in Salene County Uncle Josiah in Dallas and Uncle Elisha in Dallas 20 miles south of Uncle Josiah. Uncle ____(lishes) children is all living around him and Uncle Josiah all around him. Abraham (Alez) is a living with Uncle Merl. I am now at Abraham Allas. I shall stay her until I get an answer from you. I am going to work ____ ____ if I don't get an answer. I have see a heap of good country amd a heap of ____ country since I left home. I don't think this country would suit you althought it is a good ______ country. You could not get a body of land to suit you. The country left with a ___ ___ but they are well priced ____ is that ____ ____ ____ will _______ all the bodied of land tht you could get. This is the best parcel _____ country in the world. Any man that will try can take a start here but he has to work and trade to an advantage. If you commit 80 and 100 acres in a field but make your ____ have a mile or two. Go ----you could get another and make 3 miles.

I wish I had enough paper I could write all day and night and not be tired . The people in this country has not entered any land. If a man enters anothers one place they jerk him up and whip him or hang him and the law don't hurt them from it. They stand thier area and come clear. ___ hester shot his brother in law ___ and he stood his trial and was cleard last winter they was a man by the name of Taler entered John Hesters and 7 or 8 others out and they met at an election and they was about 80 men there and they has a election whether they would hang Taler or no and Taler saved his neck by three votes and then they went to kill him and he killed on of them and crippled another and one horse threw him and killed him for a while and Taler got away. So no more. Remember me is my prayer and if I never see you again I hope I will meet you in Heaven.

E. Stover Jr. to E. Stover Sr and D. Stover and Children at home.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

the late Cousin Sue Foy Dunham

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