The original leaders in the Winchester, Strausburg and Woodstock were Daniel Stauffer (Stover) and Christian Grabill. Daniel Stauffer came to this country prior to 1727, while Christian Grabill arrived at Philadelphia on the ship FRIENDSHIP on 16 Oct 1727.

1. Daniel Stover

1. Daniel Stover m. Eva Albright.

2. Samuel Stover, son of Daniel Stover, he married Barbara Lionberger, she was a daughter of John Lionberger II.

3. Daniel Stover, son of Samuel Stover, born 22 Feb 1769, died Mar 1859, he married Elizabeth Stickley, daughter of Ann Stover Stickley and Col. Benjamin Stickley. Elizabeth Stickley born 14 Dec 1772, died 24 Mar 1845. Daniel and Elizabeth Stover Stickley married 1 Jul 1794, license recorded in Shenandoah Co., Court Records at Woodstock, Virginia. Children of Daniel Stover and Elizabeth Stickley:

[1] Abraham Stover, [2] Isaac Stover, [3] Jacob Stover, [4] Anna Stover, [5] Samuel Stover, [6] Rebecca Stover, [7] Daniel Stover and [8] Elizabeth Stover.

3a. Abraham Stover, born 12 Jun 1795, died 1844, married Mary Bumgardner. Two children died early.

3b. Isaac Stover, {1797 - 1875}, born 19 Feb 1797, died 7 Jun 1875, married 12 Apr 1826, Elizabeth [Brumback] Stover, born 10 Apr 1807, died 1856

2a. David Stover, son of Samuel Stover, married Regina Stickley, 4 Aug 1799, license recorded in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Elizabeth and Regina Stickley were sisters and married brothers.

2b. Mary Stover, daughter of Samuel Stover and Barbara [Lionberger] Stover, married Abraham II. Brubaker Jr., a son of

Abraham I. and Barbara [Miller] Brubaker. Abraham II, Brubaker Jr., born 17 Jun 1761, died 1805. He lived on a plantation, his father gave him, adoining the town of Woodstock, Virginia. Children of Mary [Stover] Brubaker and Abraham

II. Brubaker Jr.: [1] Samuel Brubaker, [2] John Brubaker, [3] Abraham III. Brubaker, [4] Daniel Brubaker, [5] David Brubaker, [6] Catherine Brubaker and [7] Rebecca Brubaker. History of [1] Samuel Brubaker and [2] John Brubaker missing.

2c. Abraham III. Brubaker, married Elizabeth Poage, daughter of Robert and Mary [Hopkins] Poage, in 1811 in or near Ashland, Kentucky. He died in 1850, near St. Joseph, Missouri. Elizabeth Poage was born in 1788, she died near St.Joseph, Missouri in 1846.

2d. Daniel Brubaker, born 8 Jul 1791, died 29 Jun 1867, married Margaret Davidson, born 27 Sep 1802, died 31 Aug 1850. Lived in Ohio.

2e. David Brubaker, married Leah Lionberger, daughter of John III and Barbara [Hershberger] Lionberger. They lived in Ohio.

2f. Catherine Brubaker, married Samuel Koontz.

2g. Rebecca Brubaker, married Samuel Forgeson.

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