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Records of the proceedings of John Stauffer memorial association
1911 John Stauffer memorial association, Ringtowm, PA {CS71.S798 1911-}

Genealogy Memoranda
1943 Snively, Catherine Stouffer, 1845-1925 (CS71.S798 1943}

Genealogy Memoranda
1903 Snively, Catherine Stouffer, 1845-1925 (CS71.S798 1903}

Stauffer, Stouffer, Stover, and related families
1977 by Richard E. Stauffer {CS71.S798 1977}

Stauffer-Sauder genealogy
1978 compiled by Marjorie Ladd Holbrook {CS71.S798 1978}

The Ancestors and Descendants of Isaac Smutz 1810-1867, and his Wife Sarah Stauffer 1816-1891.
1958 Woodward, Thompson, Elwyn, 1884- {CS71.S356 1958}

Ulrich Stauffer/Stover and his wife, Frainey; their Descendants 1735-1980
1980 Sheila Spencer Stover {CS71.S89 1980}

John Rhrer Stauffer (3 Sep 1844- 27 May 1929) direct lineage and descendants 1579-1989
1990 M. Irene Stauffer {CS71. S798 1990}

Ralph Stauffer Coughenour his forebears and his children
1961 compiled and written by Izora S. Coughenour {CS71. C8523 1961}

The Stauufer- Will Farmstead: historical archaeology at an Aurora Colony Farm
1981 Rick Minor, Linda K. Jacobs, Theresa M. Tilton {F884.S73 M55 1981}

Stauffer Genealogy of American and History of the Descendants of Jacob Stauffer From Earliest Available Records to the Present Time
1917 Stauffer, Ezra Nelson, 1878- {CS71.S798 1917}

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Daniel Stauffer and Hans Bauer and Other Pioneers, Together With Historical and Biographical Sketches, and A Short History fo the Mennonites
1897 by Rev. Henry S. Bower... With a History of the House of Hohenstaufen by Fred Raumer of Germany. {CS71, S798 1897}

The American Lineages of the Veach and Stover Families
1913 Veach, Robert Spangler, 1887- comp {CS71.V395 1913}

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Stauffer and Other Stauffer Pioneers
1899 Fretz, Abraham James 1849- {CS71.S89 1899}

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Stauffer and other Stauffer Pioneers
1972 Fretz, Abraham James with an introduction by Albert Stover 1849- {Microfilm 34089 (C)}

The Family of John A. and Gertie Carlson: Dakota Pioneers
1996 compiled by Ann Stauffer Miller {CS71.C2777 1996}

Family History of GOHO, SHENK, SCHULTZ, SHADLE, and related families including BRABHAM, KEITER, STAUFFER, and WATTS
1984 Wayne L. Goho and Sylvia A. (Shultz) Goho {CS71.G617 1984}

Stover-Stoever-Staver-Stiver: an Account of the Ancestry and Descendant of Johann Casper Stoever of Pennsylvania
1922 by Vernon Stiver, Patricia R. Donaldson {CS71.S89 1992}

Benjamim Parrot, c. 1795-1839 and Lewis Stover 1781-1850/60, of Overton County, Tennessee and their Descendents
1979 compiled by Mavis Parrott Kelsey.. {CS71. P262 1979}

Stover Genealogy, biography and history: a genealogical record of the descendants of William Stover Pioneer and other Stovers
1936 Bertha E. Hughey {CS71.S89 1936}

The Heller-Stover Genealogy and Family History
1976 Compilied by Inez Heller Irwin, Jean Irwin McMillan, Particia Irwin Kircher {CS71.H477 1976}

Descendants of George Dalton, Mary Fenton, James W. Matthews, and Nancy Stover
1985 researched & compiled by A. O. Felchlia {CS71.D152 1985}
Obadiah comes fourteen

1976 Elizabeth Spring' Illustrated by Jo Ann Stover {PZ7.S7683 Ob}

Our Book, made by and for the descendants of Wesley and Pauline (SCHMITTER) WILLIAMS 1835 to 1983
1983 compiled by Elma Watts (STOVER) STARK {CS71.W72 1983b}

Degory Priest of the Mayflower and his Descendants for Four Generations
1987 compiled through the combined efforts of Mrs. Charles Delmar Townsend, Robert S. Wakefield, Margaret Harris Stover{CS71.P949 1987}

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