Survey of the Stover Cemetery Lawrence Co. Ala
(along with the inscription on the tombstones)



Mary A. _____( wife of  Riley C. Stover) b 16 Apr 1857 d 26 Jun 1899

      Christ is my Hope (FM) M. A. S.

Riley G. Stover b 29 Mar 1837  d 1 Dec 1888

      Death is another life

T. C. Stover b 28 Apr 1823  d 9 Feb 1893

      Gone to dwell with Jesus

Elijah Stover (Masonic Emblem) b 26 Feb 1827  d 13 Apr 1888
Elijah Stover b 17 Jan 1796  d 13 Apr 1871
Delphia Logan (wife of Elijah Stover) b 8 Jun 1800  d 10 Aug 1878
Lulleen Stover (Dau of P.M. & S.N. Stover) b 21 Jun 1895 d 6 Feb 1902

        This lovely bud
        so yound and fair
       Called hence by early doom;
       come to show how sweet a
       In paradise would bloom

             (FM) L.S.

Lovic G. son of P. M. & N. Stover b 24 Sep 1891  d 9 Jan 1892 (FM)L.G.S.

Pascal M. Stover b 25 Mar 1855   d  19 Apr 1904

  Kind father of love,
                    thou art gone to thy rest.
                   Forever to be
                   admid the
                    joys of the blest

                Stover (FM) P.M.S

Elijah Stover (Husband of M.L. Stover) b 11 Jan 1863 d 11 Aug 1891

Remember me, as you pass by,
                       As you are now, so
                      once was I,
                       As I am now, so
                       shall you be,
                       Trust in the Lord
                       and follow me.

                Rosenbrough St Louis

Contributed by Cousin Ruth Poole and the late Cousin Sue Foy Dunham

Elijah Stover Bounty, 7 Oct 1856, Lawrence Co. Alabama

"Saying Goodbye"

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