Land Grants

        Abraham Stover 2 May 1794  Franklin Co Va
        62a on Branches of Chesnut Creek
        Grant 29  p 606

        Daniel Stover 31 July 1796  Augusta Co Va
        253a on South Branch of Naked Creek
        Grant 35 1795-96  p 441

        John Stover 2 Dec 1785  Jefferson Co Ky
        800a in Soverns Valley adjoining Osburn Sprigg
        Grant X  p 353

        Joseph Stover 1 Dec 1740 Augusta Co Va
        400a on branch of the north river of Sherando called Naked Creek
        Pat. no 19  1739-41  p 825

        Joseph Stover 2 Dec 1785  Jefferson Co Ky
        500a on the Head of Shaws Creek a branch of Soverns Valley Creek
        Grant X  p 311

        John Stover 29 March 1824  Botetourt Co Va
        200a On the waters of the horse pen branch and Hagys branch &c
        Grant 73 1823-25  p 54

        John Stover 12 Sept 1832  Fayette Co Va (WV)
        130a On the clearfork of Cole River
        Grant 81  p 9

        Jacob Stover, Jr 15 Apr 1824 Giles Co Va
        30a on right hand fork of white Oak a branch of the Clear fork of Cole
        Grant 23 1823-25  p 91

        Jacob Stover  30 June 1833  Fayette Co Va (WV)
        18a On the White Oak fork of Cole River
        Grant no 82  p 37

        Jacob Stover, Sr  15 Aug 1824  Giles Co Va
        127a On Clear fork of Cole River above and below the north of Fultans
        Grant 72  1822-23  p 515

        John Stover 28 July 1826 Giles Co Va
        21a  on Cole River
        Grant 75 1826-27  p 170

        Lewis B. Stover 31 July 1843 Roanoke Co Va
        18a  On Back Creek a branch of James River
        Grant no 94  p 429

        Mathias Stover 27 Apr 1826 Botetourt Co Va
        200a on Carvins Creek
        Grant 75  1826-27  p 17

        Michael Stover 5 Dec 1821 Rockingham Co Va
        4 1/4a adjoins the land of Cherryhelms, Howman (sp ?) Stover and the
        land Hamilton sold to Hites
        Grant 70  p 500

        Samuel Stover 15 Apr 1826  Botetourt Co Va
        38a on Mills Mountain
        Grant 74  1825-26  p 547

        Samuel Stover 1 March 1853 Augusta Co Va
        1.20a On Waters of Middle River
        Grant 108  1852-53  p 273

Contributed by Cousin Bev Thomas


1820 Lawrence Co. Alabama Census

Elijah Stover's Bounty, 7 Oct 1856, Lawrence Co. Alabama

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