John Hublar STOVER

STOVER, John Hublar, 1833 - 1889
s/o Jacob E. Stover and Catharine Hubler-Stover

He was a lawyer like his father and entered the Civil War as private
and came out a Colonel of 184th Reg. Pa Volunteers.
Was in a number of major battles and was present at the
Confederate surrender.

Entered politics and was elected as a Missouri Rep to
the 40th congress to fill a vacancy.

Jacob is buried at City Cemetery, Versailles, Morgan Co. Mo.

Other sources:
Centre Co Gen Soc. and Centre Co Orphans Court.
Jacob E. Stover will and probate 1858.
A good source for his birth and death dates is the
Political Graveyard on the web.

Submitted by Dennis Stover.
Dennis Stover

More from Cousin Dennis Stover

The Encyclopedia of American Biography, p.899 STOVER, JOHN H., soldier, lawyer, congressman, was born April 24, 1833 in Aaronsburg, Pa. In 1861 he entered the volunteer army as a private; was at once made a captain; served as a major of the one hundred and sixth regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers until 1864; and was then colonel of the one hundred and eighty-fourth regiment until the close of the war. He participated in the battle of Yorktown, the seven days' battles, and those of Fredericksburg, Antietem, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg, and was present at the final surrender of the confederate forces. He moved to Missouri; and was elected a representative from that state to the fortieth congress to fill a vacancy.
He died 27 Oct. 1889 in Mo., and is buried at City Cemetery, Versailles, Morgan Co. MO. Ref: Web site Political Graveyard

His line=

Johann Jacob Stober 1722-1804
   md. Anna Catherine Naess 1743 had 14 children
            (son) Johann Michael Stober1747-1796
                  :md. Catherine unk
       George W.,
       Jacob E.
                  Jacob E. Stover b.6 May 1782 d. 10 Sep 1858 Aaronsburg
                  md Catherine Hubler b 21 Feb 1792 Haines d 24 Aug 1876 Aaronsburg

               Mike Stover
              George Stover
              Margaret Stover
              Samuel Stover
              John Hubler Stover b.24 Apr 1833, etc.

I have found no record of a marriage yet.
Sources: Centre County Heritage Vol 31 No 1, Centre County Hist Soc, State Coll.Pa Centre County Orphans Court, will and probate of Jacob E. Stover 1858, etc Originally Johns brother Samuel was to be executor of Jacob E's estate, but because of some money problems,( big money draws by some before the accounting, which took all but apprx 800.before disbursements. Auditors record to the court) etc., a number of the papers in court have John H as executor??

I hope someone can use this
Cousin Dennis

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