Jacob Stover Jr's Deeds

Jacob Stover Jr

Orange Co. VA, Deed Bk 4, pg 179, Date 25 June 1741

Jacob Stover of Orange Co sells to Christopher Francisco of the county of Lancaster in PA, 3,100 acres of woodland lying in Orange Co. on the Shenandoe Rvr.                        signed Jacob Stover


Orange Co. VA, Deed Bk 5, pg 14,  Date 18 Dec 1741

Jacob Stover of St Mark's Parish, Orange County, sells to Matthew Wiser, a tract of land lying in Orange County, containing 200 acres lying on the North Side of the Shenandore Rvr. Signed Jacob Stover
Wit: James Corton
     Joseph Stover

St Marks, Orange Co. VA, Deed Bk 6, pg 55,  Date Aug 16, 1741

Jacob Stover of Parish of St Marks, County of Orange, sells to Henry Dowley of the same parish and county, 150 acres lying on the South Side of the South branch of Shenando Rvr in said county of Orange, about one half mile below the Plantation where on Jacob Stover Now dwelleth.
                                       Signed Jacob Stover

Orange Co. VA, Deed Bk 6, pg 64,          Date Aug 16, 1741

Jacob Stover of Augusta Parish in Orange Co. sells to William Williams 20 Acres in Orange County on Mill Creek, being on the branches of the South Rvr and the Shenando Rvr joining a corner to another tract of land containing 5,000 acres granted to Jacob Stover, deceased.
                                       Signed Jacob Stover

Orange Co. VA, Deed Bk 6, pg 282          Date Oct 1, 1741

Jacob Stover of Orange  County sells to Joseph Bloodsworth of said county, 820 acres on the West Side of the Blew Ridge Mountains and on the East Side of the South Branch of the Shenando Rvr, joining Henry Dowley's line, with all houses, etc.
                                       Signed Jacob Stover

According to the records Jacob Stover Jr had gone to Lunnenburg Co about 1749 as shown by the following records and also later on, as he was mentioned in litigation of his fathers estate, as being from Lunnenburg Co. The records are lists of tithes for this county 1748-1783

                Wm Caldwell's List 1749
                 Jacob Stover 1 tithe
                Wm Caldwell's List 1752
                 Jacob Stover 1 tithe
                    Cornwall Parish
                Ellihah White's List 1764
                 Jeremiah Stover 1 tithe
                     Bedford County
                 Jeremiah Stover 1 tithe

Christopher Knibert of Pa, No Warrant, survey dated 23 Mar 1751; 300a on McNishes Run; adj. Jacob Stover, Peter Bowman.CC - Anthoney Nizely & Jacob Boyer. Marker - Philop Weesman (or Wusman ?). Sur. Robert Rutherford. (Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surverys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730 - 1754, Vol 1, pg 26, Complied by Peggy Shomo Joyner, (1985))


In 1754, Bedford County was formed from Lunenburg and Albermarle, and in 1786 Franklin Co was formed for Henry, Patrick and Bedford.

There are many Stover Wills in what was DUNMORE Co, FRANKLIN CO, BOTETOURT CO, AUGUSTA CO, FREDERICK CO, and ORANGE CO. These counties are for sure the counties where STOVERS lived in Virginia.


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