Indian Tribes that need to be researched for STOVERS

The Indians in N.C. followed this belief--a child's relatives were those to whom he was directly linked by his mother-his brothers & sisters, his mother's brothers and sisters and his mother's mother. He was not considered to be related by blood to his father or his father's family. This could explain why we don't know much about our Indian heritage since the wife would remove herself from her family to marry a white man.

Tn. was actually a part of N.C. in the 1770's. In 1772, the people made the first attempt at independent democratic gov.

In 1775, Transylvania Land Co. bought land from the Cherokee that included parts of Tn. and Ky. This was when Daniel Boone was sent to clear trails into Ky.

The following are believed to be the tribes that we need to research.

N.C.--Cherokee and Tuscarora

S.C.--Cherokee and Catawba

GA. --Creek and Cherokee

Ala.--Creek and Coushatta

Tn. --Chickasaw and Cherokee

Pa --Iroquois Conferency and primarily Seneca and Shawnee

Va. --Shawnee--raided and hunted the Shenandoah
.....Cherokee--hunted as far as the Shenandoah Valley

Contributed by the late Sue Foy Dunham
Presented by Abigail Stover

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