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"Daniel Stover Road Petition"


Orange County Road Petitions

To the Worshipful Court of Orange County
The Petition of

    Matt Selcer                       Josiah Barns
    Peter Rufanough                   Wm Taylor
    Adam Cuningam                     Stephen Phillips
    James Leide                       Ben Moor
    George Leide                      Will Bur (to ?)
    Robert McCoy                      Phillip Long
    Joshua Jobe                       Paul Long
    Jeremiah Litton (?)               Abraham Strickler
    ____________Egin                  Daniel Stover
    Henry McCoy                       Michell Rynehard

Humbly Sheweth

    That your Petitioners for many years past have great difficulty in passing through ye mountian from that part of Sharando called Mesenuting without a Road from that place to Thorntons Mill: a road being needful that way, not only ye sd Mesenuting inhabitants, but also for ye North rvr, Linvils Creek, & Cap Capon Inhabitants who all come that way as also from the other parts, ye number or Tythables who are willing to clear ye sd road ... are sixty odd...pray your worships to grant us an order...& that there may be two gangs, & that Matthias Selser & Peter Rufanough be appointed over seers of ye sd road...

(Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta

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