Christian Stover's Will

The Will of Christian Jr in 1818

           mentions the following Ch
                  Jacob (minor)Isaac Bowman, Guardian
                  Lydia (minor) m Abner Long
                  Fanny (minor) Isaac Funk, Guardian, m Andrew Hoffman


Shenandoah County
          Account of Estate of Christian STOVER Jr, Dec'd

  Will book K, pg 366                        date 12 JAN 1818
        Mention payment for making chest for Lydia Stover, Fanny Stover, Nimrod Stover.
        Cash Recieved for education of Nimrod Stover $150 as authorized by Will:
        Also payment to Isaac Bowman, guardian for Jacob Stover in full of a legacy left him by the Dec'ds Account $40.00.
        Isaac Funk Executor. Account Recorded, 12 Jan 1818.

 Will Book I, pg 61                            date 1819
  Account of Lydia Stover, orphan of Christian Stover Jr. dec'd with Isaac Funk, guardian.
  Her part of her father's Estate,______________________$1832.83

          Abner Long & Lydia Long, late Lydia Stover, acknowledged the                  receipt of the above sum stated. 9 Apr 1819
                                Abner Long
                                Lydia Long

 Will Book I, pg 272
     Fanny Stover (Ward) in account with Isaac Funk her guardian. Her part of the Estate of her dec'd father, Christian Stover Jr___$1832.83
      By Interest on same ____________________________________& 117.67
      Total __________________________________________________$1950.50
           Andrew Hoffman intermarried with Fanny Stover.
           Andrew Hoffman and Fammy Hoffman acknowledged the receipt of the above sum stated.                          11 Dec 1820



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