1. Christian Stover I., pioneer settler in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, died 1735, and his will is recorded in the Registrar's Office, PA., in book E, No. 410 page 335. The children of Christian Stover I., named in his will are Christian Stover II., Peter Stover, Jacob Stover and others.

1a. Christian Stover II., son of Christian Stover I., lived and died in Salford Twp., Montgomery County, PA. His will was probated in 1782.

1b. Peter Stover, son of Christian Stover I., migrated to Virginia, about 1749, and bought land on which Strasburg was established. According to history there found a number of references to Strasburg and under a variety of names, - Staufferstadt, Stovertown and others. He bought Four hundred and thirty eight acres of land from Jacob Funk, 2 May 1749, which he laid out the town of Strasburg, or Stovertown.

In November 1761, Strasburg [commonly called Stover's town], was established by law. The town was settled entirely by German, and Swiss - German, the German language is used some to this day.
The town was laid out by Peter Stover. Peter was a Philanthropist, having endowed the community with land and funds for building a school etc. Many old deeds for lots in Strasburg bare the signature "Peter Stauffer and Francey his wife". He also bought considerable land further down the valley.

1c. Peter Stover's will was probated 10 Sep 1799, and evidently died in this year, [prior to 10 Sep 1799]. He had four sons and four daughters. Sons: [1] Jacob Stover, [2] Joseph Stover, [3] John Stover and [4] Christian Stover III. Daughters: [1] Elizabeth [Stover] Hoffman, [2] Ann [Stover] Stickley, [3] Catherine [Stover] Shroubb and [4] Regina [Stover] Spengler. Regina married Philip Spengler, 18 Nov 1788. Philip Spengler, born 17 Mar 1761, died 1823, he was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Pennsylvania.

2a. Jacob Stover, first born of Peter Stover, owned a plantation just south of Strasburg. He died in 1816. Census of 1785 shows a family of nine. He had two sons John and Joseph Stover; and a number of daughters Viz; [1] Catherine Stover, [2] Betty Stover, [3] Franey Stover, [4] Mrs. Samuel Bowman Sr., [5] Mrs. Samuel Bowman Jr. and others.

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Contributed by Cousin Bud Bartlett

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