Chronicles Of
The Scotch-Irish Settlement
in Virginia
Extracted From Original Court Records
of Augusta Co.
by Lyman Chalkey, vol 3

15 Feb 1748

DANIEL STOVER qualifies guardian of John, Mary and James Campbell, Orphans of John Campbell, with sureties Abraham Strickler, George Leath.

11 Dec 1748

John Willey (Wiley's) will--Daughters, Jean and Margaret: son, George. Executros, Alexander Mathews and George Leath. Jean is 7 years 13th of Next June. margaret is aged 5 years 23rd of next April. Geroge is aged 2 years 23rd of next April. Teste: Thos. Brown, William Beames. 16 Feb 1748 Executors qualify on above, with sureties DANIEL STOVER (past 6 years).


Martin Kaufman's will in German and translated--1. She herself, shall administer; my brother shall be her bondsman; the appraisers shall be out of the brotherhood. 2. She to have the estate until the eldest son comes of age. 3. Sons and all the children. Teste: David Kaufman, Michael Kaufman, Hans Root. Proved. 17 May 1749 by Michael kaufman and John Root. Widow Barbara granted administration.
17 May 1749 Widow Barbara granted administratrix above, with surety David Kaufman

16 Jun 1749

Martin Kaufman's appraisement, by DANIEL STOVER, Jacob Borner, John Holdman.

7 Mar 1750

Rude Mack's inventory, by Mathias Selzer, DANIEL STOVER, Jacob Burnet.

7 Jan 1814

Christian Shelly's Will--wife; Fany; Son John, daughter, Anny Rusmessel married children Mary, Betsy, Daniel, Jacob (under 18) Exec sons-in-law DAVID STOVER, Christian Rusmessel. Proved 28 Feb 1814.

11 Aug 1764

Peter Rufnaugh (Rufnedt) to DANIEL STOVER, L 10 current money Virginia; on South River, Shanando, at mouth of Hawksbill Creek, part of 250 acres granted to John Landrum.

21 Aug 1764

John Bowen's bond with Jas. Edmiston, Edmond Crump as administrator of ISAAC STOVER.

13 Feb 1754

JACOG STOVER JR of Lunenburg Co., son and heir of JACOB STOVER, late of Orange Co., deceased to William Russell of Culpeper, Gent. l 85, 4000 acres, the reversion of a patent granted to JACOB STOVER SR. for 5000 acres on West side of Blue Ridge of mountains on the waters of the Sherondoe, then Spottsylvania Co., now Augusta, dated 15 Dec 1733, which descended to JACOB JR., son and heir of JACOB STOVER SR., Teste: Thomas West.

23 Aug 1754

JACOB STOVER JR., of Lunenburg and William Russell of Culpeper to John Madision L 6, 200 acres of Shanando River, part of 5000 acres patented to JACOB STOVER SR., corner to Francisco's land, line formerly belinging to John Bumgardner.
Records show Christopher Francisco was from LANCASTER, PA--his eldest son was Ludwick, also from LANCASTER

20 Nov 1770

John Leeper to John Seawright 40 shillings 43 acres on Naked Creek, part of 400 acres patented to JOSEPH STOVER 1 Dec 1740.

13 Aug 1773

Samuel Samples and Hannah ? to DANIEL STOVER 38 acres.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

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