Chronicles Of
The Scotch-Irish Settlement
in Virginia
Extracted From Original Court Records
of Augusta Co.
by Lyman Chalkey, vol 1

19 Feb 1746/1747

Administration of Abraham Drake's estate committed to Thos. Grubbs, guardian of Abraham Drake, son of Abraham drake. John Davis, Alexr Mathews, DANIEL STOVER, and George Leath, appraisers.

March 1755

Russel vs. Francisco--There was a patent (5000 acres) in 15th Dec 1733 to JACOB STOVER on Shenando and this land descended to JACOB JR., son and heir of JACOB STOVER SR., but JACOB JR., failed to pay rents and in 1746, William Russell got an order from the General Court forfeiting same.

Nov 1755

Wetherall vs. O'Neil--George Wetherall of Culpeper, 1764 vs. William O'Neal. Attached in Culpeper 1764. O'Neal married ELIZABETH STOVER, by whose means he has recovered a judgement in the General Court against Col Patton's Estate.

abt Oct 1751

DANIEL STOVER was one of the Petitioners for road from Thorn's Gap to Henry Netherton's

Paten to JACOB STOVER, 5000 acres in Spotsylvania dated 15 Dec 1733: In St. Marks's Parish, on west side of the Great Mountains, and bounded: black walnuts and a hickory on Shenandoah River, two sycamores, to foot of a naked mountain at upper end of a large island, white oak, Spanish oak, three pine, a red oak, three locust trees. Consideration: The inportation of one hundred persons to dwell within our Colony and Dominion of Virginia, whose names are: Jacob, Catherine, Abraham, Christian, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Mathew, Sarah, Cahterine, Ann, Susanna, Barbary, Dorothy, Rachel MILLER, Jacob Anna, Isaac, Abraham, John, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, George, Calkins, Christopher, Anna, Rachel, Cahterine, Sarah, Susanna, Barbary, Dorothy, John, Anna, Jacob, John, Abraham, Isaac, Rosina, Susanna, Catherine, Ragley Mire (Nure), Henry Catherine, Henry, John, Isaac, Cahterine, Anna, Rachel Sowder, Henry, Christaina, Jacob, Henry, Paul, Rudy, Joseph, Peter, Isaac, John, Hamudy, Stophar, Susanna, Rachel, Barbara, Claplir, Margaret, Elizabeth HAIN, John, Barbal, Rudy, Chr, John, Mathew, Jospeh, Isaac, Peter, David, Willia, Anna, Jacob Frina, Christain, John, Isaac, Rudy, Mathew, Stopher, Peter, Joseph, David, Jacob, Jane Dorothy, Chrisitiana, SOWDER.

Contributed by Abigail Stover

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