Joseph Stover's Will


Will of Joseph Stover
       Mentions  brothers and sisters:



Shenandoah County
                 Will of Joseph Stover       Abstract

Will Book L, pg 161                      date 27 Jun 1788
       First, All just debts to be paid.
       Item: It is my Will and desire that all the land I posseee at the time of my decease to be sold to highest bidder as soon as possible after my decease and also all the good and Chattels that I hold in my possession at my decease shall be sold to highest bidder as soon as possible and Money arising from sale be equally divided among my brothersf,  Viz; Jacob Stover, Joh Stover and Christian Stover and to Jacob Kershender, my sister Catherine's Son, also unto my sisters, Ann Strickley and Regina Stover.
      Note. This Will has been erased so that no further statements are legible as of Executor & C.
                                     Signed Joseph Stover (Seal)

Witnesses: Samuel Mills
           Peter Snapp
           Jacob Conrad

   At a Court held in Shenandoah Co 13 Dec 1819 A Writing purporting to be the Last Will & Testament of Joseph Stover dec'd was fpresented in Court by George T. Hupp who intermarried with Catharine Spangler who was a daugher to Regina Spengler, Sister of Joseph Stover dec'd and having heard some testimony and some opposition thereto by Elizabeth Stover, widow and relict of the deceased.
   On Motion of saild Elizabeth Stover this subject is continued till next court.
   Whereupont the Court doth appoint Nathaniel Spangler to collect and possesss the Estate of the said deceased until the contest about saied Will is determined or Administration granted according to and by consent of the contending parties. It is agreed that the Curator or Appointee to dispose of the  fattening hogs and the Cattle to be sold in the usual terms of selling such property shoucl be think it advisible. Thereupon the said Nathaniel Spengler entered into Bond according to law.

                           Test, Clerk

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