1830 Habersham Co. GA Census

Jacob Stover can be found on the 1830 Census of Habersham Co. Ga. Jacob


#953 Stover, Jacob  (age) 55

Jacob Stover while a resident of Habersham, drew land in Muscogee Co in the 1827 lottery. In the 1850 Census of Habersham Co he gave his age as 76 and his birthstate as VA. His wife Sarah gave her age as 76 and her birthstate as North Carolina.

Jacob Stover - Sarah Sally Wells can be found on the 1850 Census in Habersham Co. pg 282

 Stover, Jacob Sr age 76 VA
         Sarah        76 NC
         Rebecca      55 NC
This info was given by Donna Stover Morris a descendant of Jeremiah

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