This is the webpage I have set up for you to be able to download the various parts of the

desktop theme I use. I've included all the files I use, as well as ones that I don't use, but have on my computer. This collection has been created by me from a variety of other Lois & Clark, and Superman desktop themes. Some of these files are pretty big, so they may take a while to download, but please enjoy yourself!

From here you can also get to my listings of all the sound (.wav) files I have from Lois & Clark, sorted by episodes. The starting point of 5 sites is here.

Due to space restrictions, I have had to save all the ani files in one zip file called, all the .cur and .ico files in one zip file called, and all the wav files (except Theme2.wav) in one zip file called All the links for ani, cur, ico and wav files below link to the relevant zip file only - you will need to unzip the file at your end.

.ani files

.cur files

Still more .wav files

.ico files,

.ani files are moving cursors; .cur files are variations on your regular mouse pointers. You can use them in Win95 to change the look of your pointers.

picture files

Flying superman

NO! Shield


Busy (dancing Superman)






Start windows

Lois & Clark (theme song)

L&C (S on your chest)

Theme2 (theme music - good for starting Windows)

Recycle Bin - Full

SUP_full (S Shield on muscly chest)

Lois and Clark (ABC Symbol)

BLois and Clark (Warner Bros. Symbol)

Clark changing to Superman

Working in background (flapping cape)

Vertical resize








Lois & Clark (Lois: Are you kidding me?)

L&C (Doesn't there have to be some sort of emergency button, to get back to reality?)

Recycle Bin - Empty

S1 (S shield on blue)

Lois and Clark (empty ABC symbol)

BLois and Clark (empty WB symbol)

Horiz. Resize

Diag Resize 1

Diag Resize 2


Alternate select


Bonk.ani (busy)

Jacket.ani (Dean taking off his leather jacket)


More .wav files

Exit windows

Lois & Clark (I am Superman Song)

L&C (Perry: Clark Kent: Welcome to the Daily Planet)

Program error

Lois & Clark (Lois: I am this close to losing it!)

L&C (Lex: You surprise me Mr Kent. I'm not often surprised.)

Loisisin.wav (Clark: Lois is in trouble! Lois is in trouble!)


Lois & Clark (bit of music from "Lois and Clark will return after this break")

My Computer

Lois & Clark (S shield - no b'ground)

BLois & Clark (S shield - blue background)

Cape (cape Icon)

Network Neighbourhoods

Lois & Clark Network.jpg (pic of Daily Planet globe)

Lnc (Superman & Ultrawoman)

Minimise Lois & Clark (whoosh)

Maximise Lois & Clark (whish)


(Clark: "Goodnight Lois. Lois Goodnight... Goodnight Lois!" Lois: "Goodnight Clark")

Default sound

L&C (Clark: You like to be on top. Got it.)

Oy (Lois: Oy!)

Picture files

Please note all these jpgs need to be resaved as .bmp files before you can use them as backgrounds or icons. Jpgs take up less room on this webpage

.wav files

Empty recycle bin

Lois & Clark (Lois/Teri? Oh, this is disgusting!)

L&C (Is that a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, just a guy in a pair of tights, and a cape.)


Lois & Clark (Tempus: Duh.)

L&C (Lois: Don't fall for me, Farmboy. I don't have time for it.)

Comemama.wav (Minute's up Clark, Come to Mama!)

Orgasm (Teri: OK if we're gonna keep doing this, somebody actually has to give me an orgasm!)



Lois & Clark (Clark: Oh joy.)

L&C (Lois & Clark: We're still in the virtual world!)

Silvrwre (Clark: You should see her with silverware. It's not a pretty sight. So we'll just take it away)

Anything.wav (Lois: Do anything you want to me!)


I use this one for my wallpaper

Critical stop

Lois & Clark (Cat: Wolf whistle)

L&C (Clark: Lois, trust me on this, I am not your typical male.)

Ooh (Clark: ooh!)


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Jenny Stosser

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