Richmond Enquirer April 29, 1864


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The following is a list of casualties in the 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery, in the engagement near Plymouth, N.C. 18th, 19th and 20th April 1864, Major J. P. W. Read commanding:

Field and Staff, none

Fauquier Artillery, Capt. W. C. Marshall, commanding


Sergeant F. W. Powell
Private Wm. H. Riley


Lt. T. M. Archer, thigh severely,
Corporal P.P. Thomas, knee and chest
Pr B. Bowery, thigh; severely
H. J. Pritchard, thigh, slightly
M. Weaver, leg broken

Richmond Fayette Artillery. Lieutenant B. H. Robinson, Commanding


Private John Ronke
George A. Benton


Privates James Barnes, foot amputated
Richard B. Dowden, back severely
Thomas Lillas, face, severely
Edwin Cocke, left arm, severely
William A. Allen, leg amputated, mortally
William H. Robinson, abdomen, slightly
W. O. Martin, shocked by explosion of caisson

A member of the 11th Virginia Regiment, writing to the Lynchburg "Republican," from Plymouth, under date of the 19th, says:
About 4 o'clock, A.M., Companies C and G were thrown out as skirmishers and moved through a deep marsh to within a hundred and fifty yards of a strong fort; this was to secure a position from which the Yankee gunners could be picked off and prevent their firing on our batteries. In executing this move, I regret to record the following casualties

Lieut. W. H. Thayer, Company H, wounded badly
______ Callahan, Company B, wounded slightly
A.J. Bateman, company C, wounded severely shoulder
Lee Brown, Company C, Wounded slightly
F. B. Tweedy, Company C, killed
W. J. Monroe, company C, wounded badly
E. A. Tweedy, Company c, wounded slightly
J. C. Hall, Company C, wounded slightly
H. Eades, Company C, wounded slightly

The following casualties occurred in Company G:

Corporal J. P. Sale, wounded, supposed mortally
Corporal W. S. Averett, wounded, supposed mortally
Private J. H. Cross, wounded, supposed mortally
W. P. Conley, Wounded slightly
W. S. Gregory, wounded slightly
C. H. Gwatkins, wounded slightly
S. T. Nowlin, wounded slightly
W. H. Woods, wounded slightly

Thirty-fifth N. C. Regiment. - Company A

Private J. A. Costin;

Company C

Private Neal Smith

Forty-third N. C. Regiment - Company A

Privates L. R. Grisham
L. J. Quinn; Company E
Private A. W. Simmons

Company F

Private J. H. Wood

Company H

Private W. J. Ashcraft

Company K

Private W. H. Meeks

Fifty Sixth N. C. Regiment. - Company A

Private K. Setton

Company B

Private W. Handy

Company D

Lieut. C. R. Wilson
Privates J. R. Miller
G. W. Montgomery

Company G

Private E. Carlton

Twenty First Georgia Regiment. - Company F

Private W. R. Philips

Company G

Private L. W. Jones

Twenty -Fourth Virginia Regiment - Company B

Private H. A. Metts

Bradford's (Mississippi) Artillery

T. L. Russell

The following named wounded soldiers from Plymouth have arrived at Goldsboro' and are now receiving medical aid at the General Hospital. All are slightly wounded and doing well:

Sixth N. C. Regiment. - Company A

Private J. E. Bordon

Company B

Privates J. E. Saunders
J. Tilly
A. Weavil

Company C

Serg't. J. E. Lyon
Private John McGee

Company E

Private R. Pittman

Company F

E. Nelson

Company H

Private F. Page

Company I

Privates John Childress
A. B. Ephraim

Company K

Privates E. P. Hyatt
John Reece

Eight N. C. Regiment, - Company I

Private A. Boggs

Twenty first N. C. regiment - Company D

Private J. C. Boyles

Company F

Private A. M. King

Company H

Privates W. W. Ashburn
John Marion

Company I

Private C. H. Boyles

Company K

Private C. Flynn

Lynchburg Artillery

Capt. J. G. Blount, commanding. --




Sergeant Thomas Ross, both legs, severely
Corporal T. W. Jeter, hip, slightly
Privates William T. Noell, head severely
James M. Whorley, face severely
George S. Merriman, hand, slightly
C. P. McCary, knee, slightly
Thomas M. Stone, arm, slightly
William S. Moore, hip, slightly
Henry T. Early, foot, slightly
W. H. Walden, leg, slightly
Thomas O. Cox, hand, slightly
H. S. Arthur, face, slightly


Killed, - Officer 0, Men 4
Wounded, - Officers 1, Men 23
T. Lewis, Adjutant

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