Nathaniel Jones, His Will

In The Name of God Amen I Nathaniel Jones of the upper Machodick in the County of Northumberland, planter living sick and weak in body but in perfect sence and good memory helped by God I doe hereby make my last will and testament in manner from following --I commit my very soul to the almight god truly trusting in the merritts of my savious Jesus Christ and my body to the earth from whence it was taken and therin to be decently a Christian like buried and for my worldly good which it both pleases god to --me with all I bequeath as followeth.
Item I doe give and bequeath unto my children all my land hire in Virginia equally to be divided always. Then and to each of my children four cows and their increase both male and female forever and the said cows to be delivered and acknowledged in Court by my estate and shall lie by her kept for the good of my children and if it please god that any of the children dye before they come of age then all the said cows and cattle and all their increase shall fall to the survivor or survivors or his or their heirs, but if in care that they all die before they come to age there all the said lands and cattle and their increase shall be properly my wives and her hiers forever, but if in case all or any of these my children do leave lived to be of age then neither they nor their heirs shall deprives or take from my wife any of the cleared ground during her life.
Item I doe give and bequeath one thousand pounds of Tobacco towards the building of a Church in this parish of upper Machodick and to the first minister that shall be settled in this said parish one cow with increase to remain in the said parish for the good of the said minister forever.
Item I give unto Mary MAPHE the daughter of Robert MAPHE of the said County a god daughter to my wife one cow Half with her increase forever to be delivered at the proving of the will and to be three months old.
Item I give unto Judith EASTOFF daughter unto Thomas EASTOFF one cow calf with her increase forever, the calf to be delivered when the Child comes to age of seven years and the calf three months old.
Item I give unto George HAINES son of Sibley HAINES now my servant one Cow Calfe three months old to be delivered when the Child comes to the age of seven years.
Item I doe give and bequeath unto my wife Judith JONES all the rest of my estate goods Cattle and Chattly, Tobacco and servants and all that is owing me either by specially(?) or otherwise she my said wife paying all my debts which may lawfully be claimed and do hereby engage my wife lives of my children --in the fear of God and to learn the bible at least and to find and allow them sufficient maintenance until they come of age, and I doe hereby make my wife my full and lawfull execututor to this my last will and testament confirmed as witness my hand and seal this 3rd day of July 1662. Nathaniel JONES (Seal)

Withnesses: Robert DAY, George SOUTH, Noah DROP, Dennis JENNINGS August the 20th, 1682 this will was proved in Court by the testimony on oath of George SOUTH and these records.

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