King George County Virginia Marriages

A list of some Marriage Licenses issued in King George County, copied from Fee-books kept by the County Clerk.


Oct.: John THOMAS and Jane GREEN

Oct.: Aaron POTES and Ann BRUCE

Dec.: William BANKHEAD and Katy VAULX

Dec.: John COX and Margaret GLENDENING


Jan Gavin LAWSON and Susannah ROSE

Sept.: James TRIPLETT and Jenny PEARCE

Oct.: Joseph MURDOCK and Mary TANKERSLEY

Nov.: Mark THORP and Susannah STEWART


Jan.: Edward DOBBYNS and Unk. KAY

Feb.: Lawrence BALTHROP and Unk WHITE

Feb.: William BOON and Kezziah GREENE

March: John DUKES and Mary BRISCOE

June: Richard BUCKNER and Jenny RIDING

June: Charles BURTON and Jane CHAPMAN

June: John GRIGSBY and Elizabeth ROBINSON

Dec.: Al. THORN (or THOM) and Sarah TRIPLETT


Feb: John PAYNE and Susannah FICKLEN

Apr.: William PITMAN and Catharine PEAD

Apr.: D. FITZHUGH and Alice RIDEN

June: John MILLETT and Salley SUTER

Aug.: Henry GRIGSBY and Lucy LANG

Nov. 15: John SPILMAN and Elizabeth BROWN

Nov.: John KAY and Caty PEAD

Nov.: James BENSON and Bullibella BERRY

Dec.: James SHIGLAR and Mary GAITSKILL

Dec.: Richard TAYLOR and Catharine DAVIS

Dec.: John POLLARD and Mildred SKINKER

Dec.: Enoch MARSHALL and Nancy GREEN

Dec.: Henry SMITH and Mary STROTHER


Dec.: James ARMSTRONG and Mary Ann HENSHAW


Feb.: Thomas STEWARD and Elizabeth HOOMES

Jan.: John MAZRET(?) and Ann WHEELER

Feb. 7: John PRICE and Ann SMITH

Feb.: William TOMPSON and Sarah CARTER

March: Isaael ROBINSON and Sarah RIVELEY (?)

March: John LURTY and Rosey BRONAUGH

April: Aaron THORNLEY and Caty DOBYNS

April: William FEWELL and Ann BELL

April: Benjamin PETTIT and Mary BANKS

April: John SKINKER and Peggy VAULX

April: Simon MILLER and Jane HORD

May: William MILLS and Mildred POLLARD

May: Jessie HORD and Anky HORD

May: William BUTLER and Rosey COURTNEY

May: George WHITE and Suckey DRAKE

June: John SIMPSON and Frances SHARPE

July: William SMITH and Anne JACOBS

July: George LUNSFORD and Hester LUNSFORD

Aug.: Henry CLIFF and Elizabeth SMART

Aug.: Rowley SMITH and Billy HORD

Aug.: Joseph ROGERS and Mildred JONES

After Oct. 1772

John SWEATMAN and Sarah Ficklin

Oct. 1774 to Oct. 1775

Samuel BLACKWELL and Sarah BEALE

Benjamin THOMAS and Caty RANDALL

James STEWARD and Elizabeth GAITSKILL


Swanson LUNCEFORD and Margaret Kerby CHESSELDINE

Thomas JETT and Lusinah OWENS

George W. SPOONER and Sally DRAKE

Franklyn SYMS and Sukey DRAKE

Richard TODD and Elizabeth DAVIS

William SPILMAN and Mary BROWN

James WARD and Jenny JENNINGS



Oct.: Edward MOOR and Helen MCDONALD

Nov.: William STARKE and Elizabeth JETT

Nov.: Daniel TRIPLETT and Elizabeth RICHARDS

Dec.: Hancock LEE and Winefrid Eustice BEALE

Dec.: George RANKINS and Judith MARSHALL 1

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