More Hays Family


Here are some more photos of the Hays Family

Vera (Hays) Durstine and Barb(Hays)Clayton

Barb(Hays)Clayton High School Photo



Otis "Red" Hays and his stock car

Left to Right:
Dewey Hays,(baby)David Hays, Jim Hays(behind David),and

Dale Hays

Dale Hays
Dale never had children of his own

Pictured Left to Right:
Dewey Hays, John Hays, and Dale Hays
Baby in Front is Barb(Hays)Clayton

Pictured is John Hays and Mary "Jean"(Bowman)Hays
John never had children of his own

Pictured is Florence Bertha(Altevogt)(Hays) Stevenson
She is the mother of Barb (Hays) Clayton


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