People can exchange cards, flowers, and yes candy on Valentines Day, but what does it really mean to them.

Is this the only day that children in school can show they care for someone else in their class that may be different? 

Is this the only day that husbands can show their wives that they are special/or wives showing their husbands that they are special?

I mention these things, for shouldn't the above mentioned items be done every day all year long?

Here is what Valentines Day means for me:

  • V is for the value that I place on my family and friends.  They are are very valuable to me, and one can not replace the other.
  • A is for letting them know that they can always count on me being there for them.
  • L is for the love that I receive from each of them every day and that I return back to them.
  • E is for the enormous amount of power that can come from such love of family and friends.
  • N is for never forget to thank GOD every day for my family and friends.
  • T is for always trying to show them that I care very deeply.
  • is for the importance of showing someone you you care, not just on this day but every day.
  • N is for not expecting things when I do for others.
  • E is for everyday that I am allowed to show someone I care.

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