Daughter's Love...

A Mother's touch is gentle and kind
It soothes the body as well as the mind
No better friend or confidant will you find
A Mother's LOVE is pure and never blind.

On this page we the daughter's of Toni would like to express our love, to a wonderfully warm human being. We are Linda, Larene, Rhonda, Kathy, Carol and Annette.

We are a very diverse group of women. With many talents and varying personalities.

To My Mother
Because the angels in the Heavens above, Devoutly singing unto one another, Can find, amid their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of "mother"
by that sweet name I long have called you; 
You who are more than mother unto me,
Filling my heart of hearts, where God installed you,
In setting my Virginia's spirit free.
My mother my own mother, who died early,
was but the mother of myself; but you 
Are mother to the dead I loved so dearly,
Are thus more precious than the one I knew,
By that infinity with which my wife
Was dearer to my soul than its soul-life.

 By Edgar Allen Poe

I cannot believe that it has been less than a year since Rhonda introduced me to Toni:

After just a few exchanges of email, the wonderful,warm-hearted Toni became "Mom" to me.  Since then there have been many funny and joyous exchanges on ICQ, and some wonderful telephone conversations.

We have found so many similarities:
We have the same sense of humour, and can laugh at our mistakes together. (And, goodness, many of those "bloopers" are even similar).
I am so proud and honoured to call Toni "Mom"! and wish her the very best on Mother's Day...
Lots and Lots of LOVE ...LINDA

I met mom through cyggie, of course.
I had heard so much about this warm and funny lady, that in time she ended up on my ICQ list.
I don't remember whose idea it was for her to be added to my list (was it yours or mine, cyggie?? LOL), but I have never regretted it!! 
Mom, you are so full of love, you should have been like the old lady in the shoe!! *G* 

But now through the computer, you are!! hehehe I can't wait for the day when I can actually give you the biggest, warmest hug in me....for it is there waiting!
I love you TONS!! I hope you have the most wonderful and God blesses Mother's Day ever!!!

I have shared much joy in discussing the Lord with you...and had many a laugh with you also.
You have filled an emptiness I didn't even know I had.
You are sunshine on a dreary day and so full of life and love.
I am honored to be called *daughter* by you...LARENE

 *As this is your special day mom I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me.
This goes far beyond the bandaged knees, the late nights waiting up for me, the willing to share in the excitement of my evening, and even the fact that you were always patient while trying to teach me “domestic things”. *S*
This is about the values of life and the gift of love that you gave so freely and unselfishly.

 I remember bringing home animals and practicing on them with your nurses kit and you just kept smiling and shaking your head.

 I remember a beautiful pink fluffy dress you bought me which I exchanged at school for a standard plaid dress so a friend would have a nice dress. See mom, you taught me the most important things in life.

 Always put God first in your life, live by truth and through your heart, give unselfishly of yourself, and treat others as you wish to be treated.

 How do I thank you for all of the above mom?  I cannot, just know how I love you and consider myself the luckiest lady in the world as you are my mother.*...RHONDA

 There is a loneliness that fills my heart on Mother's Day for you see, my own mother passed away in 1977. There is no greater loss for a child than to lose a parent......and even though I was in my early 20's, the pain was more than I can ever put into words. 
There is a void, an empty space, a yearning that pulls at your heart.......no more mother-daughter talks.......no more "mom, wait till you meet him, he's so cool" *S*, no one to truly confide in as a daughter does her mother. The pain of such a loss is something a daughter will truly never get over and even though my mother will always be with me in my heart, the pain of her loss stays with me. 

What is a Mother?
She is the woman who gives us life, she is the one who is there when we are hurting and helps us realize that life does go on and we learn from our mistakes. She is the one who guides us in all we do through life!

 She is love!! There is NO greater love than that of a daughter for her mother and that is why I have chosen this moment to let one very SPECIAL person know how very much she is loved.....by her daughter.

 We may not be what some would consider true mother and daughter but in MY heart and in MY mind, Toni, you have filled that void in my heart.....in my life.
You have given me the strength to learn to live again. You have always been here for me when I am hurting........you have given me the ability to take life in stride......to realize I am going to make it.......you have given me LOVE!

I know I haven't told you just how very much you mean to me, but on this special day... a day for me to hopefully let you know that I love you as a daughter loves her mother.....I would like to wish you the happiest of Mother's Days........and thank you for letting me into your heart!! I love you Mom.........and I wish you the most BEAUTIFUL of Mother's Days!! *S*

 All My Love,

 Happy Mother's Day!!!! Mom, this year has been wonderful having you as my mother. Your love and warm heart shines though in everything you do. You extend yourself to everyone and share your smiles. All of which, overflow unto those you encounter. You have a true inner beauty which shines as bright as the sun. My life has been richly enhanced with you. God has blessed me so much. I thank God for you each and every day.

 I hope that you have a great Mother's Day. Wish I could be with you on your special day. However, I am looking forward to many more years with you as my wonderful mother. I love you mom!!!!!!!!..ANNETTE

 Created with much LOVE by

Poem at top was written for Toni by a dear friend of mine Jon Laughlin.

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