I remember when the phone rang and it was our daughter from Panama telling me that we would soon be "Grandparents".  I was so excited that I could hardly wait for her dad to come home so I could tell him.  When I finally told Him, his first words were, "Well, she is beginning her own family now".  It was then that we all prayed for her and the child she was carrying.

Well, since then, we have received several more grandchildren.  We have 10 now and each of them are such blessings to us.  We love to hear the youngest ones laugh and we love to hear what the older ones have to say.  Our Grandchildren range from ages 23 down to 6.

Whenever I start feeling a self pity party coming on, I just look at the pictures of our grandchildren and I thank God for each and everyone of them.  They have been such a wonderful gift from God, and yes, their Grandfather and I learn something new everyday from them.  I also look and see what I have really accomplished in my life, for each of them is an extension of me.

My husband and I only live near 3 of them but we go and visit the others whenever we can.  In fact, our oldest grand-daughter is now engaged and will be getting married in November.  (wonder if that means I am getting old..LOL)  We are happy for her and she says she still plans on finishing college.  For that we are very proud. 

Our children have done a very good job in raising their children.  I know that each of my grandchildren will be the greatest blessing to their parents just as they are to us.

This page is dedicated to each and everyone of them.  Thank you kids, for making our lives so complete.  You are loved so very much.

God Bless each and everyone of you and always guide you and be with you in all that you endeavor to do.

Grandma & Grandpa


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