I could have done a mother's day tribute page and then worked on a father's day tribute, but decided that for my purpose it is for both my parents.

My parents never showed love to any of us, but we just knew it was there.  They were always there when we needed them, and when we were sick, all the love of mom came through, and the caring of dad showed.

My dad built our home, and I soon learned how to lay flooring (for wood floors) right next to my brothers.  I learned how to dig a cesspool and lay tiles to that
cesspool.  I learned how to lay cement and work it smooth with either a board or trowel.  Dad used to tell me that there may be a day that I will have to learn to take care of myself.  And sure enough, being an army wife, I used my skill a lot.

My mom got me into crocheting, sewing and making things from nothing.  She wasn't a hoarder or anything like that.  She used to say, "Don't save it for when you will get around to making things.  Save it when you know you have a time to make those things.  This way your house wont get cluttered. Oh boy, if she could only see me now."G"

My brothers and I always had to work every saturday morning.  Then in the afternoon, it was our time to play and as we got older, go with friends.  Sunday was a day for church.

We had a huge garden, and I must admit I hated it , but the winter I appreciated it.  Mom canned all the vegetables that we raised.  I saw her once making what I thought was tomato soup and it turned out to be ketchup.  I found that out when she put a little vinegar in the mixture.  I always disliked those large crock pots that she put cucumbers in for pickels.  To me they stunk.  But those pickles did taste good.

My parents were hard workers.  They taught the three of us how to work and yet enjoy life.

My dad was a musician, and of course all three of us ended up taking lessons from the Belsons.  I took piano, as did my older brother, who also took up ukele, The younger brother took electric guitar.  My dad was a fantastic piano player, and also played drums, so when all of us played music, mom just sat and crocheted and hummed along.  There were also times that my brothers and I sang hymns as dad played the piano.  Those were great times.

My parents both passed away from cancer after 52 years of marriage.  I miss them both very much, especially on  Mother's Day and Father's Day.  And April being both their birthday month, makes it hard also.

But I know they aren't in pain anymore and  for that I am very thankful. I loved them both very much.


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