What do you think about when you look out in the yard at your beautiful flower garden?  Do you think of all the work it took you to get it 'just right'?  Do you think about the difference in the arranging of the flowers to get it 'just right'? 

What do you think about when you look at the birds that are in your yard by this flower garden?

Well this is what I think about.  Not one flower is the same height, size or color.  But when you put them all together, they are just absolutely beautiful.  You may have the taller flowers in the back and the smaller ones in the front.  By doing this, the flowers are able to show their beauty and also how wonderful they all fit into this garden.

When I look at the birds, I notice that some are blue as the Blue Birds, some are red as the Cardinals, some are soft gray as the Ground Doves, and some are golden yellow as the Golden Finch.  Some of the birds are so much bigger than those little finches or even better yet, the Humming bird.  But yet, they can all be in you yard at the same time around your bird feeder and  very seldom do they hurt each other.

Well I like to think of all of us as being part of God's Flower Garden.  None of us are the same height, nor the same size, nor the same color.  But yet in God's eyes, we are all beautiful.  He has nurtured all of us and has showed us how we can survive in His garden.

I am not asking anyone to think as I do,  for I know that each of us are individuals and are able to think of things in our own ways.   But it is my hope that after reading what thought came to me one morning, that you may possibly look at your own flower garden and then take a time to reflect that:  YOU TOO ARE PART OF THIS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN.

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